Future Tycoon by Fvii played with MasterEffect shaders.

Shader mods have been one of the most popular and only mods to have been made for Roblox. These mods give the user the opportunity to add more adjustable visual effects that are not available in stock Roblox. The effects are oftentimes controllable through a GUI.

How to use

There are many shader mods. The two most popular ones are SweetFX and MasterEffect.


  1. Download ReShade on the official ReShade website.
  2. Open the setup file.
  3. Click browse.
  4. Navigate to Roblox's installation directory (%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions, then select the last modified folder).
  5. Choose the shader packs you would like to install. You can click on the packs themselves instead of the checkbox to install individual effects inside of their respective shader packs.
  6. While the game is running, press Shift+F2 or Home to open the ReShade UI. This will give you the ability to enable/disable certain visual effects after completing the tutorial, if not skipped.

Things to keep in mind

  • Using shaders WILL take a toll on overall performance, especially on less powerful systems. At least a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or Radeon RX570 are recommended for consistently tolerable performance.
  • Using this will not get you banned since they do not actually modify any code, and thus Roblox cannot detect them. There have been no known cases of people getting banned for using ReShade or other shader mods.
  • If performance mode is disabled, you can customize almost every effect which allows for much more customization.
  • ReShade must be reinstalled every time Roblox updates.

Useful Links

ReShade presets


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