Series 3

The third batch was released around January 2018.

Name Image Description Virtual Code Item Comes From
A Normal Elevator Doorman A normal elevator doorman There's no telling what awaits beyond the doors of The Normal Elevator. It could a desert, a spooky factory, a basketball court, or the fabric of reality itself. Roblox developer NowDoTheHarlemShake is sure to take you on an unpredictable adventure in this unique experience. Just ask the doorman. He's seen some things. A Normal Doorman's Cap Mystery Boxes
Assassin! AssassIn Born and raised in a world of eternal strife, this fiery warrior was inspired by prisman's popular fighting game, Assassin! He lurks in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike his prey. No matter where you are, he will find you. Unless you find him first. Squinty Assassin Face Mystery Boxes
Billy the Swag Dealer Billy the Swag Dealer Billy's got $wag for days. And he's willing to sell you some of his most powerful gear, like the Invisibility Cloak and Grapple Hook! He's lived for centuries, scavenging whatever mystical treasures he could find from the deepest craters of Robloxia. See for yourself in Berezaa's smash-hit, Azure Mines. Swag Cloak and Cowl Mystery Boxes
Bloxburg Car Salesman Bloxburg Car Salesman Looking for a car? Come on down to Mike's Motors! He's got big cars, little cars, fast cars, every kind of car—all at low, low prices! You won't find a better deal anywhere else in Bloxburg! Bring your friends and your friends’ friends and come buy a car today in Coeptus’ roleplaying game, Welcome to Bloxburg! Slick Salesman Hair Mystery Boxes
Captain Hoover Captain Hoover This ol’ sea dog has seen his fair share of rampage in his younger days. Now he lives a peaceful life in Lumberland, where he ferries landlubbers across the ocean without a care in the world. He's one of your biggest allies in Defaultio's Lumber Tycoon 2, so long as you're willing to fork over the money. Captain Hoover's Wheel of Destiny Mystery Boxes
Deathrunner Wsly Deathrunner Wsly Whether he's playing as a runner or the killer, Roblox developer Wsly has a few tricks up his sleeve to always come out on top in his Bloxy Award-winning hit title, Roblox Deathrun. If you love Roblox Deathrun, you should also check out Wsly's other super fun creations: EGTV Minigames and MEGA Challenge! Death's Grin Mystery Boxes
Design It! Winner Design it Winner The color purple is most often associated with dignity and luxury, two very relevant terms when describing this popular fashion model. A true trendsetter, she first made her claim to fame in tktech's Design It! She's got a serious eye for style, so if you're up against her, you'd better bring your “A” game. Winning Smile Mystery Boxes
Dinosaur Simulator: Paleontologist Dinosaur Simulator Paleontologist Often heard exclaiming “Eureka!” whenever she unearths a rare dinosaur fossil, this studious Robloxian has always adored discovering the history of Earth's most ancient reptiles. Her favorite hobby is learning about her favorite Jurassic beasts in ChickenEngineer's Dinosaur Simulator. T-Rex Skull Mystery Boxes
Elemental Warrior: Lightning Elemental Warrior Lightning A formidable foe whose mere gaze is said to instantly paralyze any Robloxian who dares oppose him. He can manipulate electricity from any source, and he uses it to supercharge his already mighty abilities. You may pay your respects to this almighty lightning lord in Mygame43's epic fighting game, Elemental Wars. Lightning Clan Hillfighter Mystery Boxes
Epic Minigamer: TypicalType Epic Minigamer TypicalType Don't be fooled by his name, this extraordinary Roblox developer is anything but typical! As the mastermind behind the dozens and dozens of super awesome experiences in Epic Minigames, TypicalType has created some of the most outrageously fun mini-games for Robloxians all over the world. Typical Rainbow Pocket Watch Mystery Boxes
High School Life Lunchlady High School Life Lunch Lady Edna used to be a high school student just like you. Back in her day, she'd eat corndogs and drink milk from cartons like nobody's business. None of those fancy schmancy burgers and Bloxy Colas like in Devinbyte's High School Life! You should try to stay on her good side...or else there won't be any seconds left for you. Gross Hair Net Mystery Boxes
