Items in these collections include six figurines, accessories, a collector's checklist, and virtual item code, Their are currently 6, 6 figure packs.

Name Image Description Series
Champions of Roblox
Toy 6Pack ChampionsOfRoblox
The catastrophic Korblox war against the Redcliff Kingdom rages on. Gather your forces and prepare for battle. Series 1
Legends of Roblox
Toy 6Pack LegendsOfRoblox
These creators are among the best of the best. Join these legendary developers on your own epic Roblox adventure! Series 2
Masters of Roblox
From acclaimed Bloxy Award winners to superstar creators with millions playing their games, this collectible set brings to life your favorite developers and builders from the world of Roblox! Series 3
Citizens of Roblox
Citizens of ROBLOX
Experience the hustle and bustle of city life with iconic characters from popular Roblox games including Firebrand1's RoCitizens, TwentyTwoPilots' Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands, RoyStanford's Redwood Prison, and HiddoYT's Hospital Roleplay! Imagine wacky crossover scenarios with this ultimate Roblox role-playing sim toy collection and invite new Robloxians to your city! Embark on a new career, make new friends, or just hang out in the neighborhood. Series 4
Night Of The Werewolf
Night of the warewolf
A distant howl pierces the still of the night. Tensions rise as a group of people find themselves forced to figure out who among them is the werewolf. Who can be trusted on this night of horrors? Only you can decide. Roleplay as your favorite character from InsanelyLuke’s breakout hit Night of the Werewolf and be the last one standing! Series 5
Summoner Tycoon
A great plague is descending upon the Roblox universe. Fight alongside your favorite heroes from Summoner Tycoon, the popular role-playing game from Albatross Studio, and battle against the forces of evil before calamity strikes! Upgrade your base to summon stronger heroes, then combine their forces to slay monsters and other powerful foes. Series 6
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