Sleet Clan was a super-clan on ROBLOX, founded by Pragmatist in 2010. It is an arctic themed militaristic roleplay Clan. Their home planet Sylvia, a winter-stricken planet littered with powerful sapphire formations, is home to a people named called Sylvians. Sleet Clan is well known for their state of the art games and facilities, especially for their historical fort such as Stronghold Solum, Hailstone, Briscald, Icarus, and Fort Sage. The members proud themselves with their continued drive to excel as one of the most influential and active ancient clans on ROBLOX. Sleet Clan has had a strong-rich history through the years with many leaders.

Year of 2016

On January 17, 2016, Pragmatist was hacked. Most Sleet Clan members were exiled, causing the member count to drop to little over 1300, as opposed to the 10,000+ it had before. After getting the group back Pragmatist had decided that he would quit ROBLOX, however it was difficult to come to a decision on who would lead next. Pragmatist had given the group to Polymorphic, the Grand Admiral of The Roblox Assault Team, to stabilize and find a new leader while Pragmatist quit.

The Councilium Era


Pragmatist / Flect

During this era Polymorphic was the holder of the group. He introduced the Councilium government, a complex system where multiple members were placed in a Council that runs the group, each one responsible for specific affairs of the Clan. This government was created so that a defined leader may be chosen by themselves. This system looked good on paper, but had caused extreme unrest within Sleet Clan. Under this government the Councilium, similar to a tribunal, was able to vote each other out of the leadership rank and vote in members. This had caused power struggles among the members who had been in this rank. After several parties had attempted to seize power, the Councilium had come to a mutual decision that JJ71599 would be the best defined leader. JJ71599 is known for pleasing all parties, leading to him being the best choice. The Councilium elected him as the High Councilium on February 26, 2016. However, This did not mean that JJ71599 was given ownership of the group. The Councilium government was kept in place, which several parties continued to battle for the rank in the leadership core. A month later on March 26, 2016, Polymorphic had finally transferred ownership to JJ71599.

JJ71599's Era



During JJ71599's era, the Councilium system was abolished and replaced with the Luminary system. This government had three Luminaries who was delegated responsibility for three specific affairs of the group. External Affairs led by Chrispykreme, Internal Affairs led by JamberPilot, and Development Affairs led by OwneD1991. These individuals would have Superiors under them who were responsible for their own department. All governed by the Overlord. Sleet Clan had become extremely bureaucratic with an efficient government, however with no HR's to take care of the delegated tasks. For the rest of the short lived era the leadership focused on reconstruction of a strong High Command since previous high ranks had left during the Councilium era due to the power struggles and unrest.

Soon enough, JJ71599 had come under fire by a team of hackers called the "OG Squad". JJ71599 had received threats and felt that the security of the group was at risk. For the best interest of the group, he had transferred ownership back to Polymorphic. The decision on who would be the next leader was questionable, between two candidates, JamberPilot and Chrispykreme. Both candidates had outspokenly explained their devotion to Sleet Clan, and both became stern on winning over the leadership. The leader was to be chosen on April 15, 2016. When the time came, JJ71599 had surprised everyone by announcing that he would return as leader. However, this became a very short return.

On April 16, 2016 near midnight, JJ1599 was hacked and Sleet Clan was compromised. This had been the third time Sleet Clan was hijacked. When Pragmatist had gotten word of the attack he had returned to help fix the situation. Pragmatist had gotten the group back once more, however he had decided that he would decide the next leader this time rather than giving the Clan to Polymorphic again since his system caused issues. 

The Interlude of 2016

Pragmatist had formed a small committee which carefully examined the two candidates. For a few weeks, the two candidates had disputed the leadership with each other. Both candidates were titled as a duel leadership, where they were both leaders of the group holding the same title. This had complicated the progress as there was no defined leader to make decisions. During the final interviews JamberPilot had admitted that he would drop out of the race for leadership and concede so that the Clan would move in a progressive direction. Candidate Chrispykreme became the next Overlord of Sleet Clan.

Chrispykreme's Era



On May 1, 2016 Chrispykreme was announced as the new Overlord. Destroyer97 had became the Luminary of External Affairs, JamberPilot remained in Internal Affairs, and OwneD1991 remained in Development Affairs. In the first month of Chrispy's era, he had pushed Sleet Clan to an exciting and active period. A lot of raids and defenses were won, and Sleet Clan had become full of extremely skilled gunfighters.

Great events such as an organized civil war 'Emerald vs Ruby' was conducted after several months of planning. Alongside this a lot there were plenty of new members that had joined. In July, Sleet Clan declared war on John's Cobras to show the might that had been made in Sylvia. The war intensified over the course of a few days but was eventually brought to a halt after a major scandal was revealed on Chrispykreme. After it was found that war terms had been broken and blatant cheating had been performed by Chrispykreme, John's Cobras agree to the war being void and resulted in an agreed peace/tie. Following the war a civil war ensued, but the rebels, dissatisfied with Chrispykreme's behavior during the JC war were removed, resulting in many demotions and exiles. Though it had severed the leadership and Sylvia began to lose activity.

