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Not to be confused with the Roblox Stars Program.

Conor3D's Video Star icon on the player list.

The Roblox Video Stars Program is a Roblox program in which certain video celebrities are recognized by Roblox. Users in the program are part of the Roblox Video Stars group and often collaborate with Roblox on various projects.


Video stars receive the Video Creator Top Hat, Roblox Premium, early access to select items, features, events, promotion from official Roblox channels, a Video Star icon beside their username on the in-game player list, and a unique Star Code that can be used when purchasing Robux or Premium.

In the events, members of the program received the Video Star Pizza Launcher, Video Star Egg Launcher, Star Creaeggtor Cannon 9001, the ability to throw Video Star's Launcher Boxes in the Metaverse Champions hub and Early Access to the Vans World event.

They also previously received an email every month containing 20 Robux codes.[1] The codes could have been used for any desire, but most video stars gave their codes away to fans on outside social media platforms. This benefit was discontinued in February 2020.

List of Roblox Video Stars

As of Nov 25, 2021, there are 566 known Video Stars.