A user performing the Side-Walking Glitch.

The Side-Walking glitch was a glitch found in 2014 which allowed players to move in the air without falling. Users often used it in Shedletsky's Sword Fight On the Heights Original place before an animation update fixed the glitch.

It is the 3rd most popular platform crossing glitch behind the most famous, character fusion and the Sword Jump Glitch (SG) appeared in March or April.

How to Perform and More Information

The original user who found the glitch is unknown, but it is sometimes said to be originally founded in Sword Fight on the Heights Original but this is unlikely.

To perform it takes some energy.

1. Press shift to turn Mouselock on. Enable it in options if you have not already.

2. Position yourself horizontally.

3. Rapidly press the D key and move the camera to go the direction you want to go. Tip: Use your stronger finger to perform this glitch.

You may also use the Left-Arrow or A key to perform this glitch. You can also go on a vertical position by holding W.


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  • Sometimes an exploiter will glitch the wobbly plates. The wobbly plates disappear but the game still think they are there, thus if you perform the glitch while this happened, you'll fall at a certain spot due to the game thinking that the wobbly plates are still there.
  • Hitting any solid object while Side-walking will result in the glitch being canceled and the user will often fall to their death afterwards if they were in mid-air.
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