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(Last updated on 2023-03-01 03:54 UTC.)

What are blocks and warnings?

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Blocks, similar to bans on Roblox, are a mechanism to restrict or suspend the participation & activities of a user on a wiki. Blocks are typically reserved for when a user makes contributions that are inconsistent with the constructive act of editing a wiki or being a member of a community.

Warnings are official courtesy reminders about wiki policies, issued by wiki staff, to editors that generally act in good faith. These warnings allow editors an opportunity to make necessary adjustments to avoid further wiki policy violations.

Together, blocks & warnings comprise the Roblox Wiki's user sanction system and are applied to the user as an individual, and not just the account they are currently using.

When sanctions are issued

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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No sanction may be applied to a user for not following a guideline, as guidelines are only present to resolve disagreements between users. Sanctions may be applied to users who do not follow a policy. If they are contributing in good faith, this should only be done after they have been warned and notified of the policies, such as by a message placed on their talk page.

Certain minor offenses will not be acted upon if not caught within some timeframe. This timeframe is largely up to administrator or moderator discretion, but generally users can expect not to be punished for a slight violation made long ago; similarly, vandalism made years ago need not to be reported but merely reverted, if still present.

Do not remove staff warnings from talk pages

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wiki.

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Editors should not remove any issued warnings from their talk page, as this serves as supplementary documentation regarding what actions had previously been taken for policy violations and ensures consistent application of wiki policies to all editors. Removing talk page warnings may result in a block or an extended block if the editor is currently blocked.

Types of warnings

The following is a guideline on the Roblox Wiki.

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The wiki's warning system provides multiple opportunities for editors to resolve policy violations before they are blocked. Editors who are found to be acting in malice are exempt from this and may be immediately sanctioned.

  • Reminders are given for minor first-time policy violations and serve to officially notify the editor of the Roblox Wiki's policies. For instance, a new editor who creates a page that is not in accordance with the notability policies will typically receive a reminder of the notability policies when being notified of their article being moved/deleted.
  • Warnings are given for repeated violation of minor policies or for first-time violation of major policies. As such, an editor personally attacking another user in a forum post will qualify for a warning or a final warning instead of a reminder.
  • Final warnings are given after repeated or severe policy violations. Final warnings may be in conjunction with a short-term block, and editors will be warned that any violation of the discussed policy will result in a longer block. Editors who are found to be acting in bad faith, such as in instances of vandalism, may not receive a reminder or warning for a first-time policy violation but may instead receive a final warning.

Types of blocks

The following is a guideline on the Roblox Wiki.

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The sanction system comprises of various block lengths that range from a one-day block to an indefinite block. Blocked editors may receive a semi-automated talk page post that describes why they are blocked and lists the specific contributions that caused the block. Courtesy block messages may be forgone if the editor is causing ongoing harm to the wiki.

Though the length and parameters of a block will be up to the discretion of the issuing administrator, the following are guidelines for appropriate block lengths. Editors may have their ability to post on their talk page revoked if they abuse it during the block (e.g. using their talk page to personally attack the administrator who blocked them, posting spam on their talk page), or if the blocking administrator sees very little angle for the block to be contested (blocks may still be contested per the process described in § Contesting blocks).

Standard blocks

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Block length Intended use
⚠️ Minor Violations, first time
1-2 hours Usually reserved to disband edit warring between editors, or to handle excessive and improper page creation from an editor.
1-3 days First-time minor policy violations with or sometimes without prior warnings. Includes violations like non-encylopedic profanity, or persistently creating non-notable pages in the content namespaces.

Commentary abuse or Discussions low-effort/spammy posting (i.e. posting excessive irrelevant article comments or comments that do not promote healthy discussion). Consistent posting of disallowed Discussions topics after post removals or warnings.

1 week
2 weeks Multiple minor policy violations. Engaging in blatant edit warring.

Editors producing questionable edits deemed to be made in bad-faith may be subject to a 2 week block.

🛑 Major Violations, first time;
Minor Violations, repeated
1-3 months Repeated policy violations or first-time infraction of a major policy with previous warnings. Violation of Fandom's Terms of Service or other Fandom policies (i.e. making death threats); any sort of unquestionable vandalism will be met with a block no shorter than 1 month.
6 months
🚨 Severe Violations;
Major Violations, excessive & repeated
1+ years Severe policy violations, including repeated or severe vandalism, premeditated or coordinated vandalism, violation of Fandom's Terms of Service or other Fandom policies, account abuse (i.e. spambotting, malicious sockpuppetry, being underage), uploading or discussing pornographic or otherwise offensive images or content.

These blocks are generally considered final and irrevocable.


Automatic blocks

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Block length Intended use
❔ Automatic blocks
Infinite Blocks rendered out by our automated abuse filters are able to be changed to a block of standard length, upon contesting by the blocked user. A blocked user who fails to contact a wiki administrator might not have their block length adjusted.
Abuse filter false positives
On rare occasion, our abuse filter may incorrectly identify an edit made in good faith as malicious. If you are improperly blocked by an automated abuse filter due to a false positive, it is imperative to contact a Roblox Wiki administrator on Fandom Community Central to expedite the review of our logs and the inevitable unblocking of your account.

Administrators actively seek out abuse filter false positives, but may not timely catch your block without the issue being flagged by the blocked user.

Contesting blocks

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Editors who are blocked, with exception to severe violators (see "types of blocks" above), are free to contest or otherwise challenge their block. Blocked editors may tactfully respond to their block message to provide explanation or evidence to potentially shorten or dismiss their block. Blocked editors who abuse this courtesy and instead choose to produce offensive responses will be ignored, their talk page privileges revoked, and their block lengthened by at least 1 week.

Blocked editors who are disallowed (upon the onset of their block) from responding to their local block message are still able to contact their blocking administrator on Fandom Community Central. Note that you are responsible for all content you post on Community Central and any offensive content that you post there may result in you being subject to a global block, preventing you from participating on any Fandom wiki.