Roblox Toys Series 6

Roblox Toys Series 6 came out around in July of 2019. This batch of toys came after Celebrity Collection Series 3 batch.

Name Image Description Virtual Code Item Comes From
4Sci Ssssssss A master at creating worlds that are both highly immersive and incredibly memorable, 4Sci has worked on games such as Heroes of Robloxia, Trick or Traitors, Bloxtober 2016, BLOXcon Battle, and many more. This self-proclaimed building block enthusiast is sporting the Red Domino Crown, an incredibly rare Limited item coveted by many Robloxians. Red Flipped Bill Skater Cap Mystery Boxes
Backpacking: Camper Boy Ackpacking camper boi This adventurous Robloxian left the hustle and bustle of the city to experience life in the great outdoors. Created by Abracadabra_Studio, Backpacking is a massive open-world game that lets you and your friends set up your own campsite, go fishing, and discover exciting outdoor events. Be sure to bring enough marshmallows for everyone! Green Flashlight Mystery Boxes
Beach Simulator: Xenatron Xenatron Is that…an actual bona fide ALIEN?! Yes, but thankfully, he seems friendly enough. In fact, all he wants is some help getting off this planet. But first, he needs supplies to fix his ship. Head to Area 51 in Beach Simulator, the hit simulator game created by Biostream, and start sifting through the…er, green radioactive sand…to help him out! Ghost Cat Scarf Mystery Boxes
ColdDeveloper Cold Although he is most known for creating the multiplayer survival horror game Hunted, he has also worked on much more lighthearted experiences such as Bloxy Town and Ro-Island. Now only that, but he has even more games coming soon from his development group, Cold Studio. This is one prolific developer you should definitely keep an eye on! Ice Cold Visor Mystery Boxes
Dare to Cook: Cuisine Chef Cusisine chef Raging fires. Spilled food. Incorrect orders. Yup, just another day on the job. In these crazy chaotic kitchens, this master chef has seen it all. Prove to him that you and your friends have what it takes to conquer the kitchen in Dare to Cook, the ultimate cooperative-based cooking game created by DuoTale Studios! THE SOUP IS DRY Mystery Boxes
DevuItra Devultra but with a capital i An acclaimed Bloxy Award winner, DevUItra is the creator of what many Robloxians have deemed to be one of the hardest games in 2017: Escape Room. In the mood for something more carefree? Good news – his development group, DevUltra Games, is working on WINGZ, a high-speed racing game that lets you and your friends soar across the skies! Winged Shades of Gold Mystery Boxes
Dino Hunter: Soldier Dino capturer Even the most highly capable soldier would be unprepared to go head-to-head with the king of dinosaurs, the ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex. At least they have some pretty short arms. Think you and your friends have what it takes to withstand the dinosaur onslaught? Test your luck in Dinosaur Simulator, the epic survival game created by Halfbyte! Balloon Triceratops Mystery Boxes
Dread Dark Wizard Dreddd A staff-wielding wizard who uses dark magic to summon otherworldly creatures. His ultimate goal? Amass a sinister army that could wreak absolute havoc across the Roblox universe. Legend has it that the source of his power comes from his black heart. Aside from his natural magic abilities, his staff can also cast destructive red orbs! Black Heart Mystery Boxes
Enchanted Academy: Werewolf Pink furry Enchanted Academy is a school for all sorts of magical monsters and bewitching beasts. Created by Grotesquette, this social role-playing game lets you become a supernatural being of your choosing and attend classes including drama, science, and fashion! No need to wait for the full moon – just head to the Potion Shoppe, drink the potion, and…owooooo! Neon Pink Werewolf Mystery Boxes
Fairy World: Neutral Fairy Doll fairy or something Sparkly wings? Magical wand? Yep, she qualifies as a fairy, all right. She uses her pixie dust to fly across the celestial kingdom of Fairy World, a popular social game created by Sorcerers Supreme. Aside from attending her daily classes, her favorite hobbies include hanging out with her friends at the ballroom or eating sweet treats at the ice cream shop! Floating Crown Mystery Boxes
Gardening Simulator: Priscilla Gardening blah blah bla A native of Garden Town, Priscilla is always thrilled to meet new Robloxians and do her part to help power up the city. You can tell she takes really good care of her plant-pet by how healthy it looks. So adorable! Be sure to join Priscilla and her friends on all their sunshiny adventures in Gardening Simulator, created by Imperatrix. Sunflower Hat Mystery Boxes
