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A roblox skateboard.

A skateboard is a vehicle-type gear item that was first introduced in late February 2010. The release of the skateboard triggered a series of building contests that are still ongoing today. The contests are all with ROBLOX being teamed up with Disney.

Skateboards were released as a new object in the editor, as well as gear.


The skateboards work just like vehicles, except with a few changes to make it look and feel like you are skating. Experimental body animation frames were used to make it look like you are skateboarding. There are a few problems with you falling over on your side and getting stuck. This can be fixed by adding an unflip tool or GUI. To dismount, the player presses Backspace ("Esc" before 2011).



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  • Originally, skateboards could not be picked up, which led to many players complaining about losing their skateboards, but sometime in 2014 or 2015, ROBLOX added the ability to pick up all skateboards, to avoid losing them.
  • Sometimes, when a player tries to get on a skateboard, it would tip over on its side, making it impossible to get on.
  • It is unknown why the TBC and OBC skateboards were put offsale around March of 2016.
  • In some places, using a Gravity Coil on a skateboard will cause the player to slip around while using them, also allowing the player to build high amounts of speed.