Robloxian Myth Hunters (initialized RMH) is the first ever myth group with over 80,000 members.

It was created in 2011 by user Jokerkid5898. The group was created to bring life in to the Roblox creepypasta community. The group often shouts or "hunts" creepy places for the members to go to. The group however has faced some tragedies. High ranks abusing power, death of a co-founder and a friend, a high-ranked member getting hacked in to and exiling a bunch of members and the hacking of Jokerkid5898 himself which caused him to lose the group for a while.

They have a very active discord. Said discord used to be criticized for toxic users and a NSFW section, yet the toxic users were banned and new members from the group joined, and the NSFW section was removed.




Jokerkid5898 as of 2/21/2018

RMH has been owned by Jokerkid5898 since 2011 (excluding the time he was hacked.) For a while Jokerkid5898 was criticized for his "lack of leadership" but that has been shown to be completely false and he has proved himself in the eyes of the members of the group. Members of Robloxian Myth Hunters have (almost) everything good to say about Jokerkid5898. However, in late 2011 whenever his account was hacked in to, he lost Robloxian Myth Hunters and Co-Head, Cenoglyphic had to take over for a while until he got his account back.


Cenoglyphic has been in RMH for a while and has been Co-Head of the group for a long time as well. Being loved by many, he has also been respected by mostly everyone. He has contributed to the group by making the first and second version of the headquarters. He has been working with RMH since the beginning and has been working with Joker for even longer. A part of the reason he is Co-Head is because of his long-time friendship with Joker. He was also the 3rd person to join RMH. It is also known that he's created the first two versions of the headquarters.

Rockon80s1 (Terminated)

Rockon80s1 was the Co-Founder of RMH. He was the 5th member and a very active myth hunter. Not much is known about Rockon80s1 other than the fact he was a very active person within the group. However, on October 2017, Rockon80s1 had allegedly passed away. Later, a memorial place was made to remember rockon80s1 forever.


Photo of rockon80s1 memorial place.

"This October our friend Jacob (RockOn80s1). passed away. Rock is someone who always kept positive no matter the situation. In the last conversation Rock and I ever had, I asked him how he was. He replied with, "I'm alive Comrade" I had no idea what a luxury it was to see those words. Rest in peace Jacob. Friend, Co-Owner of RMH, and one fantastic person to have in my life." -Jokerkid5898 Rockon80s1 was eventually terminated for unknown reasons on an unknown date.


lewa1269 is probably the most mysterious of all the leaders. Though he was very inactive back in the day, not many people hear from him now since he barely goes online. However, it is known that he put 100 robux of his own money in to RMH to give it a jumpstart for advertising.


Clockjpg is a good friend of joker and joined Robloxian Myth Hunters in late 2014. He often likes to keep to himself however it is known that he helped out with the 2nd RMH headquarters a little bit.

Stefano (Terminated)

Stefano (a.k.a Universities) is a good friend of joker as well and join RMH in mid-2013 and left for a year to pursue separate projects. It is known that he's donated thousands of Robux into the group as well and has developed group games for the group. He's also the one who created the wikia page. Stefano was eventually terminated for unknown reasons around the Summer of 2018.


Universities is known as Stefano's new main account.

Well known members

After making YouTube videos about creepy Roblox games, Flamingo AKA AlbertsStuff joined RMH after getting emailed by Jokerkid5898.

Enszo, a small YouTuber, was also known to make myth hunting videos with the group.

Group Games

Robloxian Myth Hunters HQ (AKA HQ V1)

Originally a comic store with a secret entrance in the back and developed by Cenoglyphic and Jokerkid5898

Robloxian Myth Hunters HQ 2

Second version of the headquarters. Developed by Cenoglyphic and Jokerkid5898. This time, there are many more buildings and another secret entrance. Within the back of a restaurant called Ceno and Joker's, there's a basement you go down which reveals the headquarters and offices

Robloxian Myth Hunters' Park!

There are three versions of the park.

Version 1: Developed at Stefano's place. Was originally just a blocky bundle of crap and developed by high ranks of RMH.

Version 2: Moved to the group games for RMH and was developed by osemadius and other high ranks.

Version 3: Developed by robyty and had a minor rework but kept everything simple.

Places to Investigate

This game takes you to a random but interesting game made by certain people.

Robloxian Myth Hunters' HQ V3

Third version of the headquarters. Developed by Stefano, Robyty and osemadius. While developing, many other high ranks decided to start helping with the game. It contains a bridge, a church, buildings you can't go in to, ruins of buildings, and a mansion that whenever you click on a book, it opens up to reveal the hallway leading up to the headquarters.


Low Ranks


Whenever you're first put in to the group, you are put in to this rank. It is the standard member rank. You can chat on the group wall and don't have access to the group admin.

Myth Hunter

Though mostly the same as Myth-Seeker, Myth Hunter gives you access to the group shout so you can host myth hunts.

Myth Researcher

Same as Myth Hunter, except Myth Researchers are able to have VIP commands at group games if given by a high rank

Medium Ranks


Able to host hunts and have easier contact to high-ranking members

Myth Expert

In charge of Mythologists.

High Ranks

Extreme Hunter

Controls ranking system and can host hunts.

Hunting Prodigy

In charge of Extreme Hunters

Unobtainable Ranks

Super High Ranks


Chosen by Co-Head and Head of the group.

Co-Head of Myth Hunters

Rank only for Cenoglyphic

Head of Myth Hunters

Rank only for jokerkid5898

Myth Ranks

Smaller/Upcoming Myth

Unobtainable at the moment.

Popular Myth

Unobtainable at the moment.


People often critisizie this game for promoting "Fake Hackers", or "Fake Myths".  The people that are promoted often claim to hack on a certain date, or lie about who they are.