Celebrity Collection Series 5

Celebrity Collection Series 5 was released around January of 2020.

Name Image Description Virtual Code Item Comes From
A Pirate's Tale: Yoduin A Pirate's Tale Yoduin The “Yoduin” are small, bird-like creatures that come from a place called the Hollowed Marshland. They’re extremely friendly and are known for opening up their homes to travelers. This Yoduin is equipped with its own Grapple Hook, an ancient tool used for traversing the Cursed Seas in spideyrulz’s open-world adventure game, A Pirate’s Tale. Porthole Eyepatch Mystery Boxes
Bethink Bethink toy Bethink is the famed creative director behind Adopt Me!, a Bloxy Award-winning role-playing game where you can take care of your own virtual family. It’s one of the most played games on Roblox, with over a billion visits to date! Bethink is responsible for designing and building the 3D models, while his co-creator, NewFissy, brings them to life. Adopt Me Puppy Mystery Boxes
Book of Monsters: Knittens Book of Monsters Knittens Who said cute couldn’t be mean? Knittens was once a stuffed animal, abandoned at the bottom of a claw machine. Now, seeking vengeance against the humans, this kitty is on a rampage in Cosmic Workshop’s Bloxy Award-winning game, Book of Monsters! It can launch its paws at enemies, hurl a ball of yarn, or create a devastating area attack. 8-Bit Minotaur Head Mystery Boxes
BYTE00 BYTE00 toy Rocking the Purple Sparkle Time Fedora, it’s BYTE00! This Roblox developer is famously recognized as the creator of High School Life, a hit role-playing game that debuted in 2012. He also created Case Collector, a game in which players spin cases to maximize their profit and become the richest among their friends and the global community. Perfectly Principal Combover Mystery Boxes
Gardening Simulator: Mayor Gardening Simulator Mayor Meet the mayor of Garden Town. He’s been in dire straits lately, what with the power stations running low and the Pixie Watering Cans gone missing. But you’re just the kind of Robloxian he’s been looking for to help out around the city. Join your friends and embark on a marvelous, sunshiny adventure in Gardening Simulator, created by Imperatrix! Blocky Bird Friend Mystery Boxes
Gymnastics Gymnasium: Dylan Gymnastics Gymnasium Dylan Dylan is a superstar athlete and member of the famous Olympic Gymnast Competition group on Roblox. When he’s not building muscle and training for his next monthly competition, you can find him greeting visitors at the Gymnastics Gymnasium. He’s happy to show any newcomers the ropes, and he definitely won’t back down from a challenge! Big Barbell Mystery Boxes
High School Life: Referee High School Life Referee Just because he’s a referee doesn’t mean he can’t come to work in style! As the official High School Life ref, it’s his job to call the shots and make sure everyone plays fair. Did you know you can even earn cash playing sports at the gym? Come find this eccentric Robloxian and learn more in BYTE00’s popular role-playing game, High School Life! Chew Whistle Necklace Mystery Boxes
KaceyWillEatChu KaceyWillEatchu Toy Don’t worry, KaceyWillEatChu is not as voracious as her username might suggest. When it comes to French fries, however, that's a different story. A devoted Roblox fan and creator since 2013, she loves playing games like Fashion Famous, Royale High, and MeepCity with her friends. You may even recognize her from some of her live streams! Fries Backpack Mystery Boxes
missmudman Missmudman A creative virtuoso, missmudman is well recognized within the Roblox community for her super cute, super fashionable clothing designs. She’s been making fun and original outfits on Roblox since 2012, hosting clothing markets for players worldwide to find their perfect look. No matter the season, you can bet she'll conjure up something truly extraordinary. Big Bold Beautiful Hair Mystery Boxes
Ozzypig Ozzypig toy Fans may recognize Ozzypig as the famous developer behind Fisticuffs, but he’s done so much more for the Roblox community than you could have ever imagined! As a long-time fan of Roblox, Ozzypig has dedicated himself to helping many up-and-coming developers learn how to script and make fun games for everyone in the world to enjoy. Ozzy's Formal Top Hat Mystery Boxes
