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All articles must cover notable topics

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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It is not possible to maintain a good average article quality with an unlimited number of articles because each article added to the wiki requires maintenance and copy editing work and editors are a scarce resource. A notability policy is necessary to establish what topics can be covered in articles on the wiki.

Articles should usually only be about one topic. Notability is determined by consensus: a topic is considered notable if there is consensus that it is notable and not notable if there is consensus that it is not notable.

When there is no consensus on a subject's notability, it is not considered notable and may not be covered in this wiki, unless it meets one of the following criteria:

Article Notability criteria
  • Is the owner/creator of a notable experience (at least 2,000,000 visits) OR
  • Is the owner of a single-developer group that houses a notable experience (at least 2,000,000 place visits) OR
  • Is a winner of an official Roblox competition OR
  • Is a recipient of an official developer award (e.g. Bloxy award, RDC Game Jam award, etc.), excluding any Crown of O's OR
  • Is in one of the following groups with sufficient information: administrator, community sage, or any intern past or present OR
  • Is the subject or author of an entire post on the official Roblox blog, Developer Spotlight post on the Developer Forum, or Roblox Medium post OR
  • Is a Roblox account proven to be owned by or officially associated with a celebrity, creator, or company that has an established article on Wikipedia OR
  • Is a YouTuber with at least 50,000 subscribers that primarily creates Roblox video content OR
  • Is featured as a Roblox toy
  • Has at least 2,000,000 visits OR
  • Has been used for an official Roblox event OR
  • Has been the subject of an entire post on the official Roblox blog or Developer Spotlight post on the Developer Forum OR
  • Is featured as a Roblox toy
  • Has at least 50,000 members OR
  • Houses a notable experience (at least 2,000,000 visits) OR
  • Has been the subject of an entire post on the official Roblox blog or Developer Spotlight post on the Developer Forum OR
  • Is featured as a Roblox toy
Avatar items Individual For individual items in the avatar shop, under the Catalog namespace;
  • Is an accessory, gear, head, bundle, clothing, or face created by Roblox employees OR
  • Is an accessory or clothing item created by a non-staff account associated with an official Roblox event or partnership
Item series For groups of related avatar items (series articles);
  • Are of items created by Roblox employees
Sales For sale events regarding items in the avatar shop;
  • Is officially announced & hosted by Roblox involving items uploaded by Roblox employees
Scripting API descended from Instance (in which case, it should have a page in the Class namespace)
Scripting API NOT descended from Instance e.g. data types should be put in the Main namespace.
Feature or functionality of the game engine, studio, or website
Important event related to Roblox (such events do not necessarily need to be organized by Roblox)

Pages created without a way to verify notability (e.g. created without an infobox with the ID of the item/experience/user supplied) will be assumed to be non-notable and deleted immediately. All pages should contain a way to verify the notability upon creation.

The notability policy does not apply to pages that are not in content namespaces. Notability determines whether a topic can be suitable for a stand-alone article, not whether it can be covered in an article about a broader topic.

Grandfathering policy

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While most notability criteria have only been expanded upon over time on this wiki, one criteria element that has changed sometimes are the numeric amounts noted in some notability criteria, such as place visits, group members, and asset sales. In every increase of these amounts thus far, all pages that met the previous minimums at the time of their creation that do not meet the updated policy have been grandfathered into the new policy, given that they are not stub articles. Therefore, they are not moved or deleted for not meeting a minimum if they were created at a point where they did meet a previous minimum.

When determining if a page has been grandfathered, the date of the first revision of the active page instance (note that this revision may have been deleted for some pages and you may have to ask an administrator to check) should be compared against the notability policy of the time of its creation. Since notability policies have mostly been only expanded upon over time with few old criteria being removed, the visits or member count are typically what needs to be verified if no other basis for notability seems apparent.

For a documented history of date ranges and their applicable numeric amounts to compare an article's contents as of its page creation to, please see the Notability numeric criteria history page.

All material must be verifiable

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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Readers and editors must be able to check the information in articles. The preferred way to achieve this is by supporting material in articles with inline citations, often placed at the end of a sentence or paragraph.

Inline citations are required for the following:

  • Direct quotations
  • Disputed or challenged statements
  • Statements that are likely to be challenged
  • Contentious material about players, experiences, and groups

For other material, citations are not required, but they are strongly recommended unless everyone agrees that the material is obvious.

The Roblox Wiki has a list of credible sources that should be preferred when supporting a statement. Sources that are credible and independent of the topic are preferred, but citing other sources is permitted when nothing better is available.

All material must be neutral

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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Material located in content namespaces must be written from a neutral point of view. When there are multiple views that have been published on a topic, they must be represented proportionately and without editorial bias. Opinions that are not verifiable can be presented by quoting significant proponents but they must not be presented as facts. If different sources make conflicting assertions, the assertions should be presented by quoting the sources instead of being presented as facts.

Pages will sometimes be deleted

The following is a guideline on the Roblox Wiki.

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Pages may be deleted when they do not fit the inclusion criteria. For pages in content namespaces, the inclusion criteria is notability of the topic. In other namespaces, different criteria apply:

  • Files may be deleted if they are not useful or relevant to the project or if they constitute a copyright violation.
  • User and blog pages may be deleted on the request of their author unless they contain content that is useful for the project.
  • Project pages may be deleted if they are not about the project or if they are obsolete.
  • Templates may be deleted if they are unused and unlikely to be used in the future.