Heroes of Robloxia: Cosminus Why is this more giant An evil ruler from another planet, Cosminus takes his quest for universal domination to Roblox City, where the Heroes of Robloxia must stop him! Created by Team Super, this cosmic supervillain devised an elaborate machine capable of pulling the moon down and crashing it into the earth. Team up with your friends and put an end to his plans! Cosminus Cosplay Mystery Boxes
Heroes of Robloxia: Tigris Orange action figure Tigris, an expert fighter from the Rokyo District of Roblox City, uses her claws to fight crime alongside the Heroes of Robloxia and stop any threat! From the imaginative minds of Team Super comes a high-powered superhero with enhanced abilities, such as increased speed and quick reflexes. She easily stands among the strongest heroes in the city. Tiger Hair Mystery Boxes
Hunted: Zombie Bunny Zombie bunny Cute and cuddly? Think again! Zombie Bunny is one of several slashers you and your fellow Robloxians may encounter in the multiplayer survival horror game Hunted, created by ColdDeveloper. Unlike a typical zombie, however, this devilish fiend is actually quite agile! Watch those dark corners and try not to get caught. Zombunny Tail Mystery Boxes
Hunted: Death Hunted Death A ghoulish entity from the multiplayer survival horror game Hunted, created by ColdDeveloper. His sole purpose is to hunt down as many Robloxians as possible before the round timer runs out. But watch out—if the survivors manage to evade Death long enough, they may just strike up the courage to turn the hunter into the hunted. Murderous Meeboid Mystery Boxes
Mining Simulator: Mining Mike Miner Mike Ready to strike it rich on your very own mining expedition? Let Miner Mike be your guide into the world of Mining Simulator, created by Runway Rumble! If you are unsure of what to do next, speak with him to get a new quest. The more of his quests you complete, the more coins you earn! You may even find a few precious gems in the mine along the way. Ore Bow Tie Mystery Boxes
ObscureEntity OBscureEntity ObscureEntity is the lead developer and programmer at Rumble Studios. Together with his team, he helped bring to life some of the biggest, most popular games on Roblox, including Bubble Gum Simulator, Mining Simulator, Runway Rumble, Crazy Knives, and many more. Their mission? Make iconic game experiences. No exceptions. Cape of Cyan Wisdom Mystery Boxes
Pirate Simulator: Crew Pirate crew In search of treasure, are ye? Well, blimey. No pirate ship is complete without its crew! This hardy buccaneer is ready and willing to join you on your epic adventures in Pirate Simulator, a thrilling seafaring adventure game created by Explosive Entertainment Studio Beta. Plunder precious cargo and become the most feared pirate in all the seven seas! Pirate Mop Mystery Boxes
RoBeats: Roxie Roxie robeats The always upbeat, always charming, and always cheerful owner of the Robux Shop in RoBeats, a multiplayer rhythm and dancing game created by RobeatsDev! In exchange for some Robux, Roxie gives out Stars to help you obtain even more songs and cool gear to wear while performing. Treat yourself to something nice the next time you visit her shop! Rockin' Guitar Hair Mystery Boxes
Roblox History Museum: Sales Staff Rstaff Take a step back in time and discover one of the largest, most immersive museums in all of Roblox. Built by The_Immortal, Roblox History Museum is home to a number of impressive exhibits. Be sure to speak with some of the staff members to take on quests or learn about prehistoric dinosaurs, marine life, birds, and more! Roblox History Book Mystery Boxes
Summoner Tycoon: Grey Thief Jgiykmr;l,fd Fast, powerful, efficient. Grey Thief is the perfect complement to your personal army of Robloxian heroes. What he lacks in pure brute strength, he makes up for in skill, technique, and strategy. Fight side-by-side in Summoner Tycoon, an epic hack-and-slash game created by Albatross Studio, and unlock his true potential! Stolen Grey Baseball Cap Mystery Boxes
Summoner Tycoon: Valkyrie Valyrie girl A mythological hero summoned from the glorious lands of Rohalla to do battle against the mightiest knights and monsters the Roblox universe has ever seen. With Valkyrie by your side, there is no battle you cannot win. Join forces and fight together on the battlefields of Summoner Tycoon, an epic hack-and-slash game created by Albatross Studios! Valkyrie Sword Mystery Boxes
Summoner Tycoon: Viking Viking of tycon Beast mode activated. Strike fear into your enemies with the mightiest of heroes fighting by your side: the Viking! From Summoner Tycoon, an epic-hack-and-slash game by Albatross Studio, this formidable fighter is armed with a powerful axe forged by the most skilled blacksmiths in all of Robloxia. No fear, no surrender! Rotted Sharkface Mystery Boxes