Pinewood Alien Pinewood alien This enigmatic life-form hails from a secret planet in Diddleshot’s galactic adventure game, Pinewood Space Shuttle Advantage. Those tentacle-like arms may look intimidating at first, but rest assured, he means no harm. He’s even willing to share some of his weapons and technology with you, including a morphing machine that can turn you into an alien! Extraterrestrial Pauldrons Mystery Boxes
Roblox High School 2: Girl Mascot Roblox High School 2 Girl Mascot Created by the Roblox High School: Fan Club, Roblox High School 2 is a massive role-playing game that lets you experience the life of a high schooler. From attending your favorite classes to taking on a new part-time job, you’ll find no shortage of fun activities. Fortunately, this friendly Robloxian is more than happy to serve as your helpful guide! Girls' Luxury Backpack Mystery Boxes
Royale High: Ashe Royale High Ashe Ashe is the beloved pastry chef of Royale High, a massively popular, Bloxy Award-winning role-playing game created by Roblox developer callmehbob. As one of its most loyal ballroom staff members, Ashe has had the pleasure of serving more than a billion visitors with his delectable desserts. Don’t miss your chance to try one of his scones! Creepy Cupcake Mystery Boxes
Sharkbyte Studios: Boo the Pirate Sharkbyte Studios Boo the Pirate Unlike her fellow risk-taking treasure hunters, Boo the Pirate would much rather sit back, relax, and let the loot come to her. She's usually fishing for long-lost gems in Sharkbyte Studio 2’s thrilling adventure game, Temple Thieves. It might be a slower method, but at least she doesn’t have to face off against the menacing Gem Keeper! Chilling Pirate Hat Mystery Boxes
Star Sorority Star Soririty Now you can create your dream look with this character inspired by Asprince Imports Inc.’s popular role-playing game, Star Sorority! She might be a princess, but even she can’t help but step away from her royal duties every once in awhile. After all, Star Sorority is the best place to get a glamorous makeover and express her inner fashionista on the runway! Sorority Star Face Mystery Boxes
Sugar Simulator Sugar Simulator If the thought of eating infinite amounts of candy without fear of sugar overload intrigues you, then you’re invited to spend time in Crackop’s sweet, sweet kingdom: Sugar Simulator! Explore different realms in search of candy, and then sell the sugar for coins to purchase all kinds of upgrades. Be careful not to overindulge yourself though! Jammin' Candy Headphones Mystery Boxes
Time Clash: Cave Woman Time Clash Cave Woman Tap into your primal instincts and charge into battle with this prehistoric warrior from Hexogen Studios’ action-packed base defense game Time Clash! Surviving in a world millions of years before high-tech weaponry and gadgets has sharpened her survival skills to an unprecedented degree. Rumor has it she even befriended a saber-toothed tiger. Living Stole Mystery Boxes
Tradelands: Pyjama Pirate Naptain Tradelands Pyjama Pirate Naptain The Pyjama Pirates is a group of sleepyheads led by the notorious Naptain in Nahr_Nahrstein’s popular naval game, Tradelands. Can you blame them though? Sailing the seven seas, organizing raids, and plundering loot can get pretty exhausting day after day. That’s why nap time is a very important part of a pirate’s well-being! Nap Time Pirate Mystery Boxes
Tropics Paradise: Seashell Fanatic Sally Tropics Paradise Seashells Fanatic sally If you thought Sally only sold seashells by the seashore, guess again! As one of the biggest, most fanatical collectors on Agon Island, Sally is on a mission to obtain at least one of every type of seashell known to Robloxian-kind and in every color to boot! Give her a helping hand as you build your dream house in Polycount’s Tropics Paradise. Crown of the Seven Seas Mystery Boxes
