Core Figurines

Toys in the Core Figures collection include one figurine, accessories, a collector's guide, and virtual item code. Some items, such as Captain Rampage, Circuit Breaker, Tim7775, and Redguard were exclusive to Toys R Us.

Name Image Description Series
Andromeda Explorer
The Andromeda galaxy is a pretty big place—full of danger, mystery, and intrigue. Someone has got to explore it someday. That’s where she comes in. Armed with her Power Punch rocket fists and a custom-made, super high-tech space suit, she’s ready to embark on an epic adventure across the stars! What will she find out there? Celebrity Collection Series 3
Once feared throughout all of Egypt, he crosses the sands to bring judgment upon all those who have raided the pharaoh’s tombs. Legend tells the story of one mischievous Robloxian who attempted to escape Anubis’ gaze, but later found himself afflicted with a great and terrible curse. Keep your distance if you can! Series 5
Apocalypse Rising: Bandit
The world has changed. Bandits are scouring the streets, ransacking homes and picking store shelves clean of weapons, food, ammo, and supplies. These criminals have no fear or mercy. Heed this advice, Robloxian…when you’re playing Gusmanak’s hit zombie survival game, Apocalypse Rising, it’s not the undead you should be most afraid of—it’s the living. Series 3
Aqualotl irl toy
Ready or not, here he comes! Aqualotl is the lead developer of Blox Hunt, a classic Roblox hide and seek game that’s been played hundreds of millions of times by people all over the world. He became the CEO of Silver Fin Studios in 2014, which has gone on to publish other popular Roblox games such as Dragon Rage, CubeeVerse, and much more. Series 7
Archmage Arms Dealer
Archmage Arms Dealer Core Figure Pack
Need staves or potions? You've come to the right place. He's got everything you need to make sure you're decked out like a pro in Imaginaerum's Archmage, a hilariously chaotic obby/tower defense hybrid! Collect coins, dodge insane spells, and climb up to the platforms to take down the archmage! Series 4
Bigfoot Boarder: Airtime
Bigfoot boarder airtime
No wonder no one's been able to find Bigfoot. They've been looking for him in all the wrong places! This big furry creature's taking snowboarding to the extreme, and he's shredding up all the fresh powder he can without a care in the world. He even crafted some makeshift wings out of some cardboard he found lying around just so he can catch some extra air on his board. You go, Bigfoot! Series 3
Bionic Bill
Bionic Bills
Where does the man end and the machine begin? Whatever the answer may be, this cybernetic commando is a force to be reckoned with. His strength, speed, and reaction time exceeds any known Robloxian, and his battle suit is remarkably durable. Equipped for any adventure, Bionic Bill is the one you call when you need a job done right. Roblox Toys/Series 6
Bittersweet: Ruby Wake
Ruby wake im very sleepy
Hailing from the multiplayer online battle arena game Bittersweet, created by the BitterSweet team, this versatile hero excels in both long-range and close quarters combat. A legendary pirate captain, she once commanded a fleet of 12 ships. Nowadays, she finds more meaning fighting alongside closer companions. Celebrity Collection Series 4
Blue LAZER Parkour Runner
Toy BlueLazerParkousRunner
They said never bring a sword to a gun fight. So instead, she brought both. Never the one to follow the rules, this parkour master brings style and grace to everything she does in MasterOfTheElements' fighting game, LAZER. Don't underestimate her – those flames on her outfit mean she's serious business. Series 2
Booga Booga: Fire Ant
Booga s
A large, ant-like creature that can be found deep underground in Soybeen’s sensational survival game Booga Booga. These creepy crawlers are known for being hostile to other players, but they can be friendly on some occasions. It's best to stay clear if you're not sure. They like to hunt for shellies and bring them back to their mound. Series 5
Booga Booga: Shark Rider
Booga Booga shark rider
The world of Booga Booga can be quite unforgiving at times. From rival tribe members to hostile beasts, you’re probably going to need some help to survive. Whether you’re riding off into the sunset or leading your next raid, these ravenous sharks are a reliable ally in Soybeen’s massively popular, Bloxy Award-winning open-world survival game. Series 7
Bootleg Buccaneers: Fisherman Joe
Fisherman joe toy
