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General Discussions rules

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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The wiki's Discussions page is for talking about Roblox itself and other Roblox-related topics. Its rules may be viewed here:

  1. Be respectful and friendly to other users. Do not swear or use inappropriate/vulgar language or references in any context - NO adult content/NSFW.
    1. Posts should not attack, insult, call out, shame, accuse, or hurt other users under ANY circumstance. Bullying is not tolerated. Discrimination and hateful behavior is especially not tolerated.
    2. While constructive debates are permitted, arguments and flamewars will be removed, and their participants subject to moderation.
    3. Censoring any inappropriate/vulgar language is still inappropriate/vulgar language, and may not be used.
    4. Adult content includes referencing NSFW media, showing pictures of NSFW rulebreakers on Roblox or bypassed items, etc. You will be blocked for posting harmful, adult, or dangerous content.
  2. Please check the Lists of Prohibited & Limited Topics before making posts. Posts will be deleted if they discuss a topic that is prohibited, or is a topic that is limited and does not meet the threshold.
    1. Adult content is not allowed under any circumstance.
  3. Spamming, trolling, or other disruptive behavior is not permitted.
  4. Off-topic posts are not allowed. Posts should be about Roblox.
  5. Polls are not allowed in any form.
  6. Spammy or low-effort posts of any kind will be removed. Posts should encourage and welcome discussion.
  7. Do not repost threads, post threads similar to threads posted recently, or necropost (post on old, dead threads).
    1. We consider the barrier for necroposting to be 30 days without any activity on the thread. Megathreads are exempt from the necroposting policy.
  8. No advertisement or self-promotion.
    1. Sharing your own creations cannot be used to directly promote yourself.
    2. Please keep in mind for Roblox development topics, you need to use the development megathread. (Links to all megathreads are in the next section)
  9. Creations that are not yours must credit the source (with a link) and explicitly allow reposting. Do not claim others' creations as your own.
    1. If there is not an explicit statement from the original creator that sharing & reposting is allowed, you will assume it cannot be reposted, so do NOT post it.
    2. "Google Images," "Pinterest" or similar are not credits to a source. If you cannot find the original posting of the work, you may not share it.
  10. If a topic has a megathread for it, you must use the megathread. (Links to all megathreads are in the next section)
  11. Posts must be in understandable English.

Additionally, all applicable rules for the main wiki apply to Discussions. The Discussions forum is still part of Roblox Wiki, and user conduct, account, age, and block policies are particularly all in effect on Discussions. Most importantly:

  • You must be 13 years of age or older to have an account on Fandom.
  • Do not impersonate others. If you claim to be a notable or otherwise known person in the Roblox community, you will be asked to verify your identity.
  • Assume good faith.
  • Multiple accounts may not be used maliciously or to evade a block. A block is a ban on you, not your account.

If you see a post that you believe breaks the rules, you should report it and NOT interact with it. There are three optimal ways of reporting:

  • Use the "Report Post" button on the tools dropdown on the violating post
  • Go to the talk page of a wiki staff member and let them know by linking the offending post and naming the account
  • Letting a wiki staff member know on our Discord Server

Do NOT report by mentioning (@username) a staff member on Discussions. This is very unlikely to have any action done, as staff members are not notified outside of Fandom nor is it clear which post breaks the rules. Please use one of the above methods to report.
Additionally, do not minimod (i.e. do not act like a staff member and call out someone for breaking rules, tell them they're breaking rules, saying they're going to be reported, etc.) This inconveniences wiki staff and causes more problems than solving them; please let wiki staff handle these types of issues.