Two Player Kingdom Tycoon: King Harold Two Player Kingdom Tycoon King Harold King Harold is the supreme ruler of one of six powerful realms in Dev_Anthony’s popular medieval game, Two Player Kingdom Tycoon. Can you guess which one he's from by the striking red and gold colors he wears on his armor? As the king, his role is to help build the mightiest kingdom for his loyal citizens. Team up with a blacksmith and get to work! Azure and Ruby Swordpack Mystery Boxes
Vee Vee Vee is the co-owner of a famous restaurant and arcade chain on Roblox: Tee & Vee’s Pizza and Arcade. If you ever wanted to find a place where you and your friends could just hang out, eat great food, and play some fun arcade games, look no further. On some nights, you might even catch Tee and Vee playing a show at their Ultimate PlayPlace. Neon Pizza-tastic Backpack Mystery Boxes
Vesteria: Barber S. Vesteria Barber S In need of a dashing new look before you head out on your next epic adventure in the world of Vesteria? Have no fear, because with a few coins, Barber S. can transform your appearance into something more befitting a legendary hero such as yourself. Find him in the land of Nilgarf from The Vesteria Team’s Bloxy Award-winning role-playing game! Scissors Top Hat Mystery Boxes
Work at a Coffee Shop: Barista Work at a coffee shop Barista Time to brew some coffee! Inspired by Mocha Madness’ hugely popular role-playing experience, Work at a Coffee Shop, this fledgling barista is on a mission to save up enough money to own a mansion on Party Island. Work with your fellow Robloxians to serve up a good ol’ cup of coffee and some delicious baked treats to your customers! Coffee Cap Mystery Boxes
Yozoh Yozoh Yozoh is most famously recognized within the Roblox community as a professional 3D modeler and clothing designer. Her work is credited in massively popular role-playing games such as Roblox High School 2, Work at a Pizza Place, and ALONE. Be sure to check out some of her other amazing clothing designs in the Roblox Catalog! 8-Bit Black Cat Backpack Mystery Boxes
Cats...IN SPACE: Sergeant Tabbs Cats in space sergeant tabbs A natural-born explorer, Sergeant Tabbs signed himself up for a multi-year voyage to outer space. Imagine his surprise when he discovered the space shuttle was also filled with other felines! As they traveled throughout the cosmos together, the crew made it their sole mission to work towards bettering all animal kind throughout the universe. Bad Cat Battleclaw Cats...IN SPACE: Sergeant Tabbs Core Figure Pack
Q-Clash: Zadena Q-Clash Zadena “May my wings guide you!” A devoted healer and guardian from duckarmor’s class-based action game Q-Clash, Zadena uses her mana staff to keep her team fighting fit. Her lightning attack can deal substantial damage at short range and help her get out of tricky situations. Supercharge your allies with her ultimate ability and help them take the win! Rowdy Mechanic Q-Clash: Zadena Core Figure Pack
Enchanted Academy: Alien Enchanted Acadmy Alien Welcome to Enchanted Academy, a magical school for werewolves, ghouls, vampires, and everything in between! Now you can bring the fun and fantasy of Grotesquette’s wonderfully imaginative high school role-playing game to life. Spend a day mixing potions, playing with magic, or hanging out with all your otherworldly best friends. Peyton Prickles Enchanted Academy Game Pack
Enchanted Academy: Arachne Df834d90-01a5-11ea-bf0c-13c67e9ba8f6
Vesteria: Dark Forest Rosa Vesteria Dark Forest Rosa The secrets of the forest will only reveal themselves to the worthiest of heroes. Will you face the horrors that await you beyond the sun’s light and attain glory? Inspired by The Vesteria Team’s Bloxy Award-winning role-playing game, Vesteria, assemble your strongest team of warriors and confront the darkness that sleeps within the forest. Spider Sorcerer Vesteria: Dark Forest Four Figure Pack
Vesteria: Dark Forest Sir Tristain Vesteria Dark Forest Sir Tristain
Vesteria: Dark Forest Spider Nemesis Vesteria Dark Forest Spider Nemesis
Vesteria: Dark Forest Spider Sorcerer Vesteria Dark Forest Spider Sporcerer
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