Not that much long later, in August 2016, Chrispykreme was involved in a major scandal where he was found in the process of selling the group. This quickly became public. During the chaos, Chrispykreme had been talked into and agreed to sell the Clan to his former 2iC, who recently resigned for college, AscendingImmortal. Chrispy had made a public resignation forum post regarding his leave and giving the group to Ascending, though, the deal would soon be complicated once it was found that AscendingImmortal would not be sending the money. Eventually Pragmatist had come online and quickly got in contact with ROBLOX administrators to help save the group. Pragmatist announced that he would indefinitely hold the group until he could find a competent owner. Upon JamberPilot's return, previous candidate for Overlord in April and a rebel during the civil/rebellion war in late July, he quickly gained support from the community to be their leader. Jamber was soon announced to be the next Overlord of Sleet Clan.

JamberPilot's Era



On September 16, JamberPilot was inaugurated as Sylvia's Overlord. Shortly thereafter a war was announced on Arvorian Confederation. The war did not last long. After an embarrassing margin of 12-1, SC surrendered. This led to a poor start of Jamber's era, though this being his first war, many in the community was forgiving.

Though much of the Clan world had began to die off during this period of time as many would leave. After a couple of months of the group loosing progress on development Sylvia would shrink to low activity. In December there were many resignations from members of the High Command that had led to the group being barren. JamberPilot had spoke with the standing members of the High Command and a few that had left to bring back the community with a changed governing system. With the reorganization and high officials of the clan, the group began to work on development and new tech.

Year of 2017

JamberPilot's Era (cont.)

In January, The Roblox Assault Team declared war on Sleet Clan, though it had been made public that Sleet Clan was focusing on development and itself. The Sylvian High Command agreed to accept the war in hopes that it would bring back the activity. Though this did bring hype, negotiations would last for an entire month, eventually leading to Jamber denouncing the war due to RAT being obstinate. For a few months Sylvia would continue to grow a community of active members.

In March 2017 SC went to war with John's Cobras. The war was hard fought for several days with very few wins gained by either side during those days. During the war duration there had been dozens of disputes and arguments, where John's Cobras had been found changing base rules during the war and breaking other agreed war terms. Alongside this there was a major controversy regarding having members fight for either side in return of monetary gains. It was found that John's Cobras had intended to accept outsiders for the war, which led to them declining a war term proposed by Sleet Clan to incriminate the action of paying members for the war. Jamber had played ball first by publicly giving money to Sylvians on a robux-per-kill basis. For the first time in War Clan history a clan offered money to their members in return for participation in events. However, this quickly led to individuals that were skilled gunfighters among the War Clan community to flock back and forth between the two groups, looking to make money from the highest bidder. It became a bidding war. Sylvia had deeper pockets and eventually began to tip the war in Sylvia's favor, though the war had became a major struggle. The mercenaries would become the ultimate victors from the war as they had gained money from both sides of the war. John's Cobras eventually announced that they would no longer participate, or recognize the war. Their thread was regarded as a surrender, though John's Cobras recognized the war as a tie due to the mercenary issue, disregarding their cheating throughout the war and the war terms that they had broke. However, since they had pulled out of the war prematurely and the number of indicators that showed the Cobras had cheated, the war was regarded as a conditional victory for Sleet Clan with John's Cobras having surrendered.

In April 2017 SC went to war with Shield Company. SCOMP had many issues with activity leading to their demise. Sylvia won by an exceptional margin.

The clan would be shuttered after this war, now remaining as a memorial group.

Year of 2018

Disbanding and Shutdown

Pragmatist became the final leader of Sleet Clan on November 14, 2018. The clan had been closed since late April 2017.

Sleet Clan Divisions


Sleet Clan: Safeguard

Sleet Clan's elite division, the safeguard are made of the best fighters, and most brilliant tacticians. Users may only be accepted into the safeguard through rigorous testing and tryouts.


Sleet Clan: Gladiators

The gladiator division composes the best swordsmen in Sylvia. Users may only be accepted into the gladiators through rigorous testing and tryouts.

Sleet Clan: Department 7

Department Seven is the core of Sleet Clan's technological innovation. It is made up of the best minds, builders, scriptors, and editors of sleet clan, these members work together as a team to ensure Sleet Clan and Sylvia is constantly protected and constantly evolving with the world around them.

