Roblox Toys Series 7

Roblox Toys Series 7 came out around in January of 2020. This batch of toys came after Celebrity Collection Series 4 batch.

Name Image Description Virtual Code Item Comes From
After the Flash: Crusher Mutant After the Flash Crusher Mutant Prolonged exposure to the RAD virus has turned this unfortunate human into a Crusher Mutant, a ruthless adversary created by the After The Flash Advisory Board development group. Its thick skin renders it impervious to common weapons. If you're unlucky enough to encounter this enemy in After The Flash, run and hide as fast as you can. Post-Apocalyptic Pauldrons Mystery Boxes
After the Flash: Super Soldier After the Flash Super Sniper Survive the dangers of a nuclear wasteland as a member of the Synthetically Engineered Assault League, a group of super-powered soldiers from the After The Flash series on Roblox. Created by the After The Flash Advisory Board, these exo-suits are equipped to deal with any threat, significantly augmenting the wearer’s strength and abilities in battle. Sand Soldier Breathing Mask Mystery Boxes
After the Flash: USCPF Soldier After the Flash USCPF Soldier This soldier is an officer of the United States Civilization Preservation Force (USCPF), a highly advanced military faction dedicated to neutralizing the mutant threat and revitalizing the American civilization. Gear up and report for duty in the After The Flash role-playing series on Roblox, created by the After The Flash Advisory Board development group. Deluxe Desert Airbreather Mystery Boxes
Booga Booga Guy Booga Booga Guy Not only does it take courage and resolve to survive on a deserted island, but also creativity and resourcefulness. Fortunately, this master survivalist is more than up to the challenge. Form a tribe with friends, hunt for food, and battle against all odds with this remarkable Robloxian inspired by Soybeen’s open-world survival game, Booga Booga! Snail Friend Mystery Boxes
Captain Inyo22 Captain Inyo22 Captain Inyo22 has been navigating the deep blue seas of the Roblox universe since 2010. He’s made quite a name for himself building intricately detailed models of ships, like the historic Titanic, on Roblox. Join him and the rest of his seafaring crew from Virtual Valley Games and explore their crown jewel, Roblox Titanic, with all your friends! Deluxe Spyglass Mystery Boxes
Darkenmoor: Edwin Darkenmoor Edwin Darkenmoor Mansion is no place for a man like Edwin, but that won’t stop him from taking on the supernatural forces that await. Show no fear and experience the horrors of Darkenmoor, a round-based survival game from Boid Studio. Cast spells and work together with your friends to take down the monster before you’re trapped for eternity! Gigantic Skeleton Key Mystery Boxes
Enchanted Academy: Voo Doo Doll Enchanted Academy Voo Doo Doll Would your school let you go to class dressed up as a voodoo doll? Or better yet, give you a potion that turns you into one? Probably not. Fortunately, Enchanted Academy isn’t like any other school. Created by Roblox development team Grotesquette, this imaginative high school role-playing game lets you and your friends turn into any monster you please! Cursed Doll Shoulder Friend Mystery Boxes
Fisticuffs: Fisticuffer Fisticuffs Fisticuffer Settle the score the old-fashioned way in Fisticuffs, the competitive fighting game from Roblox developer Ozzypig! This fighting champ has spent a lifetime mastering formidable punching techniques, like the Rampage, Reckless, and Unstoppable. Watch your step—with a moustache like that, you’d better believe he packs a devastating punch. BIG Monocle Mystery Boxes
Gymnastics Gymnasium: Olivia Gymnastics Gymnasium Olivia A member of the Gymnastics Gymnasium, Olivia is a world-class athlete whose unique form and high-flying skills earned her top marks among her peers in the Olympic Gymnast Competition group on Roblox. She’s super friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand to any up-and-coming gymnast. Keep an eye out for her signature front walkover! Triple Threat Gold Medals Mystery Boxes
