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General information about user rights

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Any user can create and edit most pages on the wiki, but only users with specific rights are able to do things such as deleting pages or editing protected pages. Editors can request additional permissions on the wiki management forum board. Users who request permissions are expected to explain why they should be trusted and why giving them the permissions is useful. All users requesting additional user rights on the Roblox Wiki or the wiki's Discord server must have no history of major policy infractions (e.g., sockpuppetry). Rights on the wiki may only be requested if the editor is in the wiki's Discord server.

New editors may have some editing restrictions

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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This wiki receives thousands of edits per month, and a small but perceptible subset of these edits intend to disrupt or otherwise harm the wiki. To combat these editors, the wiki employs the use of several automated countermeasures to prevent malicious edits.

New editors may find that they cannot:

  • make bulky edits onto pages,
  • create new pages (editors with less than 15 edits only)
  • create new pages containing a lot of content,
  • cannot make a lot of edits in quick succession,
  • and other restrictions.

Whereas, entirely new Fandom accounts may not be able to edit on the wiki until a few days have elapsed.

Additionally, editors with less than 500 edits and less than 30 days of tenure will not be able to edit pages that have been protected to only extended confirmed users.

Some new editors may find their edits falsely caught by our automated edit filters. Sorry for the inconvenience! Please have patience with us and adjust your edits accordingly. These restrictions will be automatically lifted for editors as they continue to make good contributions to our wiki.

Requesting non-administrator rights

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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The following are steps for earning additional non-administrator rights. This includes discussions moderator, content moderator, and rollback privileges.

  1. The editor posts a thread on the wiki management forum board.
  2. An administrator will determine if additional requested rights will be given. If possible, there should be consensus among all the active administrators.
  3. For content moderator rights, only bureaucrats have the technical ability to give the rights. An administrator will contact a bureaucrat to give the editor the additional rights.

Requesting administrator rights

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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The following are steps for earning administrator and bureaucrat rights.

  1. The editor will ask for an existing administrator to nominate them. This is to ensure that administrator requests are only created for experienced contributors who understand the wiki's policies.
  2. The administrator or editor will create a thread on the Wiki management forum board.
  3. The community will discuss the editor's candidacy for administrator rights. The editor will only get administrator rights if there is community consensus.
  4. A bureaucrat will be notified of the consensus and give the editor administrator rights.

The process is similar for requesting bureaucrat rights, but only existing administrators can request for bureaucrat rights.

Removal of user rights

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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Editors may have additional user rights removed if they are inactive for one year without needing any discussion or consensus. In other instances, rights may only be removed if there is community and administrator consensus.

Tips for successfully requesting additional user rights

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  • Be active in the wiki. Administrators are more likely to approve your request if they've seen you editing around the wiki for a while. Likewise, it might be harder for you to have your request approved if you're really new to the wiki or have recently returned after taking a long break.
  • Have experience. When looking through an editor's contributions when making a user rights decision, administrators often look to see if the editor has a good understanding of what they are doing. If you're asking for discussion mod right, post on the forums. If you are asking for rollback rights, show that you know how to undo an edit. If you're asking for administrator rights, show that you know how to write a good article (headings, infoboxes and other templates, links), undo edits, and troubleshoot page errors. You're more likely to have your request denied if, for example, you're applying to be an administrator but you've only made three page edits (and all your other edits at page comments and forum posts).
  • Be friendly and approachable. There's more to additional user rights than issuing warnings and blocks. They're role models and are the people who work to resolve editor conflicts. An administrator may hesitate to give you extra user rights if you are often rude to other editors or tend to argue with people until you get your way on something. A big thing administrators like seeing is editors assuming good faith of other editors.
  • Be knowledgeable, or rather, have an awareness and general understanding of the rules and standards set forth on the Roblox Wiki. As a rule of thumb: if you have to ask "how do I get mod/admin rights?" you may not be ready to request such rights; it is expected that applicants are able to perform basic navigation through our rules and specifically to this "user rights" page on their own accord.