Sinister Studio is a group made by PostID and is known for copying or false advertising places. PostID is only a holder account to hide the real owner. Some of their famous games are "[180] Mega Fun Obby!" The group had over 56000 members, but after the termination of the original group the new group stands at 84 members. The group was known by the community for using the bait and switch method.

Sinister Studio once was given "permission" by Games_Page to make the summer update for Life in Paradise.

Deceptive Advertising

They use the bait and switch method to achieve their fame. An example of this is Mineblox. Sinister Studio has a place under review that used to be called "Minecraft ." When played, it teleported players to the "Dont fall into the giant toilet Obby."


Sinister Studio is well hated by the majority of the ROBLOX community for using deceptive advertising to gain place visits. Despite reaching its fame of 77K members, the majority of members left.

Termination and temporary revival

Around 2016, the original Sinister Studio group was terminated, resulting in mass member loss. After this happened, PostID created a second group, but Sinister Studio had already lost their popularity. The new group currently only has 207 members. The group made one more game before PostID went inactive.

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