Vehicle pack come with one figurine, one vehicle, accessories, a collector's checklist, and a virtual item code.

Name Image Description Series
Apocalypse Rising 4x4
Toy Vehicle ApocalypseRising4x4
Apocalypse Rising, created by Gusmanak and Zolarketh, is the biggest open world zombie survival game on Roblox, topping 100 million gameplays. Now you can take the fight off the screen and into your living room with this zombie-busting playset. Take Red out for a spin in her motorized bulldog and pulverize this apocalypse once and for all! Series 2
Neighborhood of Robloxia Police Car
Toy Vehicle NeighborhoodOfRobloxiaPatrolCar
From Q_Q's hit role-playing game comes The Neighborhood of Robloxia's most hard-boiled law officer yet. There's a new sheriff in town, and he's about had it with the bad guys muddying his home. Partner up and track criminals in his ultra-fast cruiser to help save the day! Series 2
The Abominator
The Abbominator
Who would’ve thought driving to the supermarket could be so fun? Tear down the streets of The Neighborhood of Robloxia with a turbo-charged muscle car that beckons you to put the pedal to the medal. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty steel roll cage and a brutal spiky bumper. Designed by Roblox developer Q_Q, this fearsome hot rod is the chariot of choice for the road hog in all of us. Series 3
SharkBite: Duck Boat
Sharkbite Duck Boat Toy
Quack quack! Kick your feet up and enjoy a beautiful day out on the open seas. The sun is shining, the winds are blowing, and…sharks are coming! Invite a few friends and take a ride on the Duck Boat from opplo and Simoon68's Bloxy Award-nominated masterpiece Sharkbite! But watch out…it's duck season, and those sharks are on the hunt! Try to escape while you can! Celebrity Collection Series 2
Jailbreak: Swat Unit
Jailbreak Swat Unit Toy
Patrol the streets as one of the most elite tactical units from Jailbreak, the Bloxy Award-winning Roblox game from Badimo! Cruise down the streets in an armored SWAT van and take down escaped fugitives before they wreak havoc in the city. Gear up for intense emergency situations, from bank robberies to jewelry store thefts, and help bring back law and order to the city! Series 4
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