Ahoy, matey! Care for a little fishing, eh? Join Fisherman Joe and try your hand at catching a few sea critters in Bootleg Buccaneers, the newest pirate adventure game created by Bee Smelly! He knows a lot about the types of fish you can catch, which is why he makes a living selling them to all sorts of adventurers—pirates included! Celebrity Collection Series 4
Bootleg Buccaneers: Mining Man
This grizzled miner is one of many helpful characters you will encounter in the pirate adventure game Bootleg Buccaneers, created by the Roblox development studio Bee Smelly. He can show you some cool mining tricks to help you survive on these treacherous seas. A worthy and knowledgeable ally to have on your side, to be sure. Series 6
Brainbot 3000
Brainbot 3000 toy irl
Don’t be fooled by Brainbot 3000’s vintage processors. Compared to his fellow robotic Robloxians, his memory and computing speeds are more than stellar! He comes equipped with his very own Gravitational Radiation Hammer, which utilizes the latest in subspace/molecular deformation technology for mining on the planet Ysteb. Series 7
Toy Bride
Adorned with an opulent crown and a beautiful dress made with the finest Robloxian materials, her angelic grace is truly a sight to behold. Celebrity Collection Series 1
Captain Rampage
Toy CaptainRampage
Rampage is his name, plundering is his game. They say he survived a thousand battles across the land and sea, amassing a plethora of gold and jewels. He keeps his mateys close, but his treasure closer. Don't dare cross him, or he'll be the first to send you to Davy Jones' locker. Each Core Figure Pack comes with a code with one item relevant to the pack. Series 1
Car Crusher: Panwellz
Car Crusher Panwellz toy
What do you get when you cross a car with a giant spinning wheel of doom? Two words: Total. Annihilation. And it looks just as awesome as it sounds. Just ask Panwellz. He's the creator of Car Crushers, the game that lets you go on a never-ending vehicle destruction spree! Be sure to join the Car Crushers Official Group on Roblox to unlock exclusive vehicles in-game! Series 4
Cats...IN SPACE: Sergeant Tabbs
Cats...IN SPAC Sergeant Tabbs
A natural-born explorer, Sergeant Tabbs signed himself up for a multi-year voyage to outer space. Imagine his surprise when he discovered the space shuttle was also filled with other felines! As they traveled throughout the cosmos together, the crew made it their sole mission to work towards bettering all animal kind throughout the universe. Celebrity Collection Series 5
Chillthrill709 toy
Dressed in true steampunk cowboy style, chillthrill709 is more than just your average ordinary Robloxian. He is the owner of the Roblox development group Chillz Studios and the famous creator behind popular games such as Build a Boat for Treasure, Revenge of the Slimes, and Mr. Cube The Boss Battle! Series 6
Circuit Breaker
Toy CircuitBreaker
Circuit Breaker is more than just 1's and 0's. This android is a lean mean machine! And with an arsenal of weaponry, Circuit Breaker is a menacing foe. Indeed, rules and circuits were meant to be broken. Each Core Figure Pack comes with a code with one item relevant to the pack. Series 1
Cleaning Simulator: Todd the Turnip
Cleaning Simulator Todd the Turnip toy
In a world where everything is covered with dirt and grime, one turnip must rise against all odds to CLEAN. IT. UP. (Cue massive explosions). Armed with a mop and spray bottle, Todd is on an important mission to rid BRIBBLECO™ of its toughest spills and stains in zKevin's Cleaning Simulator. Series 4
Crezak: The Legend
Crezak the legend toy


The son of a wealthy nobleman, Crezak spent his days dodging responsibilities and chasing trouble. That is, until he was asked by some locals to join a soccer game. The rest is history. Now known as the greatest athlete of his generation – if not all time – this living legend is adored and celebrated the world over. Celebrity Collection Series 2
Darkenmoor: Bad Banana
Darkenmoor bad banana irl toy
Bad Banana is one of many wicked monsters you and your friends may encounter in Darkenmoor, a round-based survival horror game from Boid Studio. It’ll be tough to give him the slip, but if you play your cards ripe, you might just be able to survive the night. Grab the clocks around the mansion and split before it’s too late! Series 7
Design it: Dreams
Toy DesignItDreams
She may look cute, but she's no pushover when it comes to winning competitions and impressing fans in teamkilled's hit dress up game, Design It! This goddess of fashion easily captures the attention of everyone in the room with her lavish style and extravagant wings.
