An example of one of the most popular simulator games currently

A simulator is a game type on Roblox that attempts to imitate a real-life action, situation, or object through endless progression. Often, simulators will involve players to either click, tap or hold repeatedly or go up to a certain object to obtain some type of in-game item to reach a maximum that a player can hold. The in-game item can then be converted into an in-game currency, which can be used to buy improved upgrades to either hold more items or to gain the in-game currency at a faster rate. In some instances, different skins can also be purchased, usually for aesthetic-only purposes, but can be also used as a boost aswell.

Rebirthing and high-ranking leaderboards are normally present in simulators to encourage a longer play-time from its audience.

There are exceptions to the above, such as in Dinosaur Simulator, where the game attempts to simulate a living creature's life. Some simulators also do not follow the traditional grinding formula that the word itself is associated with, such as Vehicle Simulator. Some simulators which do follow the trend may attempt to distinguish themselves from other 'generic' ones, such as Bee Swarm Simulator.

The game world in simulators is usually flat. Currency and/or materials will be scattered around the map for players to collect. Other worlds can be accessed by either achieving a certain level or by purchasing it with in-game currency or Robux.

Some simulators have a PvP aspect between players, which in some cases may be activated or deactivated based on user input at any time.

In more recent simulator games, such as in Bubble Gum Simulator, pets can be purchased to gain additional perks (usually used as an added multiplier to obtain even more materials or currency). Pets can also be traded between other players, giving more value for higher-leveled and rarer pets.


Simulators are generally frowned upon on Roblox, as many are considered to be filled with expensive micro-transactions, causing them to be considered as "grindy" and unfun. They have also been criticized for the ease of traffic gain from developers, allowing them to quickly reach the front page in a short amount of time before falling off, usually failing to come back and break its former record(s). They have also drawn similarities to tycoon games due to their repetitiveness (in comparison, tycoons were usually known to involve semi-automated processes by which players slowly upgraded a plot of land).

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