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This project is a work in progress. Any information stated in this page is not finalized.

The assorted WikiOps listed here are the Roblox Wiki's version of WikiProjects aimed at improving and maintaining the contents of our wiki by focusing on particular areas of concern.

WikiOps are open for all editors to participate, and wiki editors who are of considerable help towards a WikiOp can earn a special WikiOps badge to display on their profile, can be issued specific user rights to help aid their ability to contribute to a WikiOp, or be made a WikiOp official lead.

Project purpose

Through various distinct and narrow wiki operations, we can help publicize potential editing opportunities for our editors, and help maintain a level of standard to the wiki by aiming to overpower and overcome historical wiki maintenance & consistency problems.


One or more of these WikiOps may be a good fit for you! No permission is required to join!

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WikiOp API documentation
Help improve the class documentation on our wiki and bring the API reference up to date.

Coming soon...

WikiOp Article Quality
Help judge and determine the quality of articles on the wiki and help maintain our level of standard, according to our Manual of Style and article policies.
WikiOp Games
Help maintain and organize the game pages on our wiki and make it a welcome and helpful sight for developers and players alike. Determine whether specific games are notable or not.
WikiOp Groups
Help maintain and improve the articles about groups on our wiki.
WikiOp Images
Help sort through the images on our wiki, marking unused and irrelevant pages for deletion, renaming files to appropriate file names, etc.
WikiOp Players
Maintain player pages, determine whether specific players on the wiki are notable or not, create redirects for players with multiple usernames.
WikiOp SOS
Helpful editors who aid our newbie and novice editors alike by answering questions on how to accomplish certain tasks on the wiki (like how to participate in a WikiOp!). Creating and maintaining local help pages. Patrols the wiki and reports vandalism to wiki staff.
WikiOp Interlanguage
Linking our pages to our sister language wikis and vice versa.