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The Roblox Wikia is an encyclopedia project about Roblox. It is hosted on Fandom (formerly Wikia) and aims to document as much notable Roblox-related content as possible based on community consensus and its notability policies. It has no relation to the official Roblox Wiki, which was replaced by the Roblox Developer Hub in June 2018.

It was considered as one of the fastest-growing wikis in 2012 and had been used as a common example of how gaming companies working with Fandom wanted their wiki's appearance to resemble.[1]

There is an official Roblox group for the wiki which was first created in 2016 to prevent anyone else from getting the group name, and the group was used as the wiki's official group later on in the summer of 2017.[2]


The Roblox Wikia was originally created on November 7, 2007[3] by Leira77, with the first user-created articles being Tools, Owner, and Badges.[4] Besides harsh vandalism, it had seen little-to-no activity until sometime between 2009 and 2010, where Ajedi32 received bureaucrat rights for the wiki by a now ex-Fandom staff member.[5] Ajedi32 and other various users had steadily added new articles about the community and its games, and by 2012 it had been considered as "one of the fastest growing Wikis" by George Jones, the Program Director of Wikia at the time.[1] It had received enough attention by the Roblox staff that it received a whole Roblox blog article about the Roblox Wikia's revival[1] and was named as one of "Five Great ROBLOX Fan Sites" in January 2013 by Andrew Haak.[6]


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