High School Life: Paul the Janitor Janitor the Paul Paul is the self-proclaimed janitor of High School Life, a popular role-playing game created by Roblox developer BYTE00. Cleaning up litter around the school isn’t the most glamorous profession, but it’s honest work and it pays the bills. He says he’d be happy to do it himself, but then there wouldn’t be any janitorial jobs left for the students! Janitor Mop Pack Mystery Boxes
JackOfAllTrades101 JackOfAllTrades101 JackOfAllTrades101 is an ambitious game developer who first started scripting on Roblox when he was just thirteen years old. You might recognize him as the creator of DodgeBots, a first-person arena shooter dodgeball game, but he’s also contributed to many other experiences on Roblox while working with Nova Games and DreamSpark Games. Dodgebot Disguise Mystery Boxes
MrWindy Mrwindy MrWindy is the creator and lead developer of Flee the Facility, an insanely popular horror game that won a Bloxy Award in 2018 for Favorite Map (Prison) and in 2019 for Best Round-Based Game. He first discovered his passion for game development on Roblox in 2010, and now he’s the owner of the development group A.W. Apps! N00b Backpack Mystery Boxes
Nilgarf City Guard Nilgarf City Guard This courageous fighter is a defender of Nilgarf, a densely populated city from the 2019 Bloxy Award-winning role-playing game Vesteria. Only the mightiest heroes are welcome to pass through its gates and join either the Warriors, the Hunters, or the Mages. Choose your faction and dive into a thrilling new adventure from The Vesteria Team! Valiant Knight Spear Mystery Boxes
Operation Scorpion: Savior Operation Scorpion Savior better When the bomb’s been planted and you’re the only one left who can defuse it, it’s up to you—and only you—to make the clutch play. Operation Scorpion is an immersive, first-person tactical shooter created by Roblox development team MAXIMILLIAN. Squad up with your friends and defend the objectives before the opposing team detonates the bomb! Desert Helm with Utility Goggles Mystery Boxes
Pinewood Shuttle Pilot Pinewood shuttle pilot As an explorer aboard the Space Shuttle Advantage, you’ll have the unique opportunity to zoom up into the farthest reaches of the galaxy and discover if there really is cheese on the moon, or even become the first Robloxian to step foot on Mars. Suit up and visit Pinewood Space Shuttle Advantage, a galactic Roblox experience from Diddleshot! Retro Shuttle Pilot Mystery Boxes
Q-Clash: Sheila Q-Clash Sheila "Dead men tell no tales!" Sheila is one of several playable characters in Q-Clash, a class-based action game developed by duckarmor. A world-famous pirate, Sheila can dodge and blast her enemies away with her dual flintlock shotguns. Use her hyper-mobility to your advantage, then activate your ultimate ability to unleash a devastating explosion! Pirate of the 110th Century Mystery Boxes
Roblox High School 2: Boy Mascot Roblox High School 2 Boy Mascot If you’re looking to make an impression on your first day of class, you can’t go wrong with the official RHS uniform. It's smart, classy, and there’s no better way to show off your school spirit! Created by the Roblox High School: Fan Club, you’ll be able to find this outfit and lots more in the hugely popular role-playing game Roblox High School 2! Boys Luxury Backpack Mystery Boxes
Sharkbyte Studios: Gem Enchanter Sharkbyte Studios Gem Enchanter Gems are the most precious commodity in Temple Thieves, so it’s no surprise everyone wants to get their hands on one…or several. If you ever wanted to live out your life as a treasure hunter, check out this masterpiece from Sharkbyte Studios 2. Dodge traps, escape from the nefarious gem keeper, and use your gems to unlock powerful upgrades! Gem Keeper Mystery Boxes
Tee Tee Being part owner of a massive restaurant and arcade business keeps Tee pretty busy most days. It’s easy to see why when there are so many fun things to do at Tee & Vee’s Pizza and Arcade. You can earn high scores in all the arcade games, explore the playpen with fellow Robloxians, or win awesome prizes. Invite your friends and come check it out! Pizza-tastic Backpack Mystery Boxes
