Roblox Toys Series 5

Roblox Toys Series 5 came out around January and is the next batch of toys after the Roblox Toys Series 4

Name Image Description Virtual Code Item Comes From
AbstractAlex AbstractAlextoy A die-hard Roblox developer since 2009, AbstractAlex is well known in the community for creating hit games like Swordburst 2 and Robloxian Highschool, which won a Bloxy Award in 2018 for having the best user interface! He loves playing fantasy role-playing games because they're usually filled with vast landscapes and areas to explore. Animax Sword: Limit Breaker Mystery Boxes
After The Flash: CDF Soldier AFTER THE FLASH CDF SOLDIER A standard infantryman in After the Flash, a super immersive series of post-apocalyptic military games developed by ChadTheCreator. He might just be an ordinary grunt in the early days of the Civilian Defense Front (CDF), but he works hard to keep refugees safe from any hostile mutants or bandits who come looking for trouble. Infantry Helmet Mystery Boxes
Blox Hunt: Seeker Blox Hunt Seeker You can run, but you can't hide! The Seeker appears in Blox Hunt, one of the most popular classic Roblox games created by Aqualotl. The red uniform is their most distinguishing feature. If you're not careful, they can spot your disguise and tag you with their laser beam. Uh...wait a second, did you just see that plant move on its own? Blox Hunt: Hider Mystery Boxes
Coeptus Coeptus Toy A top-notch Roblox developer. In fact, he already won a number of Bloxy Awards in 2018 for creating the mega-popular social role-playing game Welcome to Bloxburg. The game racks up tens of thousands of plays a day! Why not take a trip down to the city of Bloxburg yourself and hang out with some friends or build your own house? The Bloxburger Mystery Boxes
Framed: Agent Six Framed Agent Six Quickly, flash a smile! Wait for it...wait for it... Ha! The police don't suspect a thing. He sneaks by a few partygoers, checks his device, and makes his way up a flight of stairs. His target is close by, but can he catch him in time before he's discovered? That's just one of many intense scenarios you'll encounter in Framed, pa00's ultimate game of deception! Psst I am a Secret Agent Mystery Boxes
HenryDev HenryDev Toy This all-star developer is the creative mind behind the hit game Treasure Hunt Simulator. Did you know that he created the entire game in just a month? Now it's enjoyed by hundreds of millions of Robloxians all over the world! He joined Roblox in 2008, and he loves how he can express his creativity freely on the platform. Treasure Hunting Bucket Mystery Boxes
Hexaria: Elite Mage Hexaria eLite Mage It takes decades of hard work and practice to reach the same level of magical expertise displayed by this master sorcerer. He can even summon lightning from his staff! You can find many more of his kind at Olbrek, one of many lands in the popular card-battling role-playing game Hexaria from Roblox developer Biostream and Crykee. Omega Mage Mystery Boxes
Hexogen Cave Man Hexogen Cave MAn It's survival of the fittest in Ben_Est's ambitious time traveling game Hexogen. Just ask this battle-scarred scavenger. “Ooga uugh unk sha (There’s dinosaurs everywhere)!” he said, throwing his hands up in the air. “Owa woozu! Uh sawa gom asha ozok keewa! (And rival tribes! Come with me and I’ll show you how to hunt!)” Cave Man Cave Hair Mystery Boxes
Kick Off: Goalkeep Kick Off Goalkeep What a save! Her goalkeeping abilities are so impressive, it makes you wonder just how many hours she had to train before learning how to block all those trick shots from the opposing team. Kick Off, created by Roblox developer Lethal682, is one of the top played soccer games on the platform. Who are you rooting for: Team USA or Team Brazil? Quotables: GOOOOOAAA AALLLLL!!!!! 111 Mystery Boxes
Loterman23 Loterman23 You could say that his elite programming skills are like magic. He can conjure up a building, a vehicle, or even an entire landscape with just a wave of his staff. It definitely came in handy when developing Snow Shoveling Simulator, the massively popular Roblox game where you can help your friends save the town of Winterville before it's destroyed! Everyday I'm Shovelin' Mystery Boxes
Neverland Lagoon: Draseus Neverland Lagoon Draseus If you're searching for the freshest fruits and vegetables in all of Neverland Lagoon, creators SelDraken and Teiyia would tell you to look no further than Draseus' market at the Village of FeyDorf. He likes to keep his shop fully stocked for any treasure seeker who comes his way, so long as you're willing to spare the doubloons! Satyr Mystery Boxes
Night of the Werewolf: Concerned Citizen Night of the werewolf concerned citizen Night of the Werewolf, brought to life in part by Roblox developer InsanelyLuke, is a popular game where players need to deduce who among them are the werewolves and the murderers before they themselves are slayed. Hold on…both werewolves AND murderers are on the loose? He has every right to be concerned! Rubycursed Werewolf Mystery Boxes
