Series 2

Following Series 1, Series 2 was officially released in August 2017. It includes one 6-pack assortment, one game pack, six core figures, one vehicle set, one play set and mystery boxes that can open up to a figure (There are 24 in total) Like Series 1, there are codes in every toy that can be redeemed on the Roblox website for free virtual items for your account. Also like Series 1, the Mystery Boxes may include rare chaser codes. The figures in Series 2 consist of mostly developers, but still includes various Roblox icons, recreations of Roblox packages and icons from games.

Name Image Description Virtual Code Item Comes From
1x1x1x1 1x1x1x An ancient, extra-dimensional malevolence of unspeakable power, 1x1x1x1 loaths all three-dimensional beings and will stop at nothing to bring about their total destruction. Throughout history, miscreants and hollow pretenders have tried to take up the mantle of 1x1x1x1, but very few know his true name.  Mind Virus Mystery Boxes
Lando64000 Lando6400 Dressed in the finest Robloxian leathers and linens, Lando64000 is a true gentleman at heart…and a talented developer to boot! Some of his most popular games on Roblox include Hide and Seek (41 Fields) and A Pirate's Life.  Scarlet Lapel Flower Mystery Boxes
ROBLOX Staff Staff Team Roblox is here to save the day! Whether this team member is joining other virtual explorers on their adventures, collecting limited items, or working on the next big thing, they're your go-to guide for everything Roblox. 8 Bit Construction Helmet Mystery Boxes
Haggie125 Haggie125-0 A talented Roblox developer, Haggie125 harnessed the ancient power of the void to build a successful portfolio of games, including Retail Tycoon, Morbus, Solar Scuffle, and more. He also owns Secondhand Studios, a group dedicated to creating even more immersive user-generated experiences on Roblox. Copper Bottom Pot Mystery Boxes
Sharksie Sharksie You might have already guessed it, but Sharksie is a shark enthusiast. When he's not out on the prowl for his next tasty treat, he's developing his own games and experiences on Roblox. Some of the biggest games he's worked on include Tiny Tanks, Store Wars, and Robloxian Highschool, which have a combined total of more than 20 million gameplays! Watermelon Shark Fin Mystery Boxes
Ripull Ripull Avoiding mines, dodging zombies, fighting name it, you'll probably find it in Ripull Games or Ripull Minigames. Ripull, the mastermind behind these zany experiences, is an ace Roblox developer who's been on the platform for more than eight years. He's since racked up more than 104 million visits to his games! Emerald Noobfinders Mystery Boxes
ReeseMcBlox ReeseMcBlox-0 There are few Robloxians more dedicated to the community than ReeseMcBlox. As one of the earliest employees at Roblox, she has devoted herself to improving the platform every day. Some say her magical unicorn horn allows her to summon a pony whenever she needs one. And who doesn't need one?  Rainbow Unicorn Beanie Mystery Boxes
Maelstronomer Maelstronomer Maelstronomer is known for being a devoted Roblox builder, creating hits such as Super Blocky Ball and Pilgrim Islands Reborn. While his horns are a bit insidious on their own, his wicked grin and red pigmentation are definitely telltale signs that something more mischievous lies beneath the surface.  Red Headstack Mystery Boxes
Microwave Spybot MicrowaveSpybot If you thought robots couldn't get any more outrageous, you haven't heard of Microwave Spybot. While it's tempting to heat up your next fried chicken dinner in its convenient microwave unit, you may want to think twice. It's actually an undercover android that plans to steal your recipes and upload them to a secret database! Microwave Spy Eye Mystery Boxes
Pyrolysis Pyrolysis If you thought the name “Pyrolysis” was just for show, you thought wrong. He possesses supernatural abilities that allow him to set anything ablaze. Don't worry though – he uses his powers for good...most of the time.  Fire Tie Mystery Boxes
Galaxy Girl GalaxyGirl Spiraling through the cosmos, dancing between the stars, it's Galaxy Girl! As the first Robloxian born in outer space, she dreams of someday visiting Earth and meeting even more interesting people. Navy Queen of the Night Mystery Boxes
