Celebrity Collection Series 3

Name Image Description Virtual Code Item Comes From
10 Million Robux Man 10 Millino rBoux Man There is a stark difference between him and Mr. Bling Bling. Sure, they both have more money than they could spend in a lifetime, but 10 Million Robux Man prefers to be a little more discreet. He likes to carry a nondescript briefcase full of Robux. When asked to explain, he simply replied, “You never know when you need to pick up a game pass.” Money Roll Mystery Boxes
Baker's Valley: Cakemaster CakeMaster Baker's Valley is home to one of the finest cake shops in all of Roblox, and it was created by none other than RoyStanford. Here you'll find the one-and-only baking extraordinaire, nicknamed the Cakemaster. He keeps a close eye on all the other bakers to make sure their cakes always look and taste delicious! How does he keep up with all those orders? Caketopper: Boston Cream Pie Mystery Boxes
Book of Monsters: Minotaur Minotaur Monter A colossal mythical beast from Book of Monsters. It stomps around the map carving a massive path of destruction, toppling buildings and flattening trees. Luckily for the human team, however, it has one weak point on its back. Created by Roblox developer B_rcode, this is one zany survival game that really showcases the power of Roblox physics! Fierce Minotaur Mystery Boxes
FuzzyWooo's Shark Diver FuzzyWooo's Shark Diver A trained professional diver has to be ready for anything. Yes, even sharks. But does our fearless heroine have the guts to battle against the legendary megalodon?! Find out as Roblox developer FuzzyWooo pits you and your friends against nature in the hit game Shark Attack! Watch out for the pale gargantuan shadow lurking underwater… Diver's Defense Mystery Boxes
Innovation Industries: Scientist Zombie Scientist Zombie Innovation Industries Egad! What happened to the professor?! Maybe you can find a way to reverse his zombification at his laboratory. He was last seen working at Innovation Arctic Base, an impressive top-secret science facility built by Rolijok. You can always count on Innovation Industries to be cooking up some crazy new science experiments. Zientist Mystery Boxes
Mad Games: Sarah Sarah from mad game Sarah is one of several original characters in The Mad Murderer, the hit multiplayer survival game from Roblox developer loleris! She might look cute and charming on the outside, but watch your back—she always has a few tricks up her sleeve to evade even the savviest sheriffs. What scheme is she cooking up in Mad Games this time? Sarah's Star Necklace Mystery Boxes
MeepCity: Ice Cream Seller Meepcity Ice cream seller What better way to end a fun-filled day racing and fishing with your Meep than getting some delicious ice cream? Mint, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate – which flavor will you choose? Swing by the parlor in MeepCity, the massively popular role-playing game from Alexnewtron, and pick up a cone (or two) with your friends! Ice Cream Headphones Mystery Boxes
MissShu MissShu A prolific designer, developer, and Bloxy Award winner, MissShu and her wonderfully inspiring creations are admired by millions of Robloxians across the world. She is the co-founder of Boho Salon, which won a Bloxy Award in 2018 for “Best Clothing Company.” In addition to Boho Salon, she also worked on games like Blockplex and Runway Rumble. Fashion Face Mystery Boxes
Neverland Lagoon: Star Fresh Neverland Lagoon Star Fresh Did somebody say cookies? Star Fresh loves baking delicious treats! In fact, her gingerbread cookies are so irresistible, even Neverland Lagoon creators SelDraken and Teiyia can't help but stop by her bakery at FeyDorf to grab a few every day. Just be careful not to offend her baking skills, or else she can morph YOU into a cookie. Baker's Arsenal Mystery Boxes
Night of the Werewolf: Jill Frost Night of the werewolf Jill Frost If there was anyone who could look a werewolf in the eye and not feel an ounce of fear, it's Jill Frost. But whether she could work together with fellow citizens to solve the rampant crimes happening around town is another story altogether. Is she friend or foe? Decide for yourself in the breakout horror game Night of the Werewolf, created by InsanelyLuke! Jill's Shoulder Guard Mystery Boxes
Pop Queen Superstar Spectacular Pop Queen Superstar Spectacular toy "WOOO!!! Pop Queen Superstar Spectacular is IN DA HOUSE! She loves putting on a dazzling show for all her fans each week. You can usually find her at the club, rocking out with other Robloxians who enjoy singing along with her hottest new tracks. Her albums are just as electrifying as her costumes. Where does she get the inspiration for her style?! " Pop Queen Smilestar Spectacusmile Mystery Boxes
Rastamypasta Rastamypasta toy A devoted artist and developer on Roblox since 2008. You might recognize her artwork in popular Roblox games like Jailbreak. Her claim to fame was winning a Bloxy Award for Best Fan Art in 2016. She was even nominated as a finalist for another Bloxy in 2017 for Best GIF! Needless to say, she loves creating new drawings for her fans all over the world. Jellyfish Shoulder Friend Mystery Boxes