Techno Wizard Techno Wizard Man. Machine. Magic. His supernatural power over machines makes him nearly unstoppable. After a life-changing accident gifted him with mysterious abilities, he discovered that he has a lot more in common with technology than he once thought. Techno Wizard wields a staff that can cast lightning spells, so approach with caution! TechnoWizard Top Hat Mystery Boxes
Bionic Bill Bionic Bill Where does the man end and the machine begin? Whatever the answer may be, this cybernetic commando is a force to be reckoned with. His strength, speed, and reaction time exceeds any known Robloxian, and his battle suit is remarkably durable. Equipped for any adventure, Bionic Bill is the one you call when you need a job done right. Bionic Bill's Rage Bionic Bill Core Figure Pack
Bootleg Buccaneers: Mining Man Mine daimonds This grizzled miner is one of many helpful characters you will encounter in the pirate adventure game Bootleg Buccaneers, created by the Roblox development studio Bee Smelly. He can show you some cool mining tricks to help you survive on these treacherous seas. A worthy and knowledgeable ally to have on your side, to be sure. A Miner's Burden Bootleg Buccaneers: Mining Man Core Figure Pack
chillthrill709 Chillthrill209 Dressed in true steampunk cowboy style, chillthrill709 is more than just your average ordinary Robloxian. He is the owner of the Roblox development group Chillz Studios and the famous creator behind popular games such as Build a Boat for Treasure, Revenge of the Slimes, and Mr. Cube The Boss Battle! Purple Bandana chillthrill709 Core Figure Pack
Endermoor Skeleton Endermoor Skeleton In Legendary, the popular medieval role-playing game from Roblox developer pa00, the nefarious Necromancer and his horde of skeleton warriors have laid siege to the once-peaceful city of Endermoor. Now, the Sons of Light have come to reclaim it. Decimate the warriors of Knightheaven and ensure none of them reach the city gates! Cyanskeleface Endermoor Skeleton Core Figure Pack
Loyal Pizza Warrior Loyal pizza mana “You want a pizza me?” Okay, his puns are a bit on the cheesy side, but at least his combat skills are top-notch! With his trusty cutter and supreme deep-dish combos, this blazing fast Robloxian can slice through thin-crust armor like nothing. His favorite thing to order? Double pepperoni, all the way. Pizza fiends—prepare to meet your maker! Pizza Face Loyal Pizza Warrior Core Figure Pack
Quest Minion Guest Minion From the popular Roblox game Dungeon Master comes an enigmatic character who loves coming up with all sorts of wacky missions to challenge players. He can even keep track of all your achievements! No one knows the real identity of this creature, except for the wicked host and the creators of the game, Sharkbyte Studios. Shark Byte Guest Minion Core Figure Pack
Shred: Snowboard Boy Shred Snowboard Boy This up-and-coming pro snowboarder has dreams of hitting the big time. Tear up the slopes and level up your freestyle skills in SHRED, the hit snowboarding game from Roblox developer MasterOfTheElements! Pull off epic stunts, deck yourself out with new gear, and challenge your friends to a race, trick, or crash competition. Shred Snowboard Helmet Shred: Snowboard Boy Core Figure Pack
Simoon68 Golden God Simoon68 Golden God "This golden clad Robloxian is one of millions of talented developers and creators on Roblox. As one of the co-founders of Abracadabra Studio, he helped to design games such as SharkBite and Backpacking. Not only that, but he is also well-known in the community for collecting rare Limited items, such as the highly coveted Dominus Aureus. " Sharkbait Simoon68 Golden God Core Figure Pack
JailBreak: Personal Time Jailbreak Personal Time "Is this inmate minding his own business? Or is he masterminding the perfect escape plan? Developed by Badimo, Jailbreak is a massively popular Roblox game that lets players experience the life of a police officer or criminal and explore a vast world. Collect each iconic scene from your favorite games in the Roblox Desktop Series! " Prison Orange Mohawk JailBreak: Personal Time Desktop Series
MeepCity: Principal Panic MeepCity Principal Panic "Back to school we go! Help these Meeps avoid the principal before they get sent to detention for being late to class! Developed by Alexnewtron, MeepCity is a massively popular Roblox game that lets players hang out with friends, customize their house, and more. Collect each iconic scene from your favorite games in the Roblox Desktop Series! " Red Meep Hat MeepCity: Principal Panic Desktop Series
