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Rainbow Friends is a horror experience created by Roy & Charcle. Chapter 1 of the game was released on November 14, 2021, and Chapter 2 on June 2, 2023.


The experience, Rainbow Friends, is a multiplayer horror story split up into chapters.

Chapter 1 begins by showing a group of players going on a field trip to an amusement park called Odd World. However, an unknown figure flips the directional sign, causing the bus to veer off the path and crash. Then, the players are dragged away and taken to a strange facility, where each night they have to collect items while avoiding the monsters that lurk around the facility. At the end of each of the five nights, the survivors are returned to a safe room and given a small amount of time to prepare themselves for the next night.


Chapter 1[]

Chapter 1 starts with a maximum of 15 players. A cutscene begins, with players riding in a bus that was supposed to head to Odd World, but the sign pointing to Odd World gets flipped by an unknown figure to make it point to a bio-hazardous area, which then leads to the bus going the wrong direction and crashing. A random player from the group is seen being pulled off screen by the unknown figure. Then, the mysterious figure gives all the players the task of finding 24 of his wooden blocks and returning them to the theater, whilst avoiding Blue who chases them on sight. The players can press C and B in order to crouch or get in a box. The players can find the theater by following the blue arrows. After all 24 blocks are retrieved, a cutscene of Green being introduced begins.

On the second night, the players are given the objective to collect 15 food packs and bring them to the food machine in the theater, while also avoid Green's path at all costs. Regardless of if they are hiding in a box or not, Green is still able to find the player. After all 15 food packs are deposited, a cutscene of Orange's hand is shown dispensing food from the food machine.

On the third night, the players are given the objective to find all 14 fuses and insert them to the machine in the theater while also avoiding Orange. When a siren blares and an orange trail is present, Orange will follow that trail. Purple, another new monster, crawls through the vents. You can see his eyes & hands in the vent that he is in, and he will grab you if you step in front of him. When all 14 fuses are brought to the theater, the machine malfunctions and the lights go out.

This event leads to the fourth night, where the players are to find 9 batteries and insert them into the backup generator to turn the electricity back on. The players are given flashlights and must navigate through the darkness while still avoiding Blue, Green, Orange, and Purple. After all 9 batteries are put in the generator, the mysterious figure mentions a party and promises to let the players go.

During the party, Blue can be seen sitting on a stage wearing a party hat. If a player steps on a balloon, the balloon will pop and Blue will run towards the sound before returning to the stage. The players must navigate around the balloons and reach the exit door. When the players reach the exit door, a green balloon pops on a fork that is sitting on a table, and Blue stands up and starts running toward the players. The players rush to the exit door, and move the big blocks supporting a wood plank, which leads to a vent where the players escape through. The players must navigate the vent, whilst being chased by Blue. When the players walk out of the vent, they crouch under a hatch of a fence and Blue will eventually be crushed by a falling door of the vent and will crawl back in.

A cutscene of Red appears, having been the mysterious figure, and states to have underestimated the players, and that things will become much crazier.

Chapter 2[]

The chapter starts with a maximum of 15 players. A cutscene begins, with the players running in a forest and meeting an old man cutting the fences. A player explains to the old man about a monster but he assumes that it's just their imagination and asks the players to find the light bulbs for the SOS light in the theme park. In the garage, Red presses a button that opens the garage door, releasing Blue and Green from the garage. The players are then in the theme park, given the objective to collect 25 light bulbs for the SOS light as they have to avoid Blue's sight who would give chase as well as Green's path at all cost. The players will also have to avoid Purple if they come to Purple's Lair as it will roam around the sand and try to catch players. After all 25 light bulbs are inserted into the SOS light, a cutscene shows the old man praising the players in addition to him realizing that coming to the theme park was a mistake after he sees Blue. As a drill is briefly shown, Yellow is shown flying whilst Red mentions his stage fright.