Roblox High School: Class President Roblox High School Class President In Robloxian Highschool, the Bloxy Award-winning game from RedMantaStudio, this spirited young student was elected Class President because of her strong leadership qualities and all-around friendly nature. She loves helping freshmen find new friends to hang out with and enjoys organizing fun student activities, like school dances! Prez: Jefferson Mystery Boxes
Roblox Moderator Roblox Moderator TOy No wicked deed ever goes unnoticed by Roblox's faithful team of moderators! They're located around the world, helping keep Roblox safe and fun for everybody 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. A word to the wise—play nice with other Robloxians and follow the rules. Their ban hammer isn't something to be trifled with! Mod Vision Mystery Boxes
Roblox Titanic: Socialite Roblox Titanic Socialite While aboard the mighty RMS Titanic, you'll encounter many passengers who come from high society. They enjoy drinking tea, mingling with other socialites, and talking endlessly about their wealth. In the game Roblox Titanic, programmed by TheAmazeman, everyone will need to put their differences aside if they wish to survive this sinking ship. Sea Axis Sapphire Mystery Boxes
Simbuilder Simbuilder Toy Hundreds of millions of Robloxians have experienced the thrill and excitement of driving the coolest land, sea, and air vehicles thanks to Simbuilder. He created Vehicle Simulator, a massive open-world driving game which won multiple Bloxy Awards in 2018. You can customize your vehicles, race your friends, or simply cruise around. Simracer Mystery Boxes
Store Wars: Bragain Hunter Store Wars Bargain Hunter Store Wars, the frantic multiplayer beat ‘em up developed by TheStoreOpens, is filled to the brim with merciless shoppers looking for the best deals on Black Friday. This particular Robloxian…well, let’s just say she takes the phrase “shop ‘til you drop” to a whole new level. Grab whatever's on the shelf and try to be the last Robloxian standing! Store Wars: Ultimate Bargain Mystery Boxes
The Great Yolktales: Sofia Gonzales Sofia Gonzales There's more to the Ruins of Wookong than meets the eye. Not only are there plenty of rare and valuable eggs to find, there's also snakes, crocodiles, and even jaguars! Making her debut in the 2018 Egg Hunt game, developed by buildthomas and his team, Sofia is a long-time jungle explorer and respected expert on all things wildlife. Mysterious Sugar Egg of the Search Continuing Mystery Boxes
The Northern Frontier: Sinclair the Barber Sinclair If you ever find yourself in need of some fashionable, yet functional clothes to help you survive in the Northern Frontier, Sinclair would be more than happy to help you out. Be sure to stop by his barbershop in this unique historical experience created by Roblox developer FlippinBLEEP and explore a fine selection of hats, uniforms, scarves, and more! Haircut Interrupted Mystery Boxes
Tradelands: Whitecrest Admiral White Crest Admiral One of the highest ranking naval officers in Tradelands, the smash hit naval game created by Roblox developer Nahr_Nahrstein. He commands a large fleet of ships in the name of the Kingdom of Whitecrest. Forever loyal to the Crown and his nation, he will do whatever it takes to maintain peace among other factions. Whitecrest Admiral Mystery Boxes
Turtle Island: Greg Turtle Island greg Wow, that skydiving stunt he pulled on the plane was pretty epic. Thank goodness he made it to Turtle Island safely! And it looks like he made a new friend! Created by setherroni, Turtle Island lets you take care of your own virtual reptile on a sprawling island. Team up with Greg and show him the ropes! One Epic Turtle Mystery Boxes
White Collar Dog White Collar Dog He knows how to take care of business. In fact, has there ever been a more loyal office worker? He always helps fetch quarterly reports for the boss, comes up with brilliant strategies to raise sales through the woof, and you never have to hound him for missing a meeting. Just make sure he avoids Business Cat at all costs. White Dog Ears Mystery Boxes
WhoseTrade WhoseTrade toy If you ever find yourself searching far and wide for some of the rarest items on Roblox, you might have some luck on Trade. Owned by Whosetrade, this popular group is one of the most popular trading communities on Roblox. He even helped bring the game Limited Simulator to life, which lets players collect and trade limited items in a virtual universe. Daytrader Mystery Boxes
World Expedition: Tokyo Tourist World Expedition Tokyo TOurist Konnichiwa (that means “hello” in Japanese)! World Expedition, created by Roblox developer legoseed, lets you travel to some of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe. This young lady Robloxian just returned from a trip to Tokyo. If you ever have a chance to visit, she recommends taking a lift up to the top of Tokyo Tower! Hai Majide Mystery Boxes
Anubis Anoobis Once feared throughout all of Egypt, he crosses the sands to bring judgment upon all those who have raided the pharaoh's tombs. Legend tells the story of one mischievous Robloxian who attempted to escape Anubis’ gaze, but later found himself afflicted with a great and terrible curse. Keep your distance if you can! A Noob Is You Anubis Core Figure Pack
