Series 4

The fourth batch of Roblox Toys was released with the Roblox Celebrity Collection Series 2.

Name Image Description Virtual Code Item Comes From
Astral Isle Apprentice Astral Isle Apprentice.gif The Wizards of the Astral Isles are a noble alliance of powerful sorcerers who are on a quest to defeat the Korblox Empire once and for all. Out to prove himself, this young apprentice snuck into his mentor's study to steal the Rat Plague Summoner. Now he's on a brave mission to raid a nearby Korbloxian camp by himself... Astral Hood Mystery Boxes
AxisAngle AxisAngle.gif When you've got a war on your hands, it's time to call in the big guns. AxisAngle is one of the Roblox developers behind the massively popular first-person shooter Phantom Forces. It's been played hundreds of millions of times since 2015, and it's still evolving with new weapons, cases, and more to this very day! Mathmagic Cape Mystery Boxes
Badcc Badcc.png A Bloxy Award winner and an RDC Game Jam champion, badcc is an outstanding Roblox developer who's well known in the community for creating Volt and Jailbreak. He joined Roblox in 2009 and enjoys using his impressive programming skills to develop innovative and fun gameplay experiences. Badcc's Jailbreaker Mystery Boxes
Bombo Bombo.gif The living embodiment of the phrase “one man army,” Bombo has made quite a reputation for himself being a hot-blooded Robloxian of mass destruction. He was once surrounded by an army of mind-controlled noobs in the lost jungles of Robloxia before he bloxxed them all to oblivion...and then some. Bombo Blue Mystery Boxes
Cardboard Crusader Cardbord Crusader.gif When life gives you cardboard, make a suit of armor! It's dirt cheap, you can find it practically everywhere, and it makes a pretty cool roleplaying costume. Its durability, however, might require a few extra points in the “Damage Resistance” stat before its field ready. Still, that won't stop this courageous Cardboard Crusader. Cardboard Greatsword Mystery Boxes
Club Boates: Proprietor Club Boates Proprietor.gif Meet ChadTheCreator. He's better known as the developer behind the always glitzy and glamorous Club Boates, where millions of Robloxians get to dance to the sickest beats and hottest new music tracks all year round. Everyone's invited to show off their best moves on the dance floor, like the “Shuffle” and the “Stride”! Club Boates Promoter Mystery Boxes
Crimson Catseye Crimson Catseye.gif According to ancient Robloxian folktales, the Crimson Cateye talisman once belonged to a powerful sorcerer who lived alone in a dark, creepy mansion known as Haunted Hill. The sorcerer mysteriously disappeared, but the Crimson Cateye was left behind. Now it has found a new master, but what are its true intentions? Catseye Pauldrons Mystery Boxes
Design It: Safari Desgin it Safari.gif Normally, fashion isn't something you'd consider when going on a safari. But this is Roblox. The only limit is your imagination! Sporting a stylish adventure hat and chic khaki garments, she's ready to win first place in tktech's fashion game Design It! No tigers, virtual or otherwise, were harmed in the making of this outfit. Shoulder Monkey Mystery Boxes
Hexaria: Rogue Hexaria rogue.gif A long-ranged fighter who uses smoke bombs and ninja stars to subdue his enemies. The Rogue is one of four playable classes in Hexaria, a popular card game MMORPG created by Roblox developers Biostream and Crykee! What he lacks in pure strength, he makes up for in technique and speed. Rogueish Good Looks Mystery Boxes
Icebreaker IceBreaker.gif It's all fun and games until your friends get turned into a solid block of ice. Literally. Because that's what happens when you get tagged in Cracky4's Icebreaker! But that's okay; while everyone else is wearing heavy sweaters and jackets to brave the cold, she'll be decked out in an aerodynamic shirt and shorts to outrun her opponents AND imagine she's in a much, much warmer place. Iced Out Mystery Boxes