Lumberjack Tycoon Lumberjack Tycoon In the outermost groves of Lumberland, there lives a burly, flannel-clad Robloxian whose profound affection for timber is known far and wide. He carries his mighty axe in Defaultio's Lumber Tycoon 2 to fell any tree that would dare withstand his indomitable swing. Plaid Ushanka Mystery Boxes
Patient Zero Patient Zero Loading patient file... Name: Confidential. Height: Confidential. Weight: Confidential. Age: Confidential. Last Known Location: Apocalypse Rising. Known Affiliates: Gusmanak & Zolarketh. Status: Quarantine is now in effect for Patient Zero. Do not engage under any circumstances. Repeat, do not engage. Patient Zero Tentacles Mystery Boxes
Phantom Forces: Phantom Phantom Forces Phantom A remarkable soldier, trained for years to be the ultimate sniper. He's more old school, preferring to stick to one hiding spot instead of doing those “360 degree no scopes” his younger squad buddies like to brag about. Bring the fight to the Ghosts in Phantom Forces, created by Litozinnamon, Shaylan007, and AxisAngle. Phantom Forces Combat Knife Mystery Boxes
Redwood Prison Spec Ops Redwood Prison Spec Ops A Robloxian of few words, he has little patience for nonsense. He's both abrasive and headstrong, and he's determined to keep convicts locked up in the cold, damp cells of RoyStanford's Redwood Prison. Tread carefully around this one; he's packing heat. If you're in his sight, it's back to jail for you. Redwood Prison Green Beret Mystery Boxes
Retail Tycoon: Rent-A-Cop Retail Tycoon Rent-A-Cop The unsung hero of Haggie125's Retail Tycoon, he's spent many late nights watching cheesy detective shows on television just to learn how to flash his badge and keep his slick ‘stache well-groomed. He’s got the look down; now he just needs to catch some crooks… Rent-A-Cop Police Hat Mystery Boxes
Speed Runner Speed Runner His speed, stamina, and sheer athleticism are beyond comprehension. By the time you reach the first jump in Vurse’s popular adventure game, Speed Run 4, he’s already on his victory lap. And that’s while he’s still wearing his training gear. You’d be lucky enough just to see a blur. Ninja Mask of Furious Speed Mystery Boxes
TNT Rusher TNT Rusher What’s scarier than hundreds and hundreds of boxes of dynamite beneath your feet? A pit of lava? A bottomless abyss? An ice-cold pool of water? The answer, of course, is all of the above. You’ll need nimble feet and some quick thinking if you wish to survive the madness of Acecateer’s TNT Rush! TNT Hat Mystery Boxes
The Beast The Beast A death-dealer in the truest sense, not much else is known about this ruthless creature. That's because there’s usually no one left to tell the tale. Appearing in loleris’ popular survival horror game, Darkness 2, the Beast has one purpose only: exterminate all Robloxians by any means necessary. Beast Scythe Mystery Boxes
The Plaza: Club DJ The Plaza Club DJ Nothing puts a smile on her face more than the sound of a record scratch. She's always got her finger on the pulse of the rhythm world, remixing tunes and spinning the hottest new tracks. You can catch her sick beats at Da Club in Widgeon's massive social hangout place, The Plaza! Rainbow Neon Glowsticks Mystery Boxes
Theme Park Tycoon: Dino Vendor Theme Park Tycoon Dino Vendor That cute little tail, its innocent-looking eyes, those ferocious spikes, that dinosaur munching on his head?! No, silly. That's just one of many famous souvenirs you can find at the dino hat stall in Den_S's popular building game, Theme Park Tycoon 2! Your guests will love wearing these at the park! Shoulder Dino Mystery Boxes
Top Roblox Runaway Model Top Roblox Runaway Model Hip, trendy, and totally sophisticated. She's got it all, from the cute and charming fashion sense to the smooth and confident runway strut. Sapphire Gaze Mystery Boxes
TreeLands: Shopkeeper Treelands Shopkeeper You might be surprised to learn that TheNewFissy, the developer behind the sensational building game, TreeLands, also has a part-time job as its shopkeeper! He loves collecting rare and exotic fruits from Robloxians all over the world. Pay him a visit at the town center, and he'll pay you with silver! TreeLands Shopping Bag Mystery Boxes