Restaurant Tycoon: Sushi Chef Restaurant Tycoon Sushi Chef Making sushi requires a lot of patience, precision, and practice. It is an art form, after all. Did you know you could hire your own world-star chefs in Restaurant Tycoon, the smash-hit simulation game from Ultraw? This sushi master has spent years honing his craft. Your guests will especially love the dynamite sushi rolls! Sushi Roll Top Hat Mystery Boxes
Roblox High School: Nurse Roblox High School Nurse Did you know that Robloxian Highschool, the massively popular role-playing game from Bloxy Award-winning development group RedMantaStudio, has its own nurse? She prides herself on keeping the student body happy and healthy all year round. Her recommended advice? Get your daily exercise and be sure to eat your fruits and vegetables! Red Stethoscope Mystery Boxes
Roblox High School: Rich Kid Roblox High School Rich Kid He might have the coolest car, the nicest house, and the trendiest clothes, but in reality, he acts just like any other student. He even enjoys reading about music theory with his friends after school. You can meet him and millions of other interesting Robloxians in RedMantaStudio's Bloxy Award-winning masterpiece Robloxian Highschool! Dollar Sign Skateboard Mystery Boxes
Rolijok Rolijok toy Rolijok is the Vice Chairman of Innovation Inc., as well as the Community Manager and Head of Innovation Security. As you might have guessed from his title, he built Innovation Arctic Base, a popular Roblox game where you and your friends have full control over a massive science facility. Zombies, mutations, infections…what could possibly go wrong? Innovation Industries Beaker Mystery Boxes
Royale High: Drama Teacher Royale High Drama Teacher To master the art of theatre, one must commit to the performance. Only then will you truly become one with your character. That is just one of many lessons you will learn in drama class at Royale High, one of the most popular fantasy-themed school simulators created by callmehbob. Help put on a splendid show for the school by enrolling in her class! Failed Scripts of 1000 Students Mystery Boxes
Sethalonian Sethalinian Toy A master scripter and long-time Roblox developer, Sethalonian has one simple goal: make fun games! As the owner of Boid Studio, he and his team have helped bring awesome experiences like the 2016 Halloween event, Bloktoberfest, and Darkenmoor to life. Darkenmoor, a round-based survival horror game, is his most recent creation! Venus Fly Trapped Mystery Boxes
Snow Shoveling Simulator: Tim Snow Shoveling Simulator Tim A friendly merchant who runs the tool shop over at the Ice Mountain region in Show Shoveling Simulator, a beloved Roblox game created by loterman23! If you ever need to quickly tear through thick sheets of ice, Tim has everything from kitchen knives to ice picks to help you out! They might come at a price, but these tools sure do come in handy. Snow Shovel Pack Mystery Boxes
Stylz Salon: VIP Stylist Stylz Salon VIP Stylist A professional hair stylist at Stylz Salon, a top-rated fashion boutique created by Roblox developer RickyTheFishy! Her skills are pretty mind-blowing, to say the least. She loves keeping track of all the latest trends so her clients always come out looking absolutely beautiful and chic! No wonder VIPs always book an appointment with her. Style Number Two Mystery Boxes
The Great Yolktales: lxChel The Great Yolktales lxChel A native of Wookong and a great leader of her people. She and her husband, Chief Tikal, make a great effort showing others in their tribe that they are just like them! She hunts, cooks, swims, sleeps, and relaxes just like everyone else. You can find her in the 2018 Egg Hunt game, The Great Yolktales, created by buildthomas and his team! Yolk Tail Mystery Boxes
The Royal Ballet Academy of Roblox: Gamzatti Gamzetti toy Have you ever seen a ballerina with such grace and beauty? We’re so lucky to have her at the Royal Ballet Academy of Roblox. Here, she enjoys helping other students reach their full potential. Roblox developer BonnabelleRose created this unique experience to let players enroll in their own ballet classes and dance the hours away. Gamzetti's Tiara Mystery Boxes
Wolves' Life 3: Cub Wolves' Life 3 Cub An ambitious young wolf on a remarkable journey to prove to others in her den that she is just as tough and courageous as any other. Join her on an epic quest to bring back enough food for everyone in Wolves’ Life 3, a popular role-playing game created by Shyfoox that allows players to freely explore a world full of fantasy and adventure as a wolf! Dark Wolf tail Mystery Boxes
World Expedition: Ireland Itinerant World Expedition Ireland Itinerant Not only is Ireland home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, it also has several great restaurants and charming shops around every corner. Get set for your next adventure with this globetrotter and pay a visit to MacAuley Irish Glassware or O’Delaney Apparel in World Expedition, created by Roblox developer legoseed! Four Leaf Clover Mystery Boxes
Andromeda Explorer Andromeda Explorer Toy The Andromeda galaxy is a pretty big place—full of danger, mystery, and intrigue. Someone has got to explore it someday. That's where she comes in. Armed with her Power Punch rocket fists and a custom-made, super high-tech space suit, she's ready to embark on an epic adventure across the stars! What will she find out there? Intergalactic Discovery Andromeda Explorer Core Figure Pack
