Roblox Toys' Game Packs include two figurines, accessories, a collector's checklist, and a virtual item code. They are inspired by popular Roblox games.

Game Packs

Name Image Description Series
Chicken Simulator
Chicken Simulator
Ever dream about becoming a chicken? Dream no longer. From Roblox developer WildGuest comes an over-the-top game that challenges you to become the largest chicken around! Eat and indulge your wildest cuckoo fantasies with this eggcellent playset, inspired by Chicken Simulator! Embark on an epic journey to find the Golden Egg or just snack on poultry feed to your heart's content. It's all up to you on your quest to become the boss chicken. Series 4
Club Boates
Club Boates
Here at Club Boates, the party never stops! Designed by Roblox developer ChadTheCreator, this mega-popular and super glamorous discotheque is the destination for great music and even better dancing. Celebrate the night with DJ Boatay and Claire Dancefiend, then invite your Robloxian friends out onto the dance floor for even more fun! Mix-and-match their accessories to create your own unique dance party! Celebrity Collection Series 2
Fantastic Frontier
Fantastic Frontier Game Pack
Welcome to the Fantastic Frontier, an ever-evolving world where heroes are born and legends are made. This popular action-adventure game features a vast terrain filled with dense forests, treacherous mountains, and more. Now it's up to you to journey to Red Ant Cove to fight savage beasts, take down enemy bandits, and discover rare treasures with this epic playset, brought to you by Roblox developer Spectrabox! Your destiny awaits. Series 4
Game Dev Life
Game Dev Life
Put your developer skills to the test in Game Dev Life! DoubleJGames' well-crafted tycoon presents you with the opportunity to make the game of your dreams. Will you produce an RPG? How about a racing game? Will you focus your efforts on an engaging story or beautiful graphics? The virtual world is your oyster! Develop your game, ship it out to stores, hire employees, and build your company from the ground up! Celebrity Collection Series 2
Innovation Labs
Innovation Labs Toy Playset
Welcome to Innovation Labs! It's your first day on the job and somebody has already triggered a thermonuclear meltdown, unleashed a zombie outbreak, and dematerialized your lunch. Use the power of science to help Roblox developer madattak restore his research facility back to its former glory or stir up your own mischief. Whatever you do, don't push that big red button. Series 3
Mad Studio Mad Pack
Toy MadStudioMadPack
Mad Legion's World Domination plan is only 72% complete. Help Julie and Nick execute their daring plan to finish the job. Recreate your favorite moments from Mad Games and see why Loleris’ iconic Roblox experience has accumulated more than 60 million gameplays since its inception in 2015! Series 2
Mount of the Gods
Mount of Gods
Stranded far, far away on this deserted island, you have two options. Either survive by quenching your hunger and thirst…or sacrifice your supplies to appease the wrath of the gods! Re-live your favorite moments from Mount of the Gods with this unique playset, inspired by the Bloxy Award-winning co-op survival game from Roblox developer Wheatlies! Satisfy the demands of the gods or incur their fiery wrath! The choice is yours. Series 4
Prison Life
Toy PrisonLife
Breaking out of prison may look easy in the movies, but in Roblox, it's a whole other story. Roblox developer Aesthetical created an entirely new genre of roleplay with Prison Life, which has amassed more than 400 million gameplays since 2014. Explore the hard knock life behind bars, and then put your fearless escape plans to the test by reliving classic moments from this popular user-generated experience! Series 2
Roblox High School
Toy RobloxHighSchool
Think you're too cool for school? Think again! Experience the life of a high schooler, inspired by Cindering's popular role-playing game! Series 1
Soro's Fine Italian Dining
Soro's Fine Italian Dining
Treat yourself to an exquisite meal at Soro's Fine Italian Dining! Robloxians have traveled across the universe to try a bite at this five-star restaurant, created by Soro's Restaurant Franchise®. It's recommended that you dine outside for a spectacular view of Soro's Island! You can even reserve a private room for parties, but those fill up years in advance. Maitre D' InfusedTristan and his well-trained staff promise a fine dining experience you'll never forget. Celebrity Collection Series 2
Swordburst Online 2
Swordburst Online 2 Toy Playset
Monsters from Swordburst Online are infiltrating the real world! Join forces with Sakura and Aeron from AbstractAlex's massively popular role-playing game on Roblox and put an end to the Dire Wolf once and for all! Reenact one of the first epic boss battles at Agnaroth Plains and fulfill your destiny. Be sure to choose your weapons wisely. The Dire Wolf will not go down without a fight. Series 3
Top Roblox Runway Model
Toy TopRobloxRunwayModel
From the cute and charming to the frilly and fabulous, DizzyPurple's hit game Top Roblox Runway Model has inspired millions of ambitious fashion designers to show off their creativity. Now you can build the ultimate style competition in the palm of your hand with dozens of combinations of spectacular accessories and hairstyles straight from the Roblox Catalog! Celebrity Collection Series 1
The Plaza: Jet Skiers
The plaza jet skiers
Welcome to The Plaza, the ultimate place where millions of Robloxians come to hang out, play mini-games, explore a massive island, and do just about anything you can imagine. Now you can build your own adventures everywhere you go with this jam-packed playset, inspired by the hit game, The Plaza, from Roblox developer Widgeon! Join your friends at the boardwalk and catch a few waves with Alivia's watercraft or mix-and-match accessories for endless fun on the beach! Celebrity Collection Series 1
Where's The Baby!
Where's The Baby
Some days, it seems like these babies are determined to get themselves into trouble. Welcome to Smellysuperfart's silly competition, Where's The Baby! These clever babies will try to escape their cribs and find whatever hazardous items they can get their little hands on. You'll have to use every trick in the book to protect these children from rockets, kitchen utensils, and all manner of dangerous household appliances. Do you have the mad parenting skills to outwit a baby? Celebrity Collection Series 2
Work at a Pizza Place
Toy WorkAtAPizzaPlace
Builder Brothers Pizza needs your help! Relive Dued1's classic Roblox experience and deliver these pizzas on time! Series 1
Egg Hunt: The Great Yolktales
Toy TheGreatYolktales
Brought to life in April 2018, developer buildthomas and his team created one of the most epic Egg Hunt events on Roblox to date with more than five million unique players during its launch period! Venture into the mythical Eggcyclopedia and help Booker reclaim the eggs before Lord Aymor destroys the universe as we know it! Celebrity Collection Series 3

Virtual items

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