Celebrity Collection Series 1
DuelDroid 5000
The year is 5002. Robots rule the world, and the mightiest of them all is the DuelDroid. Built for combat, he uses a wide array of weapons, including the daggers on his hand, a rapid automatic laser weapon, and a gravity hammer to defeat other machines in a quest for glory. Despite his intimidating looks, he’s actually only two years old! Series 5
Emerald Dragon Master
Emerald Dragon Master
One medieval Robloxian legend tells the tale of a remarkable wizard, who, after spending several decades grooming his magnificent beard, felt it was finally time to put his magical abilities to better use protecting his homeland from malevolent dragons. Fashioned from the scales of the immortal Emerald Dragon itself, his enchanted staff is used to tame the mightiest Robloxian beasts. Series 3
Endermoor Skeleton
Endermoor Skeleton toy
In Legendary, the popular medieval role-playing game from Roblox developer pa00, the nefarious Necromancer and his horde of skeleton warriors have laid siege to the once-peaceful city of Endermoor. Now, the Sons of Light have come to reclaim it. Decimate the warriors of Knightheaven and ensure none of them reach the city gates! Series 6
Erythia toy toy
An exceptionally talented builder, designer, and animator, Erythia has built some of the most realistic environments ever seen on Roblox. She helped to create games such as Robloxian Highschool and City of Rolantis, both of which have been played by millions of people across the world. Now she has her own development group, Sonar Studios! Celebrity Collection Series 4
Fairy World: Golden Tech Fairy
Golden tech fairy
What happens when you mix the latest innovations in technology with magical fairy powers? Awesomeness! Inspired by the hit Roblox game Fairy World, created by Sorcerers Supreme, this sparkling sprite is heading out for another amazing adventure with all her friends. Invite them along for a fun day at the Fairy Ballroom! Celebrity Collection Series 4
Fallen Artemis
Fallen aretmi
A celestial huntress whose powers are beyond imagination. Banished from heaven, she now uses her wicked bow to blot the light and bring doom upon the Robloxian plane. Her formidability in battle is simply unmatched. Could this fallen angel truly be beyond redemption? Only she knows the answer to that question. Celebrity Collection Series 1
Fantastic Frontier: Croc
Fantastic Frontier Croc Toy
Tread lightly, adventurers! These humanoid-crocs are one of many fearsome foes you'll face in Spectrabox's vast role-playing game Fantastic Frontier. The forests are no place for lollygagging, especially at night. They like to prowl in the dark, waiting patiently for a naïve hero to walk into their den. Series 4
Fish Simulator: Diver
Fish Simulator Diver Toy
Take a deep dive underwater and learn everything there is to know about aquatic life in RickyTheFishy’s hit Roblox game Fish Simulator! From massive scallop sharks to beautiful blue and yellow tangs, there’s a vast living, breathing world just waiting to be explored. Be sure to join this expert diver on an adventure you won’t soon forget! Series 5
Flame Guard General
Flame Guard General Toy
Possessing an immense fighting spirit and tremendous strength, his blazing sword has been known to lay waste to entire armies. While tales have been spoken of his fierce rivalry with the Frost Guard General, the Korblox are a much greater foe that must be crushed. He now treks to the icy north to take part in one of the most cataclysmic battles in Robloxia. You know what they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. But how long can their alliance last? Series 4
Frost Empress
Frost empresss
Only a heart as pure as hers can unlock the true power of the enchanted ice crystal embedded within her staff. As the royal queen of a sprawling kingdom hidden on the snowy tundra of the northern ice-capped region of Robloxia, she uses her mighty abilities to protect her citizens and animal friends from any harm that may come their way. Celebrity Collection Series 1
Frost Guard General
Frost Guard General Toy
A battle-hardened warfighter who has the ability to manipulate moisture in the air to craft extremely dense weapons and armor that are as cold as…well, ice. His clan was almost unwillingly embroiled in the great Korbloxian War, but he was able to prevent greater conflict by summoning a permanent ice barricade to prevent enemy troops from further invading his land in the north. Series 3
Ghost Forces: Phantom
Ghost Forces Phantomm