Lunya Lunya Let's get one thing straight. She might have wings, tentacles, and an eyeball for a head, but make no mistake—Lunya is actually a gifted developer who's working on creating awesome new games for Robloxians all over the world, like VentureLand! In her spare time, she loves helping others test their games and create unique gameplay experiences. Purple Butterfly Fashion Wings Lunya Core Figure Pack
Mythical Unicorn Mythical Unicorn The power of rainbows and sparkles flows through you! Draw your mighty sword, Rainbowrath: The Avenger, and embark on a magical adventure spreading happiness and joy throughout all of Roblox! This legendary steed is also an expert marksman, utilizing its horseshoes to knock enemies off their feet. Rainbow Unicorn Squid Mythical Unicorn Core Figure Pack
Nefertiti: The Sun Queen Nefertiti Sun queen Long ago, Nefertiti was crowned as the all-powerful Sun Queen to formally recognize her divine power. As the most powerful woman in all of Egypt, she traveled through the deserts of Roblox, using her cursed sword to utterly destroy all those who sought to defy her rule. Those poisonous serpents she carried around were known for being quite unpleasant, too! Nefertiti's Nefertiti Nefertiti: The Sun Queen Core Figure Pack
Queen Mab of the Fae Queen mab of the Fae toy Behold, the almighty queen of the fairies! Her true nature is shrouded in mystery, but most Robloxians who were lucky enough to see her have claimed that she is actually quite charming. Queen Mab is endowed with a powerful magical aura that can deceive others and prevent them from gaining access to her enchanting kingdom. Midsummer's Fairy Friend Queen Mab of the Fae Core Figure Pack
Richard, Redcliff King Richard, The Redcliff king Richard is the leader of the Redcliff Kingdom, commanding an army of tens of thousands of knights to defend against the Korblox invasion. He can be quite stubborn at times, but many would tell you that's actually his best trait. An inspiring tactician, leader, and warrior, he never knows when to give up even when the odds are stacked against him. The Great Sword Justice Richard, Redcliff King Core Figure Pack
Welcome to Bloxburg: Glen the Janitor Welcome to Bloxburg Glen the Janitor Welcome to Green Clean! Green Clean offers the best janitorial services in Bloxburg, or so he says! In Coeptus' Bloxy Award-winning role-playing game, Welcome to Bloxburg, you can help Glen clean up graffiti and trash around the city by taking on a janitorial position. It's not always the cleanest work (must be why he's so grumpy...), but it certainly pays the bills! Janitor's Key Ring Welcome to Bloxburg: Glen the Janitor Core Figure Pack
Charles Booker Charles Booker Brought to life in April 2018, developer buildthomas and his team created one of the most epic Egg Hunt events on Roblox to date with more than five million unique players during its launch period! Venture into the mythical Eggcyclopedia and help Booker reclaim the eggs before Lord Aymor destroys the universe as we know it! Omelette Wizard Egg Hunt: The Great Yolktales Game Pack
Maddy Maddy
Neverland Lagoon: Friedrich Neverland Lagoon Friedrich Behind the rolling hills and underneath the vast oceans of Neverland Lagoon, there's an abundance of hidden secrets just waiting to be found. Stock up on supplies in the village of FeyDorf, then join Friedrich and Delilah on an epic treasure hunting adventure inspired by SelDraken and Teiyia's hit role-playing game! Golden Horseshoe Necklace Neverland Lagoon: Tales of FeyDorf Game Pack
Neverland Lagoon: Delilah Neverland Lagoon Delliah
Miss. Mimi Miss Mimi Dance Your Blox Off, the Bloxy Award-winning game from Roblox developer Mimi_Dev, has been enjoyed by millions of players all over the world. Now you can design your very own dance choreography, costumes, and stage in the palm of your hand. Jump, twirl, and dance your way to victory with this exciting Roblox playset! Ballerina Dance Your Blox Off Playset
Mr. Sequin Time Mr Sequin Time
Pirouetta Dancikovia Pirouetta Dancikovia
Prima Tutu PRima Tutu
Build a Billionaire Heiress Build a Billionare Heiress 1 Being the heiress to a fortune worth billions of Robux sure has its perks – fabulous vacations, private jets, exclusive parties, and more. The only question is…what do you wear? Mix and match your favorite hair styles, jewelry, accessories, and more to build your own Robloxian superstar! Billionaire Heiress Build a Billionaire Heiress Four Figure Pack
Build a Billionaire Heiress Build a Billionare Heiress 2
Build a Billionaire Heiress Build a Billionare Heiress 3
Build a Billionaire Heiress Build a Billionare Heiress 4
Doctor Profit Doctor Profit MeepCity, the Bloxy Award-winning role-playing game from Alexnewtron, is enjoyed by millions of players across the world. Now you can bring one of its most iconic locations, the Meep Hospital, to life with this fantastic five-figure pack! Help these brave doctors care for the community by nursing patients and their Meeps back to full health! Mechameep MeepCity: Meep Hospital Multipack
Doctor Rao Doctor Roa
Home Improvement Penguin Home Improvement Penguin
Max Deductible Max Deductible
Receptionist Ruby Receptionist Ruby
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