Imaginaerum Imaginaerum.gif Take to the skies with Roblox developer Imaginaerum! He's the creator of Skybound Classic, Skybound 2, and most recently, Archmage. Together with his team, Negative Games, he enjoys making super fun action-packed games that are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Skyboundless Hoverboard Mystery Boxes
Jailbreak Inmate Orange Inmate Cap Mystery Boxes
Lillian: Shield of the Kingdom Lillian Shield of the Kingdom.gif Lillian is a talented inventor and skilled general who uses unconventional, yet extremely effective, strategies to protect her homeland at all costs. Vigilant towards threats. Brilliant with tactics. Compassionate in victory. It's no wonder she has earned the love of her people and the respect of her enemies. Lillian's Moonglaive Mystery Boxes
MeepCity Pet Seller MeepCity Pet Seller.gif As you might expect, Alexnewtron’s Bloxy Award-winning game MeepCity is filled to the brim with millions of Robloxians and their friendly pet Meeps. You can go fishing with them, decorate your house with them, and so much more! Looking to adopt your very own Meep? Then look no further than the Pet Shop! Meeprow Mystery Boxes
Mimi_Dev Mimi Dev.gif Make way for the queen of the Roblox dancing scene! Mimi_Dev is a multi-talented designer, builder, artist, musician, writer, gamer, and of course, dancer! She first joined Roblox in 2010 and has since created blockbuster games like Dance Your Blox Off and Robloxia Zoo. SUH Hat Mystery Boxes
Natural Disaster Survivor Natural Disaster Survivor.gif Meteor showers? Tsunamis? Flash floods? Been there, done that. A fearless survivor, she's made it through hundreds of rounds in Stickmasterluke’s quintessential Roblox experience, Natural Disaster Survival. She's battle-tested and armed with a grappling hook to get her out of danger at a moment's notice! Disaster Master Mystery Boxes
Neverland Lagoon: Epic Merman Neverland Lagoon Epic Merman.png Chosen as the sworn protector of Neverland Lagoon, this aquatic warrior has made it his sole duty to defend SelDraken and Teiyia's home from pirates at all costs. An excellent swimmer and adept fighter, he patrols the surf with a powerful trident given to him by Poseidon himself. Dope Epic Merman Helm Mystery Boxes
Prisman Prisman.gif A true master of disguise, you'd be hard-pressed to spot this cunning Roblox developer in a crowd...even more so if you were playing against him in his game, Assassin! Luckily, he's usually just hanging out in the game lobby minding his own business...for now. See if you can find him before he finds you! Prismaboard Mystery Boxes
Roblox High School: Quarter Back Roblox High School Quarterback.gif The all-star football team is a must-see when visiting Cindering's Roblox High School. They're right in the middle of the playoffs, and they're just one game away from taking home the championship title. Can their quarterback inspire his team to go the extra yard and make the play of the century? Quarterback Attack Mystery Boxes
SilentSwords Silent Swords.gif After years of training to become a master swordsman, he has now dedicated himself to perfecting another art in his spare time: creating awesome experiences on Roblox with his team at SO Games. Their latest creation is called Q-CLASH, a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter. Silent Swordpack Mystery Boxes
Tomarty Tomarty.gif You know you've made it as a Roblox developer when you're rockin' a Dominus hat. Tomarty, a self-taught computer science enthusiast, has been creating games on Roblox since 2008. More recently he's been working on Shard Seekers, an original Roblox RPG featuring all sorts of crazy cool custom animations. Tomarty Topper Mystery Boxes
Wish_z Wish z.gif Few Robloxians have mastered the art of the Immortal Blade, especially one as toxic as the Venom's Bite. When he's not working on creating all sorts of awesome games and experiences, famed Roblox developer wish_z uses this cursed sword to vanquish his foes under the guise of a mysterious bandit. Zombie Knit Mystery Boxes