Whenever there’s a full moon, you can bet this phantom fox will be on the prowl during another one of his covert stealth missions… He might look cute and fluffy, but he’s got a bite that packs a punch! Take command of this warrior fox and his phantasmal pooch to defeat their archnemeses, rabbits and squirrels, once and for all! Celebrity Collection Series 1
Hang Glider
Toy HangGlider
Born and raised on the bloxy valleys of Chaos Canyon, she now pursues a bold lifestyle sailing among the clouds of Robloxia. She's always seeking the next big adventure as she glides through the skies. Celebrity Collection Series 1
Hayley: The Tech Mage
The greatest inventor in the world, Hayley's creations are so unbelievable that they at first appear to be magical, hence the moniker, “The Tech Mage.” She has engineered machines that mess with the very physics of Roblox. Though difficult to trace and even harder to find, Hayley travels the world solving impossible problems with her clever innovations. Celebrity Collection Series 2
Headless Horseman
HeadIess Horseman
Centuries ago, long before the days of smooth terrain, a noble horseman was trotting along a dark street on Halloween…until suddenly, wham! A stampede of trick-or-treating noobs came out of nowhere and barreled right into him. “Uuhhh!” the horseman exclaimed as his body parts scattered everywhere. He respawned shortly thereafter, but unfortunately without a head. Now he has vowed revenge against the noobs that wronged him that fateful night. Series 3
HomingBeacon: The Whispering Dread
HomingBeacon The Whispering Dread toy
You might know him as one of the creators behind the mega-popular Zombie Rush game on Roblox, but have you ever seen his true form? It's much more menacing than you think! He has dominion over every creature of the night, from creepy crawly spiders to relentless zombie hordes (of course!). With that much power, he could rule the world! ...If he wanted to. Series 3
Hunted Vampire
Toy HuntedVampire
Long ago, it is said that an ancient fiend known as a “vampire” terrorized the land. To survive this night of horrors, a legendary detective has been dispatched to save Robloxians from this supernatural foe. Watch out – in ZacAttackk's Vampire Hunters 2, you may never know which one of your friends has already become a member of the undead... Series 2
LA Hoverboarder
Le hover
There’s few things in life more exhilarating than barreling down congested neon-colored streets, drifting in between cars as if they were mere obstacles in a video game. When you’ve got a super-charged hoverboard and your very own Spec Alpha Biograft Energy Sword, you really have no choice but to either find a way through…or make one. Celebrity Collection Series 1
Lion Knight
Lion Knight tot
Brave. Loyal. Fearless. His number one priority? Protect the grassy plains of Robloxia from hyenas and other vicious predators at all costs. Never one to back down from a battle, he swiftly rose up the ranks and serves faithfully on the Royal Guard. Now, armed with the sacred sword of his ancestors, he fights to defend his king and kingdom. Celebrity Collection Series 4
Lord Umberhallow
Toy LordUmberHallow
They say on a night of a full moon, Lord Umberhallow hides under the cover of darkness to play tricks and mischievous pranks on unsuspecting passersby. You can tell he's around whenever there's a trail of immense fire left behind by his evil blade. If you come across this fiend, you may want to start running. Each Core Figure Pack comes with a code with one item relevant to the pack. Series 1
Lord of the Federation
Somewhere, out in the eternal cosmos of the Roblox universe, the Wars of Reunification have ravaged all of creation. Now, a small but mighty rebel army is gathering forces to make the Federation whole once more. Armed with the sacred Blade of the Federation, this noble commander beckons you to join him on his quest. Long live the Federation! Celebrity Collection Series 4
Loyal Pizza Warrior
“You want a pizza me?” Okay, his puns are a bit on the cheesy side, but at least his combat skills are top-notch! With his trusty cutter and supreme deep-dish combos, this blazing fast Robloxian can slice through thin-crust armor like nothing. His favorite thing to order? Double pepperoni, all the way. Pizza fiends—prepare to meet your maker! Series 6
Lunya toy
Let’s get one thing straight. She might have wings, tentacles, and an eyeball for a head, but make no mistake—Lunya is actually a gifted developer who’s working on creating awesome new games for Robloxians all over the world, like VentureLand! In her spare time, she loves helping others test their games and create unique gameplay experiences. Celebrity Collection Series 3