ROBLOX Super Fan RobloxSuperFan By day or by night, this young and cheerful super fan can be seen imagining with his friends and playing the latest Roblox adventure. He's a dreamer at heart, and is known for being extremely enthusiastic about all things building and creating.  ROBLOX "R" Sunglasses Mystery Boxes
Ezebel: The Pirate Queen Ezebel After graduating at the top of her class, Ezebel could have been anything she wanted. So, logically, she became a pirate. Not only did she shine at her studies, but she has also excelled as a leader of a band of swashbuckling buccaneers. If you want anything done on the ocean, you'll have to talk to Ez first.  Ezebel's Jeweled Eyepatch Mystery Boxes
Vurse Vurse-0 Vurse is a celebrated developer whose scripting mastery has earned him multiple Bloxy Awards for his flagship Roblox game, Speed Run 4. Not only did he create the community's choice for the hardest Roblox level, but he also won an award for best single player game!  Frigidus Shoulder Ice Spikes Mystery Boxes
Azurewrath, Lord of the Void Azurewrath You shall bow down to His Magnificence, or forever live in eternal darkness. From the depths of his cold, black heart, Azurewrath, Lord of the Void, uses his almighty magic powers and dagger to obliterate his foes. His sinister schemes are no match for any ordinary Robloxian.  Azurewrath's Additional Head Horns Mystery Boxes
Beeism Beeism “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Truer words have never been spoken. When it comes to all things building and creating, Beeism knows what all the buzz is about. When she's not working on From the Deep on Roblox, she commands a vast and unstoppable army of adorably fussy honey bees who will stop at nothing to please their magnificent queen. Bee Wings Mystery Boxes
Berezaa Berezaa-0 Renowned for his popular tycoon games on Roblox, Berezaa has built himself a stellar reputation as an all-star developer. Since joining Roblox, he has built a collection of popular games, including Azure Mines, Miner's Haven, and 2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon. Combined, his games have accumulated more than 100 million visits! Azure Mines Pickaxe Mystery Boxes
Uncle Sam's Uncle UncleSamUncle Red blooded, with a cool blue sensibility and white hot passion for patriotism – that's Uncle Sam's Uncle. He's got a lot of respect for his nephew, but let's face it: he's the real American hero. Soaring high over the plains on a bald eagle, he lets freedom ring across the nation. He's the greatest uncle anyone could have ever asked for. American Baseball Cap Mystery Boxes
Bluesteel Warrior BlueSteelWarrior Generations ago, the mantle of Bluesteel Warrior was given only to the worthiest of noob slayers. Now, a new warrior, whose true name is still unknown, has been reincarnated to once again smite down any foe who stands in his way.  Bluesteel Warrior's Headband Mystery Boxes
Boy Guest Boy Guest It may be his first time playing Roblox, but he's a quick learner and he's eager to go on more exciting adventures! Show him around, and you might just make a new friend. He's always down to play new and interesting Roblox games.  ROBLOX Visor 2 Mystery Boxes
Brighteyes Brighteyes Meet the Robloxian behind the Roblox Catalog: Brighteyes! She's committed to building the ultimate virtual goods empire, filled with a limitless supply of awesome shirts, hats, gear, and other accessories beyond your wildest imagination. Always one for wearing the trendiest in Roblox fashion, she keeps her trusty Ivory Cat Scarf to feel posh and cozy 24/7, 365 days of the year. Black Diamond Sunglasses Mystery Boxes
Cindering Cindering-0 It's sparkle time all year round for this award-winning Roblox developer. As the creator of one the most popular role-playing experiences, Roblox High School, Cindering has won multiple Bloxy Awards, including Best GUIs and Best Original Music Score. One look at his glimmering gold wings and shiny red suit will tell you why even he needs to wear those fancy Black Shutter Shades.  Shoulder Dev: Cindering Mystery Boxes
Dizzypurple Dizzypurple Don't let DizzyPurple's unique fashion sense fool you. This accomplished developer knows what it takes to win a match of Roblox's Top Model. After garnering over 80 million visits since 2014, Roblox's Top Model remains as DizzyPurple's most popular game. But what's under that traffic cone, anyway? The world may never know... Purple Traffic Cone Mystery Boxes
