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Cruise Ship Tycoon is a Building and Tycoon game based around building a cruise ship company, the game was developed by the group, Secondhand Studios who also created the successful game, Retail Tycoon 2. As of May 2024 there have been 32.7 million visits to the game.

However, the game has been abandoned by the development group and has not had any formal updates since May 2021. Still, the game receives a small regular player base who still play the game despite the lack of updates.


The aim of the game is to simply sail your ship with passengers towards any of the several islands in the game. you then get money from the trip that you could use to modify and buy newer and bigger ships. Mange the money properly or your company will go under (figuratively or literally).

Build and Passenger Mechanics[]

The first ship you receive as a new player has nothing inside, this is because the game wants you to add rooms and facilities to both your liking and the AI passengers liking. This means you can add rooms, pools, food booths and toilets anywhere in the ship.

Inside of ship

The interior of my ship

Passengers will rate your ship on what there is to offer for them e.g. they tell you that there aren't enough toilets on the ship or there aren't enough places for entertainment. All of this will change the star rating your ship and company has, having more stars gives you a money boost so its best to listen to what the passengers demands are.


There are a variety of fancier and bigger ships in that game that you could buy and customize to your disposal.

Name Price (stock) Speed
Heron $80,000 15.28 kn
Raven $200,000 14.46 kn
Mallard $500,000 15.81 kn
Pelican $1,000,000 13 kn
Osprey $2,000,000 13.68 kn
Albatross $4,000,000 14.23 kn
Titanic R$ 600 21.29 kn
Outside of cruise ship

Osprey class cruise ship


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  • There are 6 islands in the game
  • in 2021 April fools, the devs added a container ship at got stuck in the Orion channel, a reference to the Suez canal blockage
  • the building mechanics of the game are similar to the system used in Retail tycoon 2.
    • This suggests that the game was a early test for the future building mechanics for the game and to fix errors that may come up.