Mad Games: Adam
Mad Games Adam Toy
One of the original characters from loleris' blockbuster Roblox game, Mad Murderer, Adam takes the phrase ""silent but deadly"" to a whole other level. He's making a guest star appearance in Mad Games with a slew of weapons that can take out opponents in a blink of an eye…at least, when he's not AFK. Series 4
Matt Dusek
Toy MattDusek
Behold, the master wizard Matt Dusek! As one of the first Robloxians working with Builderman, his supreme programming skills – sharpened by his years of training – smites down bugs with a blink of an eye. He wears the distinguished Dusekkar to exhibit his magical power. Each Core Figure Pack comes with a code with one item relevant to the pack. Series 1
MeepCity Fisherman
Toy MeepCityFisherman
The fisherman stands at the dock, triumphantly casting out his line into the depths of the water. Here in Alexnewtron's mega popular role-playing game, MeepCity, you need to have a “reel” talent for fishing to catch the big ones. Luckily, with his trusty Meep by his side and a box full of bait, all he needs is a little patience. Series 2
Monster Islands: Malgorok'Zyth
Monster Islands Malgorok'Zyth Toy
TheSteelEagle's Monster Island is home to some of the most wretched beasts you'll ever encounter on Roblox, but none are quite as despicable as Malgorok'Zyth. An ancient god whose reign of terror has annihilated any heroes who have foolishly stood in his way, he will stop at nothing to completely annihilate every Robloxian with the infinite power of the Void. Series 4
Mr. Bling Bling
Toy MrBlingBling
When it comes to pure glitz and glamour, Mr. Bling Bling is your man. With a flashy smile and a tailored suit woven together from the finest gold linens. He enjoys showing off his extravagant lifestyle to any Robloxian. His fashion sense may not be very subtle, but you've got to admit – he knows how to flaunt his wealth. Each Core Figure Pack comes with a code with one item relevant to the pack. Series 1
Mythical Unicorn
Mythical Unicorn Toy
The power of rainbows and sparkles flows through you! Draw your mighty sword, Rainbowrath: The Avenger, and embark on a magical adventure spreading happiness and joy throughout all of Roblox! This legendary steed is also an expert marksman, utilizing its horseshoes to knock enemies off their feet. Celebrity Collection Series 3
Nefertiti: The Sun Queen
Nefertiit the sun queen toy
Long ago, Nefertiti was crowned as the all-powerful Sun Queen to formally recognize her divine power. As the most powerful woman in all of Egypt, she traveled through the deserts of Roblox, using her cursed sword to utterly destroy all those who sought to defy her rule. Those poisonous serpents she carried around were known for being quite unpleasant, too! Celebrity Collection Series 3
Neverland Lagoon: Crown Collector
Toy Neverlandlagooncrowncollector
This majestic mermaid enjoys swimming through the shore of the Merfolk Coast, waiting for visitors to leave their jewelry unattended. She has gathered many ancient artifacts across SelDraken and Teiyia's Neverland Lagoon. If you wish to catch a glimpse, drop a gem into the ocean as an offering. You might be lucky enough to see the shadow of her tail as she adds one more piece to her extraordinary collection… Celebrity Collection Series 2
Ninja Assassin: Yang Clan Master
Ninja Assassin Yang Clan Master Toy
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single oof. Over the years, this master ninja has upheld the virtues of Yang Clan and honed his skills as sharp as a shuriken. He has perfected his ninjutsu technique and has sworn to follow a path of righteousness in DreamRoad Studio's Ninja Assassin. Celebrity Collection Series 2
Ninja Assassin: Yin Clan Master
Ninja Assassin Yin Clan Master toy
Corrupted by a dark energy, this ruthless warrior enjoys testing himself against worthy rivals in DreamRoad Studio's Ninja Assassin. Series 4
Phantom Forces: Ghost
Toy PhantomForcesGhost
When you need the job done right, you send in the Ghosts. As commander of Task Force Blox, this special forces operator has led hundreds of highly classified raids in Phantom Forces, created by Litozinnamon, Shaylan007, and AxisAngle. Trained extensively in a variety of specialized weapons and combat tactics, he strikes swiftly and quietly without a moment's hesitation. Series 2
Pixel Artist
Toy PixelArtist
