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Case Clicker is a Roblox game which was created by Skilled Scripters, who refer to themselves as Skilled Games now. While the game is owned by Skilled Games, most of the developing is done by samuel_huckaby, the head developer of Skilled Games. The game is a simple clicking game, where you can buy cases, click for money (Case-Bux), and trade with others. Other features include minigames for you to play, such as Jackpot and Coin Flip. The game was created on March 4, 2017, and has accumulated over 59 million place visits as of August 31, 2019.


New players will instantly have 10,000 Case-Bux to start off when the player joins the game for the first time. Your overall objective is to become wealthy by buying and opening cases, trading with others, and clicking for Case-Bux in order to get more money to open more cases, and many other features.


Here are some features which the game has to offer to players.


Cases can be purchased with Case-Bux.

Here are the different types of rarities:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Unobtainable (Tier can only be opened with the Unobtainable-tier activation game pass)
  • Omega
  • Mythic
  • Exclusive (No case)
  • Ultimate (No case)


Codes can sometimes be found on samuel_huckaby's Twitter account and they can be used to redeem items inside of Case Clicker. All of the items redeemed from codes are Exclusive-tier items. Codes are usually released in celebration of the game reaching a certain amount of place visits or likes. While most of the codes can be found on Sam's Twitter account, some can be found by other methods such as finding it in the official value list.


Here are some currencies which the game has to offer to players.


Case-Bux is the main currency in Case Clicker which can be used to purchase cases. You will gradually earn Case-Bux over time. You can also sell your items and when you sell an item, you will get the item's in-game value as the amount of Case-Bux you will earn.


Gems are the secondary currency in Case Clicker which can be used to purchase extraordinary features and upgrades, along with purchasing Featured Items in the Featured Items Shop. When you open a supply drop, you will get 10 Gems for each supply drop you open.


Here are some minigames which the game has to offer to players.


The Jackpot is a game inside of Case Clicker where people compete to have the highest percentage, which is by putting the most items inside the jackpot. The winner wins back all of their items, along with everyone else's items. This game is partially based on a real life jackpot. The community usually names people who enter larger-valued items into the jackpot last minute 'snipers', as everyone else is not expecting for a larger item to be entered.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip involves placing a bet (of Case-Bux) of your choice. Once you place your bet, the system decides "heads" or "tails". If you get heads, you get double the amount. If you get tails, you lose your bet.


Crash involves placing a bet of Case-Bux and waiting afterwards. The longer you wait, the more valuable your multiplier is. The way this works is that when you place a bet, your winnings are decided based on the multiplier, and the system uses nm (n = your bet, m = multiplier) to decide your winnings. To gain profit out of this, you'll generally want to get a multiplier greater than 1. If you wait too long, it will crash, giving you nothing.

Supply Drops

Supply Drops are crates that "drop" (spawn in every 10 minutes) and give the first player that finds it and "opens" it 3 random items, along with 10 Gems per supply drop. It is based off of supply drops in Fortnite. All rarities of items excluding Exclusives can be found in these supply drops.


Here are some shops which the game has to offer to players.

Black Market

The Black Market was an in-game shop where you could have purchased Case Clicker items for Gems. The shop was updated weekly, where new items would be put into circulation. There were 4 items on-sale per week, and after the week is over, 1 of those items would become Exclusive-tier. It was removed sometime in 2018.

Featured Items Shop

The Featured Items Shop is an in-game shop where you are able to purchase Case Clicker items for Case-Bux and Gems. There is a "Daily Items" section of the shop, where players can purchase various items for Case-Bux. There is also a "Featured Items" section of the shop, where players can purchase various items (usually Omega-tier and Mythic-tier items) for Gems. Both sections are automatically updated daily. This shop is considered to be a replacement of the Black Market by many players.

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