Westover Racer Westover Racer A hotshot street racer whose talent for driving at breakneck speeds far surpasses any other Robloxian on Westover Island. He's reckless, but he won't settle for anything less than first place. Visit any one of TwentyTwoPilots’ Ultimate Driving games to start practicing, or you'll be left in the dust. Red Traffic Cone Mystery Boxes
Apocalypse Rising: Bandit Apocalypse Rising Bandit The world has changed. Bandits are scouring the streets, ransacking homes and picking store shelves clean of weapons, food, ammo, and supplies. These criminals have no fear or mercy. Heed this advice, Robloxian…when you’re playing Gusmanak’s hit zombie survival game, Apocalypse Rising, it’s not the undead you should be most afraid of—it’s the living. Survival Backpack Apocalypse Rising: Bandit Core Figure Pack
Bigfoot Boarder: Airtime Bigfoot boarder Birtime No wonder no one's been able to find Bigfoot. They've been looking for him in all the wrong places! This big furry creature's taking snowboarding to the extreme, and he's shredding up all the fresh powder he can without a care in the world. He even crafted some makeshift wings out of some cardboard he found lying around just so he can catch some extra air on his board. You go, Bigfoot! Gnar Knit Sasquatch Bigfoot Boarder: Airtime Core Figure Pack
Emerald Dragon Master Emerald Dragon Master Toy One medieval Robloxian legend tells the tale of a remarkable wizard, who, after spending several decades grooming his magnificent beard, felt it was finally time to put his magical abilities to better use protecting his homeland from malevolent dragons. Fashioned from the scales of the immortal Emerald Dragon itself, his enchanted staff is used to tame the mightiest Robloxian beasts. Green Dragon Wings Emerald Dragon Master Core Figure Pack
Frost Guard General Frost Gaurd General A battle-hardened warfighter who has the ability to manipulate moisture in the air to craft extremely dense weapons and armor that are as cold as…well, ice. His clan was almost unwillingly embroiled in the great Korbloxian War, but he was able to prevent greater conflict by summoning a permanent ice barricade to prevent enemy troops from further invading his land in the north. Frost Guard's Cloak Frost Guard General Core Figure Pack
Headless Horseman Headless Horseman Toy Centuries ago, long before the days of smooth terrain, a noble horseman was trotting along a dark street on Halloween…until suddenly, wham! A stampede of trick-or-treating noobs came out of nowhere and barreled right into him. “Uuhhh!” the horseman exclaimed as his body parts scattered everywhere. He respawned shortly thereafter, but unfortunately without a head. Now he has vowed revenge against the noobs that wronged him that fateful night. Heedless Horse Headless Horseman Core Figure Pack
HomingBeacon: The Whispering Dread HomingBeacon The Whispering Dread You might know him as one of the creators behind the mega-popular Zombie Rush game on Roblox, but have you ever seen his true form? It's much more menacing than you think! He has dominion over every creature of the night, from creepy crawly spiders to relentless zombie hordes (of course!). With that much power, he could rule the world! ...If he wanted to. Fang of Tsuchigumo HomingBeacon: The Whispering Dread Core Figure Pack
Aeron Aeron Monsters from Swordburst Online are infiltrating the real world! Join forces with Sakura and Aeron from AbstractAlex's massively popular role-playing game on Roblox and put an end to the Dire Wolf once and for all! Reenact one of the first epic boss battles at Agnaroth Plains and fulfill your destiny. Be sure to choose your weapons wisely. The Dire Wolf will not go down without a fight. Swordburst Solstice Swordburst Online Game Pack
Sakura Sakura
Madattak Madattak toy Welcome to Innovation Labs! It's your first day on the job and somebody has already triggered a thermonuclear meltdown, unleashed a zombie outbreak, and dematerialized your lunch. Use the power of science to help Roblox developer madattak restore his research facility back to its former glory or stir up your own mischief. Whatever you do, don't push that big red button. Bluesteel Innovators Innovation Labs Game Pack