An art prodigy whose intense desire to draw in TaxRevenue and Visleaf's Pixel Art Creator has led to some of the most beautiful portraits in all of Robloxia. You know you're a serious artist when paint splotches on your clothes are a fashion statement. Celebrity Collection Series 1
Q-Clash: Zadena
Q-clash zadeeena
“May my wings guide you!” A devoted healer and guardian from duckarmor’s class-based action game Q-Clash, Zadena uses her mana staff to keep her team fighting fit. Her lightning attack can deal substantial damage at short range and help her get out of tricky situations. Supercharge your allies with her ultimate ability and help them take the win! Celebrity Collection Series 5
Queen Mab of the Fae
Queen Mab of the Fae Toy
Behold, the almighty queen of the fairies! Her true nature is shrouded in mystery, but most Robloxians who were lucky enough to see her have claimed that she is actually quite charming. Queen Mab is endowed with a powerful magical aura that can deceive others and prevent them from gaining access to her enchanting kingdom. Celebrity Collection Series 3
Queen of the Treelands
Toy QueenOfTheTreelands
With her glorious Autumn Staff, the Queen of the TreeLands sends nature's blessings to all who come to play in TheNewFissy's building game, TreeLands. Passed down from generation to generation, the Autumn Staff is said to grant unbelievable divine power to the current wielder.  Series 2
Quest Minion
Quest Minion
From the popular Roblox game Dungeon Master comes an enigmatic character who loves coming up with all sorts of wacky missions to challenge players. He can even keep track of all your achievements! No one knows the real identity of this creature, except for the wicked host and the creators of the game, Sharkbyte Studios. Series 6
Richard, Redcliff King
Richard, Redcliff King Toy
Richard is the leader of the Redcliff Kingdom, commanding an army of tens of thousands of knights to defend against the Korblox invasion. He can be quite stubborn at times, but many would tell you that’s actually his best trait. An inspiring tactician, leader, and warrior, he never knows when to give up even when the odds are stacked against him. Celebrity Collection Series 3
Roblox High School: Spring Break
Roblox High School Spring Break
School’s out for spring break, and you know what that means… Freedom! It’s time to hang out with all your best friends from Cindering’s popular role-playing game, Roblox High School, and have some good ol’ fashioned springtime fun in the sun. Head to the beach, lounge under the clear blue skies, and bask under the warm sun. Celebrity Collection Series 1
Roblox Skating Rink
Toy RobloxSkatingRink
From Johnnygadget's popular hangout spot, Roblox Skating Rink, comes the queen of the rollerblading scene. When asked about her neon spandex and punk rock hair, she explained that it makes it look like she's trailing rainbows in her selfies on social media. Celebrity Collection Series 1
Robot 64: Beebo
Robot 64 Beebo Toy
The hero of zKevin’s smash-hit platforming game Robot 64! Even though he’s an AI-powered robot, he’s got tons of slick acrobatic moves and tools to help him collect as many ice cream cones and candy as possible. He’s on a mission to help Dr. Smar defeat the sun before it destroys everything in the world. Series 5
Royal High School: Enchantress
Royale High Enchantress
Graceful as she is kind, this divine beauty roams the hallowed halls of callmehbob's Royale High School helping lost and nervous newcomers. There's so much to learn, classes to take, dances to study, and new friends to meet! The Enchantress will help you earn gems for your crown so you can spread your wings and fly at your new home. Celebrity Collection Series 2
SharkBite Surfer
Sharkbite surfer toy
Surf's up! This chill surfer is hanging ten in opplo and Simoon68's Bloxy Award-nominated breakout game, SharkBite. She rides the current far out to sea to help hapless tourists trapped out at sea. Just watch out for those menacing shadows, circling the waters beneath you... and if they get any closer, swim as fast as you possibly can. Celebrity Collection Series 2
Shred: Snowboard Boy
Shred snowboard boy toy
This up-and-coming pro snowboarder has dreams of hitting the big time. Tear up the slopes and level up your freestyle skills in SHRED, the hit snowboarding game from Roblox developer MasterOfTheElements! Pull off epic stunts, deck yourself out with new gear, and challenge your friends to a race, trick, or crash competition. Series 6
Simoon68, Golden God
Simoon68 Golden God toy