On the second round, the players are given the objective to collect 15 gas canisters and insert them to the drill machine and also have to avoid Yellow, who will catch a player and bring them to his nest where he kills them. This can be avoided if the player jumps and lands on the river or the bouncy castle. After all 15 gas canisters are inserted, a cutscene of the drill is shown being used on the door next to the garage only for the door to open and have Lookies fly out of it. The mysterious old man is then shown to be on top of the Green Drop Tower. Red then tells the players to collect the Lookies to let the old man go alive.

On the third round, the players are given the objective to gather 10 Lookies and put them in the pen with a 10-15 time limit. The Lookies emit sounds that allows players to find them easily. After all 10 Lookies are gathered, Red lets the old man down the drop tower safely, and the old man ensuring he is okay, says there is a way out through the Orange Roller Coaster but will need to find a way to get the giant blue Lookie to move by giving him a cake. Cyan is then shown viewing a ladybug but letting it go.

On the fourth round, the players are given the objective to collect 9 sugar packs to use as ingredients for the cake but also have to avoid Cyan who will sense you in her line of vision if you move and will chase you. After all 9 sugar packs are collected, the ingredients for the cake are put in the path for the Orange Roller Coaster, which the giant Lookie rolls to eat as the players enter the path.

The players go through the line which then leads to Crystal Caverns where the players then hop into minecarts. The old man mentions that he programmed a cart up ahead leading to the exit and instructs the players to learn their bodies to follow the cart. The minecarts start moving and pass signs instructing the players on leaning. A cart filled with Lookies briefly appears until the players are taken to a tunnel. In the tunnel, each carts have their own tracks and Cyan appears in front of the cart before it drifts down and follows the cart filled with Lookies. The Lookies' cart leans right to Hemlock Woods, which the player is supposed to do otherwise they get killed by Orange. It then leans right again to the Garden, with the player is to do so otherwise they get killed by Blue. It then leans left which the player is to follow to avoid getting killed by Yellow. The Lookies cart leans right to the path labelled 'Employees Only' to prevent getting killed by Cyan. The players end up near the exit but have to run away from Cyan as she chases them. They then crawl under broken bars, Cyan cannot fit through.

A cutscene of Blue appears, sleeping in his chair as Red asks about his whereabouts.


Coins are used to purchase skins which alter the way your box looks. These skins can be accessed via the shop button on the left hand side of the screen. Most purchases require coins, but purchases can also be made with diamonds.. Coins can be earned by playing the game by surviving each night, and/or collecting needed items to progress to the next round.

You are rewarded with 50 coins for surviving the first night, 75 coins for surviving the second night, 100 coins for surviving the third night, 125 coins for surviving the fourth night, and 150 coins for surviving the finale, which amounts to 500 coins total for surviving an entire game.

You are rewarded with 5 coins per item found and returned by you.

You are rewarded 120 coins total possible for all collected blocks, 75 coins total for all collected food packets, 70 coins total possible for all collected fuses, and 45 coins total possible for all collected batteries, which amounts to 310 total coins for collecting all possible items.


Chapter 1[]


Blue is the first monster introduced, and takes the form of a large, light blue, plushy-like humanoid, wearing a yellow crown and having a button eye, and drooling. Blue wanders around the map searching for players, indicated by his stomping and chuckling. Blue will chase down any players that are not hidden inside a locker, or a box. On some occasions, you can hide when Blue is looking at you, and you will not be killed.

Blue acts much differently in the final night. Blue can be seen sitting still on a stage, chasing down players only if the player pops a balloon in the area, which after a while Blue will return to the stage. After the players has passed through this area, a cut scene of a balloon being popped on a fork will play, and Blue will chase the players. In this chase, Blue will chase the player through the vents. At the end of the chase, Blue is crushed at the exit vent and retreats back inside the vent.