WoodReviewer WoodReviewer.png Wood. It's serious business. Why? Well, if you don't already know the answer, you haven't truly experienced proper wood grain on Roblox. Pro Tip: Wood grain must always follow the length of the wood on all four sides. If it doesn't, you might soon be looking at a sour review from the infamous wood inspector himself. DIY Wanwood Crown Mystery Boxes
Yeti Yeti.gif Not much is known about this mythological creature, but many researchers speculate it enjoys living a quiet life somewhere on the arctic mountains in the farthest northern region of Robloxia. Others say it's simply an eccentric Robloxian wearing a shaggy fur costume for fun. Whatever it is, don't call it abominable. Yeti Another Set of Horns Mystery Boxes
Archmage Arm Dealer Archmage Arms Dealer.gif Need staves or potions? You've come to the right place. He's got everything you need to make sure you're decked out like a pro in Imaginaerum's Archmage, a hilariously chaotic obby/tower defense hybrid! Collect coins, dodge insane spells, and climb up to the platforms to take down the archmage! Extra Wizard Arm Archmage Arm Dealer Core Figure Pack
Car Crusher: Panwellz Car Crusher Panwellz.gif What do you get when you cross a car with a giant spinning wheel of doom? Two words: Total. Annihilation. And it looks just as awesome as it sounds. Just ask Panwellz. He's the creator of Car Crushers, the game that lets you go on a never-ending vehicle destruction spree! Be sure to join the Car Crushers Official Group on Roblox to unlock exclusive vehicles in-game! Wicked Welder Car Crusher: Panwellz Core Figure Pack
Cleaning Simulator: Todd the Turnip Cleaning Simulator Todd the Turnip.gif In a world where everything is covered with dirt and grime, one turnip must rise against all odds to CLEAN. IT. UP. (Cue massive explosions). Armed with a mop and spray bottle, Todd is on an important mission to rid BRIBBLECO™ of its toughest spills and stains in zKevin's Cleaning Simulator. Sack of Mixtapes Cleaning Simulator: Todd the Turnip Core Figure Pack
Fantastic Frontier: Croc Fantastic Frontier Croc.gif Tread lightly, adventurers! These humanoid-crocs are one of many fearsome foes you'll face in Spectrabox's vast role-playing game Fantastic Frontier. The forests are no place for lollygagging, especially at night. They like to prowl in the dark, waiting patiently for a naïve hero to walk into their den. Fantastic Croc Shoulder Friend Fantastic Frontier: Croc Core Figure Pack
Flame Guard General Flame Guard General.gif Possessing an immense fighting spirit and tremendous strength, his blazing sword has been known to lay waste to entire armies. While tales have been spoken of his fierce rivalry with the Frost Guard General, the Korblox are a much greater foe that must be crushed. He now treks to the icy north to take part in one of the most cataclysmic battles in Robloxia. You know what they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. But how long can their alliance last? Flame Mantle Flame Guard General Core Figure Pack
Mad Games: Adam Mad Games Adam.gif One of the original characters from loleris' blockbuster Roblox game, Mad Murderer, Adam takes the phrase "silent but deadly" to a whole other level. He's making a guest star appearance in Mad Games with a slew of weapons that can take out opponents in a blink of an least, when he's not AFK. Knife of lolololeris Mad Games: Adam Core Figure Pack
Monster Islands: Malgorok'Zyth Monster Islands Malgorok'Zyth.gif TheSteelEagle's Monster Island is home to some of the most wretched beasts you'll ever encounter on Roblox, but none are quite as despicable as Malgorok'Zyth. An ancient god whose reign of terror has annihilated any heroes who have foolishly stood in his way, he will stop at nothing to completely annihilate every Robloxian with the infinite power of the Void. Malgorok's Casual Cleaver Monster Islands: Malgorok'Zyth Core Figure Pack
Ninja Assassin: Yin Clan Master Ninja Assassin Yin Clan Master.gif Corrupted by a dark energy, this ruthless warrior enjoys testing himself against worthy rivals in DreamRoad Studio's Ninja Assassin. Yin Clan Master Hood Ninja Assassin: Yin Clan Master Core Figure Pack