List of prohibited or limited topics on Discussions

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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Certain topics are either disallowed entirely, or only allowed under certain circumstances;

Prohibited topics

The following topics may not take place on Discussions whatsoever:

  • Any not-safe-for-work (NSFW) / adult / 18+ content or references, or any unsafe content that is a risk to readers, particularly minors
    • This includes discussing it in relation to avoiding it. Avoid all NSFW discussion in any context, no exceptions
    • Posting an image or describing someone else doing something NSFW in detail counts as you posting NSFW. Don't discuss these topics 'whatsoever.
  • Posts that treat or assume the Roblox Wiki to be official
  • Showing Roblox bans/warnings, things that got past moderation that shouldn't have, showing rulebreakers, etc.
    • Posting images of rulebreakers doing things that are regarded as adult or unsafe content will be treated as posting adult content or unsafe content, resulting in a block.
  • Discussing, complaining about, or disputing issues, warnings, blocks (bans), etc. from other wikis on Fandom
  • Exploiting/"hacking"
  • Fearmongering (e.g. warning about "hacking" events, discussing fake hackers)
  • Discussing online daters (ODers) or online dating (ODing), particularly related to Roblox
    • Includes accusing/exposing players of ODing, discussing online dating policies and moderation on Roblox, etc.
  • Showing/discussing bots found in experiences/on the Roblox website
  • Asking about getting promotional codes for Roblox or specific experiences
    • Conversations about codes as a feature are okay
  • Rants, brigading, strikes, excessive hateful behavior, etc.
  • Trading offers and discussions about making trading offers
    • Both for trading limiteds AND in-game trading; "cross-trading" will result in a block
  • Negative posts about specific players on Roblox
    • e.g. telling people to report a certain user, "Roblox cringe" posts, complaining about groups, discussing stereotypes of players (such as "slenders")
  • Posts trying to campaign for a place/experience/group to get closed, deleted, raided, etc.
  • Extremely vague development questions (e.g. "how do I script?")
  • Asking for free art/renders/edits of your character or similar
  • Advertisement/promotion, group recruitment, giving out links to wikis to get people to join it, etc
    • Linking other wikis is not inherently disallowed - this rule is specifically about not advertising wikis.
  • Posts asking or encouraging engagement inherently
  • Giveaways, raffles, self-hosted contests
  • Game threads
  • Heavy topics and personal issues that cannot safely be discussed or should not be discussed on a site about Roblox
Limited topics

The following topics may only take place on Discussions if the post is constructive, high-effort, and encourages legitimate discussion:

  • Returning removed features like Tickets, Guests, etc.
  • Common Roblox bugs/glitches
  • Roblox moderation system in general
    • NOT for talking about a ban on your account, posting ban/warning messages, etc. or general complaining - violates prohibited topics.

Talking about topics related to editing the Roblox Wiki, or the policies and staff of Roblox Wiki, is intended for the forum, but will not totally be disallowed on Discussions. Additionally, off-topic discussions are not completely prohibited, but must be worthwhile and constructive to not be removed. For more free-form off-topic conversations with the community of Roblox Wiki, please join our Discord server.


We have provided Megathreads for these topics (linked) to discuss or post about the following topics:

Topics that belong in these posts should generally not have separate threads made about them.

General talk page rules

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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Across Fandom, users may encounter articles with comment sections. On the Roblox Wiki these comment sections are disabled and absent on articles in favor of topical discussion on Discussions.

Traditional talk pages on the Roblox Wiki are used solely for wiki editors to discuss the state of an article and any improvements. Talk pages are not to house general discussion on the associated article's subject.

General forum rules

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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The wiki's forum is for discussing editing the Roblox Wiki and site management.

Regardless of what forum an editor is posting on, general rules must be followed. Posts or threads that do not meet these rules may be closed.

  • All of the user conduct policies apply to the forums
  • Threads must be posted in the appropriate forum. Each forum has a description of what types of threads are allowed.
  • While we encourage editors to express themselves, swearing is strictly prohibited. The Roblox Wiki is a kid-friendly environment.
  • Be nice and treat everyone with respect. People from all around the world read and edit this wiki. Like any other collaborative project, not everyone will agree all the time. Keep discussions civil and be open minded about differing opinions. We're all here because we love the same topic. Purposefully starting flame wars or personally attacking editors will result in moderation action.

Old or resolved threads and comments should not be posted on

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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Necroposting/Necrobumping is the act of posting on an old or resolved thread or comment stream. Check before you post! If it was already replied to by an administrator and resolved and/or the last replied date is older than one month, don't post or respond! Your comment may be deleted/reverted, the thread closed, and additional moderation actions taken.