Strategy: If Blue sees you, chase music will play, run away from Blue's line of sight and box. If Blue sees you boxing, a red " ! " will appear above your avatar, and Blue will lift your box, initiating a game over. It is suggested, that if a red " ! " appears above your avatar, unbox, and run away again, before boxing again. If you're feeling confident that no other monsters are nearby, then you may instead choose to run away, since players are faster than Blue. Blue will stop chasing you eventually once you're out of sight. If you hear Blue's footsteps in the proceeding room while approaching a door, box before entering, then take a peek, if Blue is seen in said room, stay boxed and move past and wait until Blue leaves. If Blue is not in the room, unbox, and proceed with caution. Since boxing behind a closed door is not seen by Blue, you may agro Blue, lead Blue to your current room, and box behind the door, and go into the proceeding room, past Blue. After this, Blue will leave the room, allowing you to run away, or if Blue sees you, then you can keep going since, the player can outrun Blue.

Agro speed: Slower than your walking speed. Slightly slower than your crouching speed. Faster than your boxed speed.

Spawn: Every night Blue starts at Sublevel A, next to the barn and shower.


Green is the second monster introduced, and takes the form of a large, lanky, long limbed, green, plushy-like humanoid with googly eyes. Green is blind and does not actively chase players, instead searching the map in hopes of catching players, stopping at set points in the map to search for players, before continuing to wander after ~2 minutes. Green doesn't react to sound, which makes Green easier to evade. Green's presence can be detected by a squeaking sound made when Green walks. Green will randomly make a confetti sound with his tongue. Touching Green immediately causes a game over, boxing will not protect you from Green.

Strategy: Be careful when you run towards a door to a room, Green could be searching inside the room. If you hear Green's footsteps from the proceeding room, it is not suggested to continue into said room. If you are trapped between Blue and Green then hide inside a cabinet or crouch into a cubby in the wall, running is your second best option. It is also important to take note of a feature, in which you can go under Green's raised arm while Green is searching a room, but this is dangerous, as Green can drop his arm back down at any time.

Speed: Much slower than your walking speed, slower than your crouching speed, faster than your boxed speed.

Spawn: Spawns at Sublevel A, near Blue.


Orange is the third monster introduced, and takes the form of a small, orange, Allosaurus with wiggly eyes. When Orange comes out of the cove there will be sirens blaring while an orange line indicates Orange's path. Failing to hide when he is nearby will cause a game over as he is the fastest monster. When Orange runs you can hear loud tapping footprints.

Orange can be fed in order to prevent him from appearing. There is a machine in his lair that dispenses food for Orange to feed on for the next 2–3 minutes after activation. Please note that interacting with the machine while food is already dispensed will cause Orange to go into his happy dance and will agro and run out, but this time without a warning or path.

Strategy: If you hear sirens or see an orange line, box up or find a locker to hide in. If you see the line and aren't boxed up Orange will see you and run after you. If you do not wish to box then avoid the path entirely and Orange will not spot you.

Speed: Much faster than player walking speed.

Spawn: In a cove-like area near the cave area of the map.


Purple is the fourth creature introduced, on the same night as Orange. Purple's true appearance is unknown, but its eyes and hands are visible during gameplay, and a set of sharp teeth is visible when caught by Purple. Purple roams around in the vents, making rhythmic noise and sticking their hands out of the vent they are currently occupying. If you see Purple in a vent avoid touching the water, and follow the footprints through the water, or Purple will pull you in, causing a game over. If there is no Purple in the vent, the water is safe.

When you see Purple in a vent, don't cross the water. If you have to cross the vent, walk over the footsteps going through the water.

Spawn: Inside the vents

The Scientist[]

The Scientist commonly referred to as Red is a human in a looky mask, instead giving them the tasks that are completed throughout the entire of this chapter.

Once players have escaped from the facility, Red is revealed to be the voice guiding the players throughout the game, only giving off the warning that Things are about to get a lot crazier". Whether or not Red was the one who dropped the door on Blue at the end of the story, and whether or not Red is truly on the side of the players or has some sort of ulterior motive is unknown. It may be that Red is Oswald D. Davis,the founder of the bio-hazardous site of Rainbow Friends.