Outpost Icarus


Sleet Clan's previous fort is the frost basin and rocky cliffs of the far reached, Outpost Icarus. Here, raiders span within the caves of one side of the base, and must secure a bomb found within these caves and deliver it to a terminal space found within a compound, and hold it for 10 minutes. If the defenders, who spawn in caves on the cliffside opposite the raiders, manage to secure the bomb it is destroyed and cannot be used again. The raiders team are allotted 15 bombs, which will repeatedly spawn every time an already existing bomb is secured. If they are all secured, the defenders win. However, if the raiders can hold the bomb at the detonation point for ten minutes they are awarded victory. Weapons given at the base are an automatic/semi-automatic assault riffle and a medigun, able to heal nearby teammates. A sword is purchasable weapon that is purchasable for 100 ROBUX.

Stronghold Solum


Sleet Clan's current and primary raid-able fort. Solum is set in the snowy terrain of Sylvia, isolated. The raiders' objective is to secure the terminal, holding it for a subsequent 20 minutes to win. If a Sylvian manages to reach the terminal, it must be held for seven seconds for the terminal to be regained. With a removal of the controversial Med-1 guns (able to heal teammates), combatants fight with Arsenal-6's and an optional "Sleet Sabre," a sword purchasable for 100 robux. The tower, hovering the white field, is home to the terminal and six floors. Situated on the sixth and topmost floor, the terminal is illuminated by a few a stage lights and windows. Large but empty, the only formidable is found behind a few computer servers near the terminal; however, if raiders/SC obtain control of the roof, they create three entrances to the sixth floor: two ceiling breaks an a balcony.


Sleet clan has a promotion and rank system based on earning promotional points, Valor, through participating and doing well at events such as trainings, raids and defenses.

Rank Description
Warrior The entrance rank when you first join Sleet Clan. Not an official member yet.
Guard Achieved after completing the Advancement Course found in the group places.
Knight Achieved after earning 5 Valor promotional points.
Paladin Achieved after earning 15 Valor promotional points.
Crusader Achieved after earning 35 Valor promotional points.
Templar Achieved after earning 75 Valor promotional points.
Champion Achieved after earning 125 Valor promotional points.
Vanguard Achieved after earning 185 Valor promotional points.
Warlord The first high ranking class. The most important part of the military. Expected to carry out and perform officer duties.
Centurion A promoted officer. These member is reserved to Officers that show their ability and outperform others.
Honors This rank is for honorable, long standing Officers and Sylvians. This is awarded based on your contributions towards the Clan.
Elder Reserved for previous leaders and high-profile individuals.
Superior The first rank of the Sylvian Council. Superiors are the third-in-command, and is treated as leaders of the Sylvian military.
Chancellor The second-in-command of Sylvia. Also the right-hand man of the Overlord.
Overlord The glorious leader of Sylvia.

Leaders of Sleet Clan

There have been many different leaders of the Clan since it was first founded by Pragmatic. This list is a compiled version from the group audit logs. Since the audit logs did not exist before 2013 there is currently unwritten history of the leadership changes from then.

  1. Dboot98 (Pragmatist/Flect) 2010
  2. -- Profile is Fooger, account is terminated. “2011”
  3. E981 October 20, 2013 - (6 Months, 23 Days)
  4. Dboot98 (Pragmatist/Flect) May 13, 2014(3 Months)
  5. IntenseSnows August 13, 2014 - (10 Days)
  6. Dboot98 (Pragmatist/Flect) August 23, 2014(3 Days)
  7. Rivalize August 26, 2014 - (3 Months)
  8. Campy November 26, 2014 (2 Months, 5 Days)
  9. Dboot98 (Pragmatist/Flect) January 31, 2015(9 Days)
  10. Campy February 9, 2015 - (2 Months, 2 Days)
  11. OwneD1991 April 11, 2015 - (4 Months, 29 Days)
  12. Killer6199 September 9, 2015(3 Days)
  13. OwneD1991 September 12, 2015(3 Months)
  14. Dboot98 (Pragmatist/Flect) December 12, 2015(1 Month, 5 Days)
  15. Polymorphic January 17, 2016(2 Months, 9 Days)
  16. JJ71599 March 26, 2016 - (16 Days)
  17. Dboot98 (Pragmatist/Flect) April 17, 2016 - (14 Days)
  18. Chrispykreme May 1, 2016 - (3 Months, 24 Days)
  19. Dboot98 (Pragmatist/Flect) August 25, 2016(22 Days)
  20. JamberPilot September 16, 2016 - (Incumbent)


Date Enemy Result Enemy Leader SC Leader
April 2016 The Chivalrous Dominance Tie kroxon JJ71599
July 2016 John's Cobras Tie AtomicRXN Chrispykreme
September 2016 Arvorian Confederation Loss GiganticGulian JamberPilot
March 2017 John's Cobras Win AtomicRXN JamberPilot
April 2017 Shield Company Win Cirivio JamberPilot