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Policies vs. Guidelines

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Throughout the rules, you will see notes as to whether a certain rule is a policy or a guideline. Policies are principles that members of the community must follow.

  • e.g. user behavior, earning additional user rights, page creation, what information can be on a wiki page, and Fandom policies.

Guidelines are recommendations that are frequently used to resolve conflicts among editors.

  • e.g. how pages should be formatted and how administrators give out blocks.

No sanction can be given to an editor for not following a guideline, and informing a user of a policy is generally necessary before a sanction can be given.

The Roblox Wiki is not affiliated with the Roblox Corporation

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The Roblox Wiki, its administrators, and its moderators are not affiliated with the Roblox corporation and are not Roblox administrators. Please contact Roblox's support team on their support page for any concerns regarding your Roblox account. We cannot do anything about your Roblox ban, give you free Robux, or activate expired promotional codes.

Notices for new editors

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This wiki sees upwards of 18,000 edits per month, and a small but sizable subset of these edits intend to disrupt or otherwise harm the wiki. To combat these editors, the wiki employs the use of several automated countermeasures to prevent malicious edits.

New editors may find that they cannot:

  • make bulky edits onto pages,
  • create new pages containing a lot of content,
  • cannot upload images,
  • cannot make a lot of edits in quick succession,
  • and other restrictions.

For this reason, some new editors may find their edits falsely caught by our automated edit filters. Sorry for the inconvenience! Please have patience with us and adjust your edits accordingly. These restrictions will be lifted for editors as they continue to make good contributions to our wiki.

Privacy concerns & contact

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If you believe leaked personal or confidential information has been divulged in a wiki article, please immediately contact a wiki staff member and link to the revision(s) in question.

Posting of personal information that was clearly not intended to be shared will be removed. Editors should not be deliberately digging through the internet to find personal information about players to leak.

Players who have a wiki page about themselves can request (through a verified account on the wiki or our Discord) that certain personal information be redacted from articles. Please reach out to a wiki staff member to fully remove sensitive information about yourself– removed information will still be publicly accessible in our database otherwise.

Intentionally misleading & damaging information

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Posting of unverified or exceedingly libelous information is prohibited and is subject to removal by wiki staff. Users posting such information may be subjected to our block policy.

Controversial information may only be posted with multiple credible, concrete outside sources.