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Unofficial software
Please be mindful when downloading or applying ReShade presets or other shader mods. Shader software is not published by or supported by Roblox, and therefore may contain malicious code that could damage your computer.
The Roblox Wiki does not provide direct downloads or references to Roblox-specific mods or shaders.

Comparison between vanilla (right) and ReShade (left).

Roblox shaders are mods that enhance the visual quality of Roblox. A popular method for doing so is ReShade, a post-processing injector.

'Roblox shaders' is a commonly used term to describe ReShade presets that are specifically made for Roblox. These presets contain a predefined arrangement of shaders written in ReShade FX (based on HLSL), which change the appearance of pixels based on color and depth data.

Effects are oftentimes controllable through a GUI.

Things to keep in mind when using shaders

  • Shaders may affect your in-game performance, depending on the degree to which they are applied. For general usage, at least a GTX 1050 Ti or Radeon RX 570 is recommended.
  • It is unknown whether using Roblox shaders can result in a ban. Nonetheless, there are no recorded cases for such bans, and Roblox has appeared to tolerate the usage of other mods, such as the Roblox FPS Unlocker. However, some games' anti-cheat systems may treat shader software installed as exploits, and accidentally kick or ban the user.
  • On ReShade, if performance mode is disabled, almost every shader can be customized further.