Time Clash: Warrior Queen Time Clash Warrior Queen Lead your medieval army into battle with the legendary Warrior Queen from Hexogen Studios’ action-packed base defense game Time Clash! This formidable fighter has battled against the strongest warriors throughout history, and now she’s seeking her next challenger. Defend your honor and strike down your foes with her mighty bow! Magnificent Backbow Mystery Boxes
Tradelands: Officer Tradelands officer This distinguished naval officer hails from the great nation of Nova Balreska, an island located off the western edge of the Central Tradelands archipelago. He dreams of making the rank of Admiral someday. Gather your crew and set sail for an epic adventure in the massively popular naval game Tradelands, created by Roblox developer Nahr_Nahrstein! Shoulder Knife of Betrayal Mystery Boxes
Two Player Kingdom Tycoon: Blacksmith Two Player Kingdom Tycoon Blacksmith No kingdom is complete without its very own blacksmith! Inspired by Dev_Anthony’s medieval Roblox game, 2 Player Kingdom Tycoon, these appointed workers are in charge of making money, swords, and armor. Partner them up with a duke to start building your castle and then compete with other teams to see whose kingdom will reign supreme! Forge Hammer Mystery Boxes
Valor: Archer Valor Archer Don’t be so sure you’ve cleared a path to the enemy’s castle. This eagle-eyed marksman stays perched in the guard tower ready to snipe any intruder who comes near. A master sharpshooter from Brick_man’s medieval action game, Valor, he excels at dealing damage quickly at range with his crossbow, so be sure to advance only when there’s enough cover! Bow of Fortitude Mystery Boxes
Vesteria: Greybeard Vesteria greybeard Greybeard the Old is the leader of the Mages, the oldest of three factions in The Vesteria Team’s Bloxy Award-winning role-playing game, Vesteria. Though not much is known about their order, mages possess great power and unmatched utility in battle. There are many paths you can take as a mage, provided you survive your training. Mushroom Knight Mystery Box
Aqualotl Aqualtol toy Ready or not, here he comes! Aqualotl is the lead developer of Blox Hunt, a classic Roblox hide and seek game that’s been played hundreds of millions of times by people all over the world. He became the CEO of Silver Fin Studios in 2014, which has gone on to publish other popular Roblox games such as Dragon Rage, CubeeVerse, and much more. Silverfin Hood Aqualotl Core Figure Pack
Booga Booga: Shark Rider Booga Booga Shark Rider The world of Booga Booga can be quite unforgiving at times. From rival tribe members to hostile beasts, you’re probably going to need some help to survive. Whether you’re riding off into the sunset or leading your next raid, these ravenous sharks are a reliable ally in Soybeen’s massively popular, Bloxy Award-winning open-world survival game. Blocky Shark Head Booga Booga: Shark Rider Core Figure Pack
Brainbot 3000 Brainbot 3000 toy Don’t be fooled by Brainbot 3000’s vintage processors. Compared to his fellow robotic Robloxians, his memory and computing speeds are more than stellar! He comes equipped with his very own Gravitational Radiation Hammer, which utilizes the latest in subspace/molecular deformation technology for mining on the planet Ysteb. Battery Backpack Brainbot 3000 Core Figure Pack
Darkenmoor: Bad Banana Darkenmoor bad banana Bad Banana is one of many wicked monsters you and your friends may encounter in Darkenmoor, a round-based survival horror game from Boid Studio. It’ll be tough to give him the slip, but if you play your cards ripe, you might just be able to survive the night. Grab the clocks around the mansion and split before it’s too late! Banana Ghost Darkenmoor: Bad Banana Core Figure Pack
Phantom Forces: Tactical Genius Phantom Forces Tactical Genius The Ghosts are executing a valiant plan to breach the enemy perimeter, but the Phantoms already have an ambush prepared! This action-packed model is inspired by Phantom Forces, the hit Roblox action game created by litozinnamon and StyLiS Studios. Collect each iconic scene from your favorite games in the Roblox Desktop Series! Ghost Ops Helmet Phantom Forces: Tactical Genius Desktop Series