Booga Booga: Fire Ant Booga Booga Fire Ant A large, ant-like creature that can be found deep underground in Soybeen's sensational survival game Booga Booga. These creepy crawlers are known for being hostile to other players, but they can be friendly on some occasions. It's best to stay clear if you're not sure. They like to hunt for shellies and bring them back to their mound. Booga Booga Ant Head Booga Booga: Fire Ant Core Figure Pack
DuelDroid 5000 DuelDroid 5000 The year is 5002. Robots rule the world, and the mightiest of them all is the DuelDroid. Built for combat, he uses a wide array of weapons, including the daggers on his hand, a rapid automatic laser weapon, and a gravity hammer to defeat other machines in a quest for glory. Despite his intimidating looks, he's actually only two years old! Anklebot 5000 DuelDroid 5000 Core Figure Pack
Fish Simulator: Diver Fish Simulator diver Take a deep dive underwater and learn everything there is to know about aquatic life in RickyTheFishy's hit Roblox game Fish Simulator! From massive scallop sharks to beautiful blue and yellow tangs, there's a vast living, breathing world just waiting to be explored. Be sure to join this expert diver on an adventure you won't soon forget! Tropical Fish Bowl Fish Simulator: Diver Core Figure Pack
Robot 64: Beebo Robot 64 Beebo The hero of zKevin's smash-hit platforming game Robot 64! Even though he's an AI-powered robot, he's got tons of slick acrobatic moves and tools to help him collect as many ice cream cones and candy as possible. He's on a mission to help Dr. Smar defeat the sun before it destroys everything in the world. Beebo's Jet Pack Robot 64: Beebo Core Figure Pack
Sun Slayer Sun Slayer toy A knight in shining armor. Literally! This does raise a few questions though: How did he get his name exactly? Is he truly capable of destroying the sun? Or is it simply because his gold metal plating and pure diamond wings are as blinding as the sun? Whatever the answer is, a Sun Slayer always shines brightest in the darkest hour. Sunslayers Sun Slayer Core Figure Pack
Tohru: The Phantom Claw Tohru the phantom claw Thought to be the descendant of the legendary Shinobi King of the Steel Tiger Clan, Tohru was shamefully exiled from his village after he snuck into the sacred library to read the forbidden ancient texts. Now he's on a journey of self-discovery, hoping to tame the soul-consuming power of the phantom claw ninjutsu and one day return home. Tiger Strike Shuriken Tohru: The Phantom Claw Core Figure Pack
VivaLaVixen VivaLaVixen A brilliant developer who just loves making all sorts of games, VivaLaVixen first joined Roblox in 2009! She created Vixen's Audio Visualizer and is currently working on making even more fun experiences for the entire community. One of her greatest talents is her programming skills, which lets her bend and shape the world of Roblox at her will. Crescendo Sword Pack VivaLaVixen Core Figure Pack
Blacksmith Blacksmiths You are Endermoor's last hope of survival. An onslaught of nefarious skeleton soldiers, led by the evil Necromancer, are descending upon the city. Ready your weapons and prepare for one final assault! Inspired by pa00's action-packed medieval game, Legendary, you and your friends can team up and help defend the city from this epic siege! Gatekeeper's Visage Legendary: GateKeeper's Attack Game Pack
Gatekeeper Gatekeepr
Neverland Lagoon: Delaicy Neverland Lageoon Delaicy “Join me, and together we can rule the Under Realms!” A tempting decision, indeed. After you find her in SelDraken and Teiyia's role-playing game Neverland Lagoon, you can choose to become an Arachne Lord and serve alongside her. If you choose not to bow down to her, however, she might just become your worst nightmare... Arachnid Queen Neverland Lagoon: Salameen the Spider Queen Game Pack
Salameen Salameen
Pirate Showdown Pirate Showdown Ahoy, ye landlubber! Build your very own crew of pirates by mixing and matching different parts and accessories from your entire Roblox toy collection, then come sail the seven seas in search of treasure! Will you be a ruthless pirate or an adventurous captain? Imagine your own epic seafaring adventure with this unique set of figures. Captain Rampage: Gold Pirate Showdown Four Figure Pack
Cop Cop toy figuer In 2017, Badimo revolutionized the open-world action game genre with Jailbreak. Now you can recreate your favorite epic breakout scenes from this Bloxy Award-winning experience! Hatch the ultimate escape plan with your fellow inmates or catch the crooks before they wreak havoc in the city. Jailbreak Jumpsuit Jailbreak: Great Escape Playset
Marauding Miscreant Marauding Miscreant
Raucous Recividist Raucous Recidivist
SWAT Unit SWAT unit
Cautious Citizen Cautious Citizen A distant howl pierces the still of the night. Tensions rise as a group of people find themselves forced to figure out who among them is the werewolf. Who can be trusted on this night of horrors? Only you can decide. Roleplay as your favorite character from InsanelyLuke's breakout hit Night of the Werewolf and be the last one standing! Classic Bionic Arm Night of the Werewolf Multipack
Clown Clowny totty
Hooded Figure Hooded Figure
Punk Metal Guy Punk Metal Guy
Suspicious Citizen Suspicious Citizen
Werewolf Werewolff
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