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Roblox Universe (2018) is an event that started on June 26 and ended on July 10. There was 3 space-related prizes for users to earn for a limited time. Each game holds one prize, and the player had to complete tasks to obtain them.


Name Image Creator/Group
Gravity Shift
Gravity Shift Universe
Summoner Tycoon
Summoner Tycoon Universe
Albatross Studio
Heroes of Robloxia
Heroes of Robloxia Thumbnail
Team Super






Hat of the Void Gravity Shift
Hat of the Void
Teleport to the "Universe Event" section of the game, and go through every obstacle course and collect every glowing cube.
Alien Backpack Summoner Tycoon
Al Backpack
Solve all 15 levels of a memory puzzle, then defeat 300 alien enemies and 3 alien bosses.
Satell-Hat Heroes of Robloxia
Complete the brand new mission 5 by defeating Cosminus from getting through all of the rest of the sections of the mission.


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  • This is the third time Heroes of Robloxia has been sponsored for an event.
  • The original levels in Heroes of Robloxia are reused.
  • This is the first time Gravity Shift and Summoner Tycoon have been featured in an event.
  • Just like last year's Universe event, which is the "Top of the Universe". This one also includes a space related top hat, being the Hat of the Void.
  • This is the only Roblox Universe event to not be sponsored so far
  • This Universe event also has the least amount of prizes so far.


  • The event was criticized particularly because of the Universe Summoners ways to get the alien backpack. A player had to solve 15 puzzles, then defeat 300 aliens and take out three bosses. People said that it was too much for so little.
  • Gravity Shift was also criticised for attempting to capitalise off of players’ frustration in the cube scavenger hunt, as individual ones can be bought rather than found for 30 Robux each.
  • Heroes of Robloxia was the most criticized game in the event. In the first hours of the event, the game was closed for maintenance, attracting complaints from players who wanted to finish the event right away. The mission suffered severe lag and multiple glitches, which would sometimes break and freeze the game, forcing players to rejoin a server and start the mission all over again. Some people even criticized the fact that there are only three items to obtain in the event, unlike last years Universe event, which the items all together were a total of ten (including the grand prize). Another issue is that many people have reported not getting the Satell-Hat when completing mission 5 in Heroes of Robloxia.