Chicken Chicken.gif Ever dream about becoming a chicken? Dream no longer. From Roblox developer WildGuest comes an over-the-top game that challenges you to become the largest chicken around! Eat and indulge your wildest cuckoo fantasies with this eggcellent playset, inspired by Chicken Simulator! Embark on an epic journey to find the Golden Egg or just snack on poultry feed to your heart's content. It's all up to you on your quest to become the boss chicken. Chicken Sim 360VR Chicken Simulator Game Pack
Farmer Farmer.gif
Bandit Bandit toy.png Welcome to the Fantastic Frontier, an ever-evolving world where heroes are born and legends are made. This popular action-adventure game features a vast terrain filled with dense forests, treacherous mountains, and more. Now it's up to you to journey to Red Ant Cove to fight savage beasts, take down enemy bandits, and discover rare treasures with this epic playset, brought to you by Roblox developer Spectrabox! Your destiny awaits. Fantastic Wanderer Fantastic Frontier Game Pack
Fire Mage Fire Mage.gif
Primitive Primitive1.gif Stranded far, far away on this deserted island, you have two options. Either survive by quenching your hunger and thirst...or sacrifice your supplies to appease the wrath of the gods! Re-live your favorite moments from Mount of the Gods with this unique playset, inspired by the Bloxy Award-winning co-op survival game from Roblox developer Wheatlies! Satisfy the demands of the gods or incur their fiery wrath! The choice is yours Visage of Telle Mount of the Gods Game Pack
Primitive Primitive2.gif
Jailbreak: Swat Unit Jailbreak Swat Unit.png Patrol the streets as one of the most elite tactical units from Jailbreak, the Bloxy Award-winning Roblox game from Badimo! Cruise down the streets in an armored SWAT van and take down escaped fugitives before they wreak havoc in the city. Gear up for intense emergency situations, from bank robberies to jewelry store thefts, and help bring back law and order to the city! Tactical Headgear Jailbreak: Swat Unit Vehicle Pack
Days of Knights Days of Knights1.png Thou hast been summoned to fight for glory, for treasure, for thy kingdom of Robloxia! Prepare to venture into a fantastical world and test your bravery against fellow paladins. Build your very own knight with your favorite weapons and armor, then vanquish your foes. Mix-and-match accessories from your entire Roblox toy collection for endless fun! Spartan Commander Days of Knights Four Figure Pack
Days of Knights Days of Knights2.png
Days of Knights Days of Knights3.png
Days of Knights Days of Knights4.png
Atomic Waste Atomic Waste.png Crime is running rampant in the streets and an all-powerful secret weapon threatens to destroy all we know and love. Suit up and face off against Roblox's greatest villains from InsanelyLuke and Team Super's breakout game! It's up to you to put a stop to Darkmatter and his evil minions, Cicada, Dynamo, and Atomic Waste, before it's too late! Get ready to fly into action and save the day with this heroic playset! Glorious Cape of Heroes Heroes of Robloxia Playset
Captain Roblox Captain Roblox.png
Cicada Cicada.png
Darkmatter Darkmatter.png
Dynamo Dynamo.png
Kinetic Kinetic toy.png
Overdrive Overdrive toy.png
Tessla Tessla toy.png
Hospital RP: Doctor Hospital RP Doctor.gif Experience the hustle and bustle of city life with iconic characters from popular Roblox games including Firebrand1's RoCitizens, TwentyTwoPilots' Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands, RoyStanford's Redwood Prison, and HiddoYT's Hospital Roleplay! Imagine wacky crossover scenarios with this ultimate Roblox role-playing sim toy collection and invite new Robloxians to your city! Embark on a new career, make new friends, or just hang out in the neighborhood. Hard Times Henry Citizens of Roblox Multipack
Redwood Prison: Robber Redwood Prison Robber.gif
RoCitizens: Hard Times Henry RoCitizens Hard Time Henry.gif
RoCitizens: Mick the Cop RoCitizens Mick the Cop.gif
RoCitizens: Scarlet RoCitizens Scarlet.png
Westover Fire Dept Westover Fire Dept.png
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