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Roblox Winter Creator Challenge was a Roblox event that started on November 14, 2018, and ended on January 22, 2019. This is a successor to the first Roblox Creator Challenge event that occurred five months before.

For this event, players learned how to script and use variables to create a Mad Libs game. Just like the event's predecessor, players had to take a quiz to review what they learned in their lessons. There were three lessons, with each giving players a badge and one of the three prizes if passed. Though the event has ended, players can still play the game and earn the prizes and badges.


Name Image Creator/Group
Roblox Creator Challenge
Roblox Winter Creator Challenge Thumbnail.jpeg
Roblox Creator Challenge


Name Game Image Objective
Classic PC Hat Roblox Creator Challenge
Classic PC Hat.png
Answer all the questions correctly in lesson 1.
Motherboard Visor Roblox Creator Challenge
Motherboard Visor.png
Answer all the questions correctly in lesson 2.
Book Wings Roblox Creator Challenge
Book Wings.png
Answer all the questions correctly in lesson 3.


Just like the previous Creator Challenge event back in June, the Winter Creator Challenge was criticized for being too easy. Players could finish all questions very quickly, as the game didn't penalize them for getting the question wrong. Players also didn't need to build the game in order to progress, and the questions usually took less than a minute to answer.


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  • It is possible to get the items while pressing random things, as there is no penalty for selecting an incorrect answer.
  • Like the previous Creator Challenge event, you can still get the items about 5 months after the event was supposed to end.