Royal High: Baking Class Breakdown Royal High Baking Class Breakdown Bake and decorate delicious cupcakes with your fellow Royale High classmate! Developed by callmehbob, Royale High is a massively popular role-playing game that lets players dress up, explore a beautiful castle, and have fun with friends in class. Collect each iconic scene from your favorite games in the Roblox Desktop Series! Cakesplosion Royal High:Baking Class Breakdown Desktop Series
Work at a Pizza Place: Fired Work at a Pizza Place Fired Builder Brothers Pizza prides itself on serving the best food; hot and fresh right out of the oven, with an emphasis on “hot”! Developed by Dued1, Work at a Pizza Place is a massively popular Roblox game that lets players manage their own pizzeria. Collect each iconic scene from your favorite games in the Roblox Desktop Series! The Party Ender Work at a Pizza Place: Fired Desktop Series
Cannoneers Battle for Jolly Island: Officer Canonners officer At long last—the lost treasure of Jolly Island has been discovered! But who will reach it first? Choose your side and sail the seven seas as a pirate or naval officer in an all-new adventure based on the swashbuckling Roblox game Cannoneers, created by Team Rudimentality! Cannonball Pauldrons Cannoneers: Battle for Jolly Island Game Pack
Cannoneers Battle for Jolly Island: Pirate Canonners pirate
Forger's Workshop: Adventurer Sald;dsa From the popular game Labyrinth comes the ultimate battle for freedom and glory. Forge your greatest weapons, then prove your worth in a trial-by-combat to escape the dark clutches of the maze. Set off on your next adventure with this exciting playset based on the epic role-playing game from Nitenity Studios! Forging Mallet Pack Forger's Workshop Game Pack
Forger's Workshop: Forger Forger of forgs
Murder Mystery 2: Ilis Murder mystery 2 ilis A horrifying crime has been committed. Will you be the one to catch the culprit? Find out by reliving all your favorite experiences from the massively popular horror game Murder Mystery 2, developed by Nikilis! Gather your fellow Robloxians and put your survival instincts to the test. Just remember to watch your back... Knife Lover Murder Mystery 2 Game Pack
Murder Mystery 2: Nik Murder mystery 2 nik
Phantom Forces Ghost Phantom forces gos The battlefield is heating up… Deploy your troops and set the stage for the ultimate firefight between the Phantoms and Ghosts! These elite military units are from the smash-hit Roblox game Phantom Forces, developed by StyLiS Studios. Gear up and crush the enemy resistance before they capture your base! Schniplord Phantom Forces Game Pack
Phantom Forces Specter Phantom forces specter
Mix & Match Star Commandos Star cammonado "A rift in the space-time continuum has jumbled up these galactic Robloxian troops with other heroes and villains from alternate realities. Now, it is up to you to rebuild them—one part at a time. Mix and match your favorite accessories, gear, and outfits from this set and your entire Roblox collection to customize your ultimate squadron! " Star Commando Star Commandos Four Figure Pack
Mix & Match Star Commandos Mix and match star commando
Mix & Match Star Commandos Mix and Match Star Commandos 4
Mix & Match Star Commandos Mix and match stas
Jailbreak: Museum Heist Kemp Collector Kemp collector The stakes have never been higher. Orchestrate the ultimate museum robbery or stop the burglars in the act before they escape with priceless artifacts from around the world. The choice is yours. Use your imagination to recreate your own heist scenarios and relive the high-octane action of the Bloxy Award-winning game Jailbreak, created by Badimo! T-Rex Skeleton Jailbreak: Museum Heist Playset
Jailbreak: Museum Heist Scared Cop Scared cop
Jailbreak: Museum Heist Sneaky Criminal 6dcd6570-ef99-11e9-853c-99e752f01b9d
Jailbreak: Museum Heist Swat Boss Swat boss
Jailbreak: Museum Heist Thieving Criminal Thieving criminal
Jailbreak: Museum Heist Unkempt Collector Unkempt Collector
Summoner Tycoon: Crimson Samurai Crimson samurai A great plague is descending upon the Roblox universe. Fight alongside your favorite heroes from Summoner Tycoon, the popular role-playing game from Albatross Studio, and battle against the forces of evil before calamity strikes! Upgrade your base to summon stronger heroes, then combine their forces to slay monsters and other powerful foes. Tycoon Summoner Summoner Tycoon Multipack
Summoner Tycoon: DarkMaster Darkmaster
Summoner Tycoon: Dyeus Yeus
Summoner Tycoon: King Ram King ram
Summoner Tycoon: Robot Protector Robot protector
Summoner Tycoon: Seraphim Seaphin
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