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Policies vs. Guidelines

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Throughout the rules, you will see notes as to whether a certain rule is a policy or a guideline. Policies are principles that members of the community must follow.

  • e.g. user behavior, earning additional user rights, page creation, what information can be on a wiki page, and Fandom policies.

Guidelines are recommendations that are frequently used to resolve conflicts among editors.

  • e.g. how pages should be formatted and how administrators give out blocks.

No sanction can be given to an editor for not following a guideline, and informing a user of a policy is generally necessary before a sanction can be given.

Notices for new editors

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This wiki receives thousands of edits per month, and a small but perceptible subset of these edits intend to disrupt or otherwise harm the wiki. To combat these editors, the wiki employs the use of several automated countermeasures to prevent malicious edits.

New editors may find that they cannot:

  • make bulky edits onto pages,
  • create new pages (editors with less than 15 edits only)
  • create new pages containing a lot of content,
  • cannot make a lot of edits in quick succession,
  • and other restrictions.

Whereas, entirely new Fandom accounts may not be able to edit on the wiki until a few days have elapsed.

Additionally, editors with less than 500 edits and less than 30 days of tenure will not be able to edit pages that have been protected to only extended confirmed users.

Some new editors may find their edits falsely caught by our automated edit filters. Sorry for the inconvenience! Please have patience with us and adjust your edits accordingly. These restrictions will be automatically lifted for editors as they continue to make good contributions to our wiki.

What the Roblox Wiki is NOT

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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The Roblox Wiki is a community-run encyclopedia documenting all major aspects of Roblox, including its community of games, developers, and players. Despite this, there is a matter of subjects we do not cover and several noted exclusions in which the Roblox Wiki is not.

Not a directory.
The wiki is not a comprehensive list of every developer, player, group, or experience. Only subjects with reasonable, notable interest are documented.
Not for advertising, self-promotion, nor recruiting.
The wiki's articles are not intended to be a mechanism for outright promotion of any developer, group, experience, etc. All articles are to be written in a neutral point of view and free of loaded language.
Not for advocacy nor witch-hunting.
With the aim of being a neutral, impartial source of information, the Roblox Wiki's articles are not to be a soapbox for lodging complaint or enacting an agenda against any particular individual, group, or subject. Barring outright libel and serious allegations or sweeping calls to action in support, any other well-reasoned discourse is best discussed outside of the Roblox Wiki project or in a user blog.
Not for excessive, in-depth details on subjects.
Of the subjects we document, we aim to create sufficiently comprehensive encyclopedic articles. However, we cannot contain all available knowledge of any single, particular subject. Any article on a community creation or organization that is of such an extreme length (that it may be split up into multiple articles) may be a better fit in a wiki of its own subject, a tutorial guide, or a personal blog post.
Not for fearmongering, pranks, nor fanon.
The Roblox Wiki is dedicated to document factual information on Roblox, and content here is intended to be read as such. Articles may not be created about a topic intended to misrepresent events, scare, or trick readers. Introducing fictional "hacking events" and "hackers", Roblox myths, Roblox creepypastas, and other fanon-type material are strictly prohibited on all content articles and discussion outlets of the Roblox Wiki. Any attempt to fearmonger is grounds for a block.
Not affiliated with Roblox.
The Roblox Wiki, its administrators, and its moderators are not affiliated with the Roblox corporation and are not Roblox administrators. Please contact Roblox's support team on their support page for any concerns regarding your Roblox account. We cannot do anything about your Roblox ban, give you free Robux, or activate expired promotional codes.

Privacy concerns & contact

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If you believe leaked personal or confidential information has been divulged in a wiki article, please immediately contact a wiki staff member and link to the revision(s) in question.

Posting of personal information that was clearly not intended to be shared will be removed. Editors should not be deliberately digging through the internet to find personal information about players to add to articles and/or leak.

Players who have a wiki page about themselves can request (through a verified account on the wiki, or using our modmail on our Discord) that certain personal information be redacted from articles. Please reach out to a wiki staff member to fully remove sensitive information about yourself– removed information will still be publicly accessible in our database otherwise. Certain pages may be removed upon request should the page not exceed medium-significance inclusion criteria.