Chapter 2[]


Yellow is a monster that has appeared in Chapter 2.

Yellow is a pterosaur-like creature seen in the second hour of the chapter. He has a propeller in his back, and if he spots you, he will carry you to the air and into his nest to kill you. You need to jump to a safe place (the bouncy castle or the river) to survive.


Cyan (known as Cyan Master in the files and on Charcle's inventory) is a monster introduced in Chapter 2.

Cyan is a monster like character with a body shaped like a Diplocaulus. She has no arms and has an arch-shaped head. Her eyes resemble that of Orange. Like any other character, she will roam around and begin to chase you if spotted outside of a box, if spotted inside a box, her expression will become more alert, meaning you will have to wait for Cyan to move away before moving again. If you move whilst she is suspicious of you, she'll begin to chase you.

During the ending part of Chapter 2, after you fall from the Garbage chute while in the cart, Cyan will fall down the shute, get back up and begin chasing, she will be faster during this chase sequence so you will have to keep running, after getting to a gate with a crawlspace, Cyan will stop and try to get through, before giving up and leaving.

Unused characters[]


Pink is an unused Chapter 1 monster found in the game files, originally supposed to appear as the fifth monster in Night 4.

Yellow Senior

Yellow Senior(name given by the community) is a duck-like unused Chapter 1 monster found in the game files, originally supposed to appear as the sixth monster in Night 4.

Red Red (known in files as Character) is an unused Rainbow friend that meant to appear in Chapter 2. They were found in the Chapter 2 Prototype and They also had previously appeared on the Minigame box. • Red's Mesh Can be seen here.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • There's a test place in the map where you can find two unused monsters. These being Pink, a weird alien-like pink monster. and the other one being Yellow Senior(Name given by the community), a weird human sized duck.
    • Pink was recently found to be under the map of Chapter 1 in Night 4, there's a video showcasing this (Click here to see the video).
    • Pink's file name is called "Gooey".
    • The chapter 2 new Yellow is also a bird (confirmed by the game files of Chapter 2) which would make perfect sense if the Yellow Senior would be the Parent of The current Yellow. people who believe the theory, refer to the Old Yellow as Yellow Senior/Yellow Sr., and The current Yellow as Yellow Junior/Yellow Jr, and on top of that, Current Yellow has a nest and no partner or kids, even though he's male, so it would also make perfect sense, if it was his mother's nest (Which could be Yellow Senior). And also, Yellow Senior's wings are too small to make her fly which would explain why Yellow never learned how to fly without a helicopter on his back. Howewer, this is just a theory.
  • For every time you win an entire game, you are rewarded with a "VETERAN: #" tag, "#" being the total number of final round you've survived. So for example, if you've won the game 3 times, it would show "VETERAN: 3". This is displayed at the end of each round to show the players that have survived and that have been captured.
  • You can see a model of Blue floating under the map by glitching in a place or exploiting crouch spots, to exploit these crouch spots you have to crouch in and then use the box.
  • There are humanoid bodies in the machine which the players put fuses on.
  • Orange can catch you instantly if you're near him, even if he's not exact in front of you.
  • You can go into the vent in the cutscene where Blue pushes himself in the vent.
  • There are multiple scratches around the chapter 1 map.
  • The Rainbow Friends' attraction is called Hemlock Woods.
  • There is a red Among Us character hidden in Green's spawn room.
  • The game doesn't let players jump, except in stairs, when Yellow is flying or when riding Green's Drop Tower.
  • If you fall in the black part of the vents of the last night you'll be caught by Purple.
  • Purple can't kill you if you step on the footprints.
  • Behind the vents, there are red, purple and indigo blocks.
  • If you look at the Trenton portrait by the glass he will become different.
  • Rainbow Friends is made by the same creator as "Spider"
  • You can find a lot of rooms and unopenable doors in the map, like two doors that you can't open in the Castle