Sword of the Autumnal Winds

The Season Sword series consists of melee gears created by ROBLOX that have unique abilities.

All Season Sword

The All Season Sword (also known as Elemental Sword) is one of the two current gears that must have specific gear bought in order to obtain (with Epic Katana being the other). It is a fairly large sword with a range comparable to Venomshank or Firebrand. Etched into the blade itself are the four symbols representing seasons. (Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer.) The sword has many abilities, including a faster walkspeed, faster healing, and the ability to freeze enemies when they are striked. (Done by pressing "X" and confirmed by a blue "frost" on the blade.)

It also has the (rather obsolete) ability of draining a small amount of health from all opponents nearby to heal the user by pressing "E."

This sword requires the four Season Swords to be created in-game: Sword of the Autumnal Winds, Sword of the Winter Winds, Spring Sword of Growth, and the Sword of the Summer Sun. It requires the "Sword of the Summer Sun" to be equipped and unequipped to make the sword.


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