Catalog Heaven is a popular sandbox game created by Seranok and Merely, published under the group Sky Studios. The game itself used to average 1,000-1,500 playing at a time. Nowadays, the game is less popular, normally averaging 300-500 people playing at once.


The purpose of this game is for players to be able to test all of the merchandise that is offered on the catalog before they actually purchase it. When the player enters the game, a GUI menu appears, allowing them to choose from a variety of gear, hats, faces, and packages. Clothes could also have been tested at one point before being removed. These items will be received after the player has been selected and can be tested throughout the server's map, or in the case of weapons, can be used on other players. The place is extremely popular and shows up often on the front page. The game is well-received for its concept and for the scripting in-game but criticized for limiting some of the gear available for testing to VIP users only. Catalog Heaven is a generally well-received game in the ROBLOXian community, and Seranok has received lots of praise for the game. The game was also the winner for a game trailer contest. There is currently a fan group for the game, which has over 10,000 members. Catalog Heaven currently has over 1,000,000 favorites and over 279,000 thumbs up, with a 88% approval rate.


Players spawn in little glass rooms above the map (colloquially known as Spawn Boxes). There, players can open a GUI where they can select bodies, hats, gear, and faces for their ROBLOXian to wear. They can then enter the map. Depending on where you enter, there may be different maps. Each one changes at random. One of the maps includes giant grey rocks enclosing a grassy terrain with a white tower which you can climb on and a white house. There are five maps total.

Banned Gears


Banned gear section in the catalog.

After a disputed update, certain types of gear were banned from the game for being vastly overpowered compared to most other gear. The gear is displayed, however, banned gear are marked with a circle and a line through the middle in red to signify that it's banned. Clicking on banned gear will play a bump sound and ask the player if they want to buy Banned VIP. Banned items include The Fiery Sun, Poseidon's Quake Staff, the R-Orb, Airstrike, Bunny ears of Caprice, Body Swap Potion, Crescendo, the Soul Stealer, Bear Mine Gun, and the Ninja Blink Potion. Some of the banned gear were banned due to glitches. Some may have been banned due to the fact that it allowed players to teleport into another player's spawn box. You can bypass these restrictions by buying the Banned Gear VIP Game Pass.

VIP T-Shirts

Three VIP T-shirts are currently available for the game. These versions have the titles "Normal", "Elite", and "Supreme". Certain types of gear, such as the Dual Greenstel Claws and Gold Hammer are only accessible by players who own a VIP T-shirt. Each T-shirt grants access to a certain amount of gear, with the variety increasing from Normal through Supreme.

A model of the outfit saver is located within the spawning box with text over its head stating if the player buys any VIP T-shirt the player will receive an outfit saver. If a player buys VIP, the outfit saver will become usable; the outfit that the player is wearing will stay in the form it is saved in. If players do not have VIP, or nothing is saved, the model will be made of concrete.

Normal VIP

Costs 15 ROBUX. The Normal VIP benefits are as follow:

Elite VIP

Costs 150 ROBUX. Players who have purchased Elite VIP have the benefits of Normal VIP, as well as the following privileges:

Supreme VIP

Costs 250 ROBUX. In addition to the benefits of the Normal and Elite VIPs, players who have purchased Supreme VIP will receive the following benefits:

Game Passes

There are two Game Passes available for Catalog Heaven.

Force Field Potion

This game pass gives you a potion that grants you invulnerability for a few seconds. Costs 15 ROBUX.

Banned Gear VIP

This game pass grants access to all banned gear. Costing 5001 ROBUX, the cost was justified as a means of limiting the number of players with access to powerful banned gear.

Spawn Box

Catalog heaven base

Spawn box with all the VIP

The spawn box is a platform surrounded by an octagon-shaped room surrounded by a forcefield in which all users spawn in. The forcefield can be removed by clicking on a switch inside the base. All users have their own spawn box, and all of them have a different color for their spawn box. If a player has bought VIP, a dummy, outfit saver and healing pad will appear in that player's spawn box, as well as a random hat giver if a player has bought Supreme VIP. If another player touches the forcefield, it will kill that player. The only way that a player can get into another player's spawn box is if that player lowers the forcefield, or gear is used that allows players to teleport into other spawn boxes. A teleporter to the map was located in the spawn box and has since been removed. You or another player have to touch the inside of your forcefield to get out of the spawn box.


  • A lot of the gear in this game has been removed from the catalog because they do not function as intended or are simply too overpowered to even be allowed as a banned gear. This includes a few gear that people overuse like the Rainbow Periastron Omega and unusable ones such as the Dual Darkhearts.
  • The healing pad is inside of the base so it is nearly impossible to access.
  • The dummy sometimes permanently dies after you kill it
  • The hat giver doesn't work, but you can shoot it with the hyper laser to kill it.
  • Mostly when you open and then close the Catalog it crashes
  • Most gear do not work like they used to.


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  • Catalog Heaven is constantly updated to include all of the new items that are released into the ROBLOX Catalog.
  • The name was originally invented by GeniusBuilder in a name contest on the Let's Make a Deal forum.
  • Every player is assigned to hidden teams, which is why the spawn boxes are different colors.
  • The Normal VIP T-shirt was temporarily deleted by a ROBLOX moderator for an unknown reason, but it was later restored.
  • It is possible to remove the head of the outfit saver by head-shotting it with a rocket or any other exploding projectile. This was recently fixed.
  • You can knock the hats off of the outfit saver by hitting it in the head with anything that can knock joints off like the Joint Breaker and the Sledge Hammer
  • The game is sometimes criticized for the heavy use of 'overpowered' items, such as the Icedagger, Telamonster: the Chaos Edge, Green Hyperlaser Gun, Super Speedy Purple Potion, Ghost Invisibility Elixir, Rainbow Magic Carpet, Flaming Hedgehog Cannon, most of the Periastrons, Vampire Vanquisher: Sword and Shield, Bad Bunny, Bat Knight Bat Sword, and Sword of Light.
  • When Seranok finished being a Roblox summer intern, he changed the title name from Catalog Heaven to Catalogue Heaven, which is the British spelling of Catalog but it received heavy criticism from American users. Eventually, the name was reverted.
  • Sometimes in the old version, players will see that they get bloxxed by a magic carpet, This happens when a player switches to a new gear fast, and not register the kill the player used the gear with.
  • Players often go to players' spawn boxes or glitch into them (if they are protected via a forcefield) or spawnkill in order to get more kills whenever they are not playing, which can make the opposing players upset.
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