Defaultio Defaultio-0 To say his supreme scripting and building abilities are powered by his Silverthorn Antlers or his Daring Beard alone would be an understatement. His true power lies within his unbridled imagination, which has helped spawn a unique variety of tycoon-based games on Roblox, such as the popular Lumber Tycoon series! Glamourous Rockstar Hair Mystery Boxes
Queen of the Treelands QOTTL With her glorious Autumn Staff, the Queen of the TreeLands sends nature's blessings to all who come to play in TheNewFissy's building game, TreeLands. Passed down from generation to generation, the Autumn Staff is said to grant unbelievable divine power to the current wielder.  Autumn Cloak of All Things Ending Queen of the Treelands Core Figure Pack
MeepCity Fisherman MeepCityFisherman The fisherman stands at the dock, triumphantly casting out his line into the depths of the water. Here in Alexnewtron's mega popular role-playing game, MeepCity, you need to have a “reel” talent for fishing to catch the big ones. Luckily, with his trusty Meep by his side and a box full of bait, all he needs is a little patience. Meep Hat Meepcity Fisherman Core Figure Pack
Phantom Forces: Ghost PFGhost When you need the job done right, you send in the Ghosts. As commander of Task Force Blox, this special forces operator has led hundreds of highly classified raids in Phantom Forces, created by Litozinnamon, Shaylan007, and AxisAngle. Trained extensively in a variety of specialized weapons and combat tactics, he strikes swiftly and quietly without a moment's hesitation. Blue Ghost Beret Phantom Forces: Ghost Core Figure Pack
Blue Lazer Parkour Runner BlueLazerParkourRunner They said never bring a sword to a gun fight. So instead, she brought both. Never the one to follow the rules, this parkour master brings style and grace to everything she does in MasterOfTheElements' fighting game, LAZER. Don't underestimate her – those flames on her outfit mean she's serious business.  Blue LAZER Sword Blue Lazer Parkour Runner Core Figure Pack
Hunted Vampire HuntedVampire Long ago, it is said that an ancient fiend known as a “vampire” terrorized the land. To survive this night of horrors, a legendary detective has been dispatched to save Robloxians from this supernatural foe. Watch out – in ZacAttackk's Vampire Hunters 2, you may never know which one of your friends has already become a member of the undead… BiteyMcFace Hunted Vampire Core Figure Pack
Skybound Admiral SkyboundAdmiral They don't call him the Admiral for nothing. Decades of adventure in Imaginaerum's Skybound 2 have led him and his crew on a never-ending quest for treasure in the sky. His guile and suave sensibility may have gotten him into a few sticky situations in the past, but he tends to find his way out of way or another. Skybound Gunblade Skybound Admiral Core Figure Pack
SWAT Unit SWATUnit Breaking out of prison may look easy in the movies, but in Roblox, it's a whole other story. Roblox developer Aesthetical created an entirely new genre of roleplay with Prison Life, which has amassed more than 400 million gameplays since 2014. Explore the hard knock life behind bars, and then put your fearless escape plans to the test by reliving classic moments from this popular user-generated experience!  iLift Three Prison Life Game Pack
Inmate Inmate-0
Julie Julie Mad Legion's World Domination plan is only 72% complete. Help Julie and Nick execute their daring plan to finish the job. Recreate your favorite moments from Mad Games and see why Loleris’ iconic Roblox experience has accumulated more than 60 million gameplays since its inception in 2015! UMAD Mad Studios Mad Pack
Nick Nick-0
Red Apocalypse Rising 4x4 Apocalypse Rising, created by Gusmanak and Zolarketh, is the biggest open world zombie survival game on Roblox, topping 100 million gameplays. Now you can take the fight off the screen and into your living room with this zombie-busting playset. Take Red out for a spin in her motorized bulldog and pulverize this apocalypse once and for all! Rugged Survivalist Apocalypse Rising 4x4 Vehicle Pack
Zombie Rusher