Welcome to Bloxburg: Mechanic Mayhem Welcome to Bloxburg Mechanic Mayhem It’s his first day on the job at Mike’s Motors, and this fledgling mechanic already has his hands full! Experience the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life with this amazing model inspired by Coeptus’ massively popular role-playing game, Welcome to Bloxburg. Collect each iconic scene from your favorite games in the Roblox Desktop Series! Mike's Motor Cap Welcome to Bloxburg: Mechanic Mayhem
Crystello the Crystal God Crystello the Crystal God toy Crystello was born millennia ago, long before the Roblox universe came into being. His body is composed entirely of crystals whose origins are shrouded in mystery. Designed by Maiahz, this ancient god will stop at nothing to defend his sacred crystals from thieves. His divine powers strike fear into the hearts of the strongest of enemies. Crimsonan the Ruby God Crystello the Crystal God Imagination Pack
Digital Artist Digital Artist toy You’ll never need to worry about making a mess when you’re painting with pixels. Designed by Bunpunk, this creative Robloxian embodies the spirit and edge of a futuristic street artist. No one knows her true identity, but her masterful artwork speaks for itself. Follow in her footsteps and make the digital world your personal canvas! Digital Shock Artist Digital Artist Imagination Pack
Lucky Gatito Lucky gatito toy Lucky Gatito is one fond, fine, friendly, furry feline! Designed by roxy123412 and inspired by Japanese folklore, this legendary cat travels across the Roblox universe bestowing good fortune upon those it deems worthy. If you happen to cross paths with this elusive creature on your next adventure, consider it your lucky day. Suerte Kitty Lucky Gatito Imagination Pack
Noob Attack - Mech Mobility Noob Attack - Mech Mobility Toy Where did this noob find a mech? How did he even learn how to pilot it?! It doesn’t matter now. He’s seeking vengeance, and now he’s got the weaponry to back him up. Pro gamers, prepare to meet your maker. Designed by whimy, this noob is ready to rumble in his very own heavily-armored mech suit. Watch out for his laser blaster! Noob Attack - Advanced Mech Mobility Noob Attack - Mech Mobility Imagination Pack
A Pirate's Tale: Shark People Jawfin A Pirate's Tale Shark People Jawfin Set sail across the Cursed Seas to reclaim the legendary Arbiter Blade from the nefarious Megajaw! The Jawfin are a race of elite warriors from A Pirate’s Tale, an open-world adventure game created by spideyrulz on Roblox. Assemble your crew, battle against fearsome enemies, and embark on an epic journey to become a notorious pirate! Shark Swabbie Pirate A Pirate's Tale Shark People Game Pack
A Pirate's Tale: Shark People Megajaw A Pirate's Tale Shark People Megajaw
Dominus Dudes Dominus Dudes 1 An epic battle for the golden Dominus Aureus is about to begin! Which one of these brave Robloxians will emerge as the definitive champion and ruler of all Dominus hats? You decide. Mix and match your favorite accessories, gear, and outfits from this set and your entire Roblox collection to create the ultimate Dominus warriors! Dominus Palliolum Dominus Dudes Four Figure Pack
Dominus Dudes Dominus Dudes 2
Dominus Dudes Dominus Dudes 3
Dominus Dudes Dominus dudes 4
Q-Clash: Cyborg Q-Clash Cyborg Welcome to Q-Clash! Based on duckarmor’s Bloxy Award-winning, class-based action game, now you can bring the intensity and fun of Q-Clash to life with these six popular characters. Choose your favorite Clashers, then head into battle with their signature weapons and recreate your favorite epic moments from the game! Harpy Healer Q-Clash Multipack
Q-Clash: Decker Q-Clash Decker
Q-Clash: Ghost Q-Clash Ghost
Q-Clash: Rascal Q-Clash Rascal
Q-Clash: Reaper Q-Clash Reaper
Q-Clash: Sir Knight Q-Clash Sir Knight
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