There are other cases in which a page may be deleted, including:

  • Pages may be deleted if there is community consensus to delete it.
  • Pages may be deleted by administrators for the purposes of cleanup or maintenance.
  • User pages may be deleted if they contain errors, have formatting issues, or have not been edited recently.
  • User pages may be deleted if the user in which they are under has had a prolonged period of inactivity (2+ years).

Pages that do meet the inclusion criteria but have useful content may be moved, without leaving a redirect, to a subpage of the user that created them or was the major contributor. Like other pages on this wiki, user pages are not owned by any user, but unmaintained user subpages may be subject to deletion.

If you believe a page has been deleted in error or would like to have a deleted page restored, contact a wiki staff member. Page restoration is not guaranteed, but a staff will usually be able to provide the page's last revision content if it was deleted for maintenance or cleanup purposes.

Articles should meet our style standards

The following is a guideline on the Roblox Wiki.

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All articles should meet the base standards defined by our Manual of Style. An article with just one or two sentences is not sufficient and may be deleted.

Upon publishing, an article should:

  • follow the standard article structure defined in our Manual of Style
  • have an infobox that is fully filled, if an applicable infobox exists
  • have a decent amount of information on the subject
  • include a relevant image

Article bloat & excessive detail

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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The content of articles concerning a specific developer, experience, group, or other subject should not drill down to such a depth where it contains specific information that only a few avid fanatics may find useful or interesting. Many bloat issues may stem from a misunderstanding of what the Roblox Wiki is not.

Articles should avoid bloat, such as:

  • Extremely trivial content
  • Listicles
    • Most articles on the Roblox Wiki are prose articles, and are not meant to devolve into trailing lists.
    • e.g. An experience page containing a list of every single collectible, consumable item, or promotional code within an experience.
  • Forms & procedures
    • Group pages, in particular, are not to be recruitment tools and spiral into procedural drawl.

When adding detail to an article, a good question to ask may be "is this topic well known for this thing?"

  • For example, in the experience, DOORS, it may be reasoned that a sensibly-lengthed list of key NPCs/entities may be desired.

Files must have descriptive names

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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All files uploaded to the wiki should have a descriptive name. Roblox's assigned name for the image, such as 4ed79d33416d50f085c76ba703f4e79b are considered non-descriptive and will be renamed or deleted.

Incomplete pages & drafts must be located in a userspace

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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You may create article drafts in your user space (i.e. User:user/Title), and then ask a wiki administrator or content moderator to move it for you when the page is finalized.

Article drafts not located in a user space, or otherwise articles deemed insufficiently complete, will be deleted or moved to the original editor's userspace.

Personal information about Robloxians may be restricted

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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If you believe leaked personal or confidential information has been divulged in a wiki article, please immediately contact a wiki staff member and link to the revision(s) in question.

As many Robloxians may not wish to have their real-life personal details associated with their Roblox accounts, some personal information may be barred from being included on a wiki page. Personal information should only be posted if it is generally known by the Roblox community.

Allowed personal details

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Social media accounts (Facebook, X, TikTok, etc.) may be allowed to be posted if that account is directly linked on or linked to their Roblox profile page.

Posting of a player's real name, i.e. their first name and/or surname (last name) is not permitted under most circumstances. A player's real name may be allowed to be posted if the player has an established article on Wikipedia that contains their first name and/or surname and cites an allowed social media outlet. Exceptions may be allowed upon review from a wiki administrator.

The Roblox Wiki has abuse filters to prevent the additions of private and leaked information, including the real names of players; therefore, informing a wiki administrator of your proposed additions before publishing is encouraged to prevent conflicts with our automatic filters.

Personal information that was not intended to be shared may not be posted and is subject to removal by wiki staff, including leaked first names and/or surnames of players.

Real-life images of developers are subject to restrictions. Photos of developers will only be allowed if all of these requirements are met:

  1. The player is a legal adult (18 years or older)
  2. The photo was posted by the player on a public social media outlet that is linked with that player's Roblox account
  3. The image source is credited on the file page. If that photo is removed from the social media outlet, it shall be removed from the wiki.

Other personal details should be assumed to remain confidential unless allowed an exception from a wiki administrator (under certain situations). Posting of a player's physical location (such as state/provence/territory, or other location of higher precision e.g. city/locale) is not allowed under most circumstances, and is flatly prohibited without first consulting wiki staff.

Leaked confidential information & requesting redactions / removals

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Posting of personal information that was clearly not intended to be shared will be removed. Editors should not be deliberately digging through the internet to find personal information about players to add to articles and/or leak.

Players who have a wiki page about themselves can request (through a verified account on the wiki, or using our modmail on our Discord) that certain personal information be redacted from articles. Please reach out to a wiki staff member to fully remove sensitive information about yourself– removed information will still be publicly accessible in our database otherwise. Certain pages may be removed upon request should the page not exceed medium-significance inclusion criteria.

Intentionally misleading & damaging information

The following is a Fandom policy enforced on the Roblox Wiki.

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Posting of unverified or exceedingly libelous information is prohibited and is subject to removal by wiki staff. Users posting such information may be subjected to our block policy.

Controversial information may only be posted with multiple credible, concrete outside sources.