Shadow Sniper Team is a 6,000+ member clan on Roblox. Its member count fell to the state of 500 members at one point in time. It is currently owned by KantenSword.


Shadow Sniper Team was founded by user LordVeno. Eventually due to his inactiveness he gave it to user KantenSword. Kanten started out by recruiting additional forces. Notable users were Zeilrules, Jollyman152 and Kondou. By 2012 the small group had achieved over 10 High ranks. The head general was Kondou, he was the creator of the group's forts. It was during this era that SST declared war on a group called CUC. Though this war ended in a draw, this event would shape the group later on. In Kantensword resigned leadership and gave SST to his brother ojl1.

ojl1 was a bad leader he was inactive and promoted terrible HR's and exiled the original SST HR's which never left SST's side after Kanten resigned. Eventually ojl1 gave it Kondou and during this time Kondou had developed the first cleanscope gun system. However the nooby HR's stayed in the group but were eventually demoted and as a result a majority of them left. One high ranks named Kutrut thought he should have a high position just for being in Kondou's shutdown group called "The Elite Unit". Eventually he was demoted which resulted with him raiding SST on a random morning. This raid was easily destroyed and won by various High Ranks of SST. A few days after this event, Kondou resigned and gave it to Mattay51 because he couldn't hold on to it anymore.

KantenSwords eventually came back as a new head general. Then all of the old SST HR's had came back and the newer less experienced High Ranks were demoted. A new era started, this would be known as SST's golden era. During this period, new logos, new forts and a new promotional system were put into place. In this "new era" however many challenges came. Green Gods which allied SST due to the war against CUC, started creating problems with SST.  Eventually, High Ranks complained about this and the alliance with Green Gods was disbanded. Hatred later rose between the groups, and war started. Kondou who was 2iC in GG left the group to rejoin SST. Kondou though returned to GG, only to regain Ryan's trust. Ryan therefore trusted him and as a result, Kondou hacked Ryan and attempted to shutdown GG and make all members join Shadow Sniper Team. This  made SST's member count go up to 5000 members. Later though, Kanten and Kondou decided they would quit and start a new clan, leaving SST in Mattay51's hands again.

After a short period, Kondou came back and thought that Mattay51 was leading terribly and asked for SST to be returned to his hands. Mattay51 didn't refuse he just gave it back. Kondou shut SST down and sent a majority of the members to a clan called The SBS. After this he gave it to Jollyman152. Due to this transfer of members, SST has become inactive and is now at a member count of 500. Kondou came back yet again and helped Jolly reform the group, an academy was put into place, users must pass the academy to be accepted into the group. Currently, the group is in the process of rebuilding itself back to what is once was before. 


  • LordVeno was the founder of SST, he was inactive and handed the group over to KantenSwords.
  • Kantensword was a popular leader within the group. He left on some occasions but returned after a brief period. He however died from drinking at 16.
  • ojl1 was leader for two months but wasn't popular within the group. He promoted power hungry people to the High Rank position. He gained SST members due to the free VIP recruitment method. He is the brother of KantenSwords.
  • Mattay51 was leader for a couple short time periods. He wad regonized as a good leader for SST.
  • Kondou is the leader with the longest time. He left the group on many occasions but claimed back after brief periods, similar to KantenSwords. He gained SST, a lot of members by hacking Green Gods and transferring a majority of their members to SST. He later transferred those members from SST to a group called The SBS. He is still in the group today.
  • Jollyman152 was a fairly popular leader in the group. He though, often listened to Kondou for advice and is really thought of as a figurehead to Kondou. He reformed the group after the shutdown. He eventually gave it back to KantenSwords.
  • tibbles107 is ojl1 with a changed name.
  • BryanArclight owned the group at one time.
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