Do you have what it takes to survive the zombie abloxalypse? Bring the rampage home with this action-packed collection of characters from some of the most popular games on Roblox, including The Neighborhood of Robloxia (created by Q_Q), Apocalypse Rising (created by Gusmanak and Zolarketh), and Zombie Rush (created by HomingBeacon)! Zombie Rusher Zombie Attack Playset
Zombie Rusher
Apocalypse Rising: Survivor
Nelghborhood of Robloxia: Major
Merely Merely Never one to miss a limited item, Merely has scoured the lands of Roblox for its most treasured possessions. Throughout his journey, he has collected the prized golden Domino Crown and many other rare items. Together with his twin brother, Seranok, Merely is well known for being one of the most prolific Roblox developers out there. He created a place called Trade Hangout, where you can trade virtual items. The Golden ROBLOXian Legends of Roblox Multipack
Loleris Loleris-1 He makes games. Mad games. Loleris created some of the most popular games on Roblox, including The Mad Murderer, Darkness, and Intense Sword Fighting. He always carries around his Stunna Shades just in case he needs to leave the scene of an explosion in the coolest fashion. Legends of Roblox Multipack
Litozinnamon Litozinnamon-0 Armed with his Bluster Buster, Litozinnamon is ready for combat! This accomplished StyLiS Studios game developer helped bring to life some of the most recognizable, award-winning games on Roblox, including Call of Robloxia 5 – Roblox at War and Phantom Forces. Legends of Roblox Multipack
Gusmanak Gusmanak-0 Adorned in gold and equipped with the legendary Dominus Aureus, Gusmanak is one of Roblox's most elite developers. Winner of the Game Developer of the Year award in 2013, this founder of Dualpoint Interactive is most recognized by the community for designing Apocalypse Rising and Tiny Tanks.  Legends of Roblox Multipack
TheGamer101 TheGamer101-0 After spending years honing his sword-fighting skills, TheGamer101 fears no warrior! It's not in his personality to shy away from an epic battle, so he continues to train by battling stronger and more fearsome foes. He and his brother enjoy spending their time collecting limited items on Roblox, like the Black Iron Domino Crown. Legends of Roblox Multipack
Seranok Seranok-0 Long-time Roblox superstar and brother of Merely, Seranok was recognized as the community's choice for Player of the Year in 2012. His Golden Chalice of Fame allows him to exude pure illustriousness wherever he roams, while his Rocket Jumper enables him to boost through the air at incredible speeds. His work on the game Catalog Heaven is widely acclaimed on Roblox. Legends of Roblox Multipack
Red LAZER Parkour Runner RedLAZERParkourRunner Off the screen, into the real world, and now safely tucked away into a sturdy carrying case for your next imaginative Roblox adventure. The Roblox Collector's Tool Box holds up to 32 Roblox figures, so you can neatly organize your collection and easily show them off to your friends anywhere you go. This case also includes two new figures to add to your collection: Red LAZER Parkour Runner from MasterOfTheElements' LAZER and the Giant Hunter from BuildintoGames' Giant Survival! Red LAZER Sword Toolkit
Giant Hunter GiantHunter
Mix & Match - Punk Rockers Punk Rockers Get ready for the ultimate blox-and-roll concert! Pick up your favorite guitar and crank your amp up to eleven, because it’s time to melt some noob faces. Mix-and-match the instruments and fun hairstyles to turn these punk rockers into legends. Then, create new band members by adding in other parts from your entire Roblox toy collection. Start shredding like you’ve never shredded before! Bluesteel Metal Guitar Punk Rockers Four Figure Pack
Mix & Match - Punk Rockers Mix & Match - Punk Rockers
Mix & Match - Punk Rockers Mix & Match - Punk Rockers 1
Mix & Match - Punk Rockers Mix & Match - Punk Rockers 2
Neighborhood of ROBLOXIA Sheriff Neighborhood of ROBLOXIA Sheriff From Q_Q's hit role-playing game comes The Neighborhood of Robloxia's most hard-boiled law officer yet. There's a new sheriff in town, and he's about had it with the bad guys muddying his home. Partner up and track criminals in his ultra-fast cruiser to help save the day! Sheriff of Robloxia The Neighborhood of Robloxia Patrol Car
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