This golden clad Robloxian is one of millions of talented developers and creators on Roblox. As one of the co-founders of Abracadabra Studio, he helped to design games such as SharkBite and Backpacking. Not only that, but he is also well-known in the community for collecting rare Limited items, such as the highly coveted Dominus Aureus. Series 6
Skybound Admiral
Toy SkyboundAdmiral
They don't call him the Admiral for nothing. Decades of adventure in Imaginaerum's Skybound 2 have led him and his crew on a never-ending quest for treasure in the sky. His guile and suave sensibility may have gotten him into a few sticky situations in the past, but he tends to find his way out of way or another. Series 2
Sun Slayer
Sun Slayer toys
A Knight in Shining Armor. Literally! This does raise a few questions though: How did he get his name exactly? Is he truly capable of destroying the sun? Or is it simply because his gold metal plating and pure diamond wings are as blinding as the sun? Whatever the answer is, a Sun Slayer always shines brightest in the darkest hour. Series 5
The Clouds: Flyer
The Clouds flyer
From Elite Builders of Robloxia member Paratroopersoldier comes The Clouds, a dreamlike showcase as soothing as falling asleep. The flyer skydives endlessly through cotton candy-colored clouds, off a secluded island floating high above the stratosphere. He opens his mechanical wings, feels the light of the sun on his face, and drifts down... Celebrity Collection Series 2
The Golden Bloxy Award
The golden Bloxy award toy
Presenting the coveted Golden Bloxy Award! This prestigious prize is awarded to the best and brightest Roblox developers, creators, and community members for their incredible achievements on the Imagination Platform. This year's award for Game of the Year goes to... Celebrity Collection Series 2
TigerCaptain, reporting for duty! This skilled Roblox developer is the co-owner and lead scripter at Sharkbyte Studios, responsible for bringing massively popular games such as Dungeon Master, Lab Experiment, and Temple Thieves to life on the platform. What other amazing adventures does he have in store for us to play next? Celebrity Collection Series 4
Tim7775, Red Guard
Toy Tim7775Redguard
All hail the enchanted Knight of Redcliff, Tim7775! Bearing the wings of an angel, he descends upon Robloxia to do battle in the great Kobloxian war. When he's not taking up arms against the Korbloxians, he can usually be seen working on Hide and Seek Extreme, one of the most popular games on Roblox. Each Core Figure Pack comes with a code with one item relevant to the pack. Series 1
Tohru: The Phantom Claw
Tohru the phantom claw toy
Thought to be the descendant of the legendary Shinobi King of the Steel Tiger Clan, Tohru was shamefully exiled from his village after he snuck into the sacred library to read the forbidden ancient texts. Now he’s on a journey of self-discovery, hoping to tame the soul-consuming power of the phantom claw ninjutsu and one day return home. Series 5
A brilliant developer who just loves making all sorts of games, VivaLaVixen first joined Roblox in 2009! She created Vixen’s Audio Visualizer and is currently working on making even more fun experiences for the entire community. One of her greatest talents is her programming skills, which lets her bend and shape the world of Roblox at her will. Series 5
Toy Vorlias
A legendary hero from New Sealaan, his almighty power has led to the creation of an entire world known as Zenerith. As the lead developer on Heroes’ Legacy, Vorlias and his team at Aurora Australis are building a sprawling role-playing game filled with epic battles and perilous quests. Celebrity Collection Series 1
Welcome to Bloxburg: Glen the Janitor
Welcome to bloxburg glen the janitor
Green Clean offers the best janitorial services in Bloxburg, or so he says! In Coeptus' Bloxy Award-winning role-playing game, Welcome to Bloxburg, you can help Glen clean up graffiti and trash around the city by taking on a janitorial position. It’s not always the cleanest work (must be why he's so grumpy...), but it certainly pays the bills! Celebrity Collection Series 3
Wild Starr
Wild starr
Ha, rules. Who needs ‘em? She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. When asked how she received the nickname “Wild Starr,” she gave a fearless grin and belted out a few rip-roaring chords and bone-chilling memories for her fans. Be sure to keep an eye (and an ear!) out for this wild and free punk rocker. Celebrity Collection Series 1
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