Zombiologist Zombiologist
The Abominator The abominator Who would’ve thought driving to the supermarket could be so fun? Tear down the streets of The Neighborhood of Robloxia with a turbo-charged muscle car that beckons you to put the pedal to the medal. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty steel roll cage and a brutal spiky bumper. Designed by Roblox developer Q_Q, this fearsome hot rod is the chariot of choice for the road hog in all of us. The Abomination The Abominator Vehicle Pack
Disco Madness Disco madness1 Disco ball? Check. Sparkly, neon-colored outfits? Double check. Groovy dance moves? Triple check! The gang's all here, so it's time to get down and boogie with the grooviest Robloxians around. Mix-and-match your favorite accessories and hairstyles to create your own funky disco dancers and get the party started! Rainbow Disco Fro Disco Madness Four Figure Pack
Disco Madness Disco madness2
Disco Madness Disco madness3
Disco Madness Disco madness4
Robot Riot Robot Riot1 The Roblox robot factory is going haywire! Now's your chance to rebuild these classic Roblox cyborgs the way you want. Mix-and-match your favorite gear, armor, and other fun accessories to create your own personal robotic assistants, unleash the might of a machine army, or super-charge an ordinary Robloxian with the ultimate mechanized upgrade! Day Zero Robot Riot Four Figure Pack
Robot Riot Robot Riot2
Robot Riot Robot Riot 3
Robot Riot Robot Riot4
Alan the Truck Salesman Alan the Truck Salesman Things are about to get a little...explosive. Grab your dynamite and pickaxe, then set the stage for Roblox's most epic mining operation yet with this collectible playset! Featuring characters, accessories, and vehicles from popular games such as Cindering's Sharpshooter Mines, Berezaa's Miner's Haven, Defaultio's Mining Tycoon, and Widgeon's Mining INC! Mining Robot Operation TNT Playset
Miner's Havener Miner's Havener
Sharpshooter Mines: Pyrominer Sharpshooter Mines Pyrominer
mining-tycoon-defaultbot Mining-tycoon-defaultbot
ChickenEngineer ChickenEngineer Did you know that one of the closest living relatives of the Tyrannosaurus rex is the chicken? It might be no surprise, then, to find out that it was none other than ChickenEngineer who created the wonderfully creative and super popular role-playing game Dinosaur Simulator! Game Studio Executive Masters of Roblox Multipack
Den_S DEN S While most know him as the developer behind Theme Park Tycoon 2, he also created Pool Tycoon 4! An innovator in the truest sense, he won several Bloxy Awards in 2016 for Theme Park Tycoon 2, including Best AAA Game, Best UI Design, and the Builderman Award of Excellence. Masters of Roblox Multipack
Robotmega RObotmega As one of the creative minds behind magical fighting games such as Elemental Wars and Elemental Battlegrounds, this master of Roblox has superpowers beyond imagination. When it comes to Roblox, he lets his building skills do the talking! Masters of Roblox Multipack
Teamkilled TeamkilIed Keeping things simple and clean is his speciality. He's the winner of the 2016 Bloxy Award for Best Art Direction in his smash-hit fashion game, Design It! If you need any tips on winning a round or just some good ol’ fashioned developer tips and tricks, he's the master. Masters of Roblox Multipack
TwentyTwoPilots TwentyTwoPilots A renowned road enthusiast and a master Roblox creator in his own right, his acclaimed Ultimate Driving series has helped him rise to stardom within the community. He won the 2016 Developer of the Year and the Builder of the Year awards during the Bloxys! Masters of Roblox Multipack
Ultraw Ultraw Restaurant Tycoon, Clone Tycoon, Pizza Factory Tycoon...what do these games all have in common? They're tycoons (obviously!) and they're made by this master developer! He's helped Robloxians everywhere use their imaginations to build massive empires of their own. Masters of Roblox 6-Pack Assortment
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