Slide Down a Million Foot Slide! is a game made by Joeyman123. It was made on December 18, 2008. It is slightly iconic for starting a trend of games where you go down a slide. It has over 55,000 favorites.

The game reached the decline phase around 2009 to 2015. However, there are copied/alternative games like this and that received more Attention than this game.


The gameplay is quite simple. Your tools are a Sit tool, a Parachute, a Drive tool, and a Reset tool. You spawn in a box where you then walk toward a slide. When you touch, a Sit tool automaticlly activates sitting you down, making you slide down a slide. It launches you into a generic Winners Circle, though you often miss it. It is very simple. It hasn't had any enhancments and updates since 2011 and is quite outdated. Slowly, it still gains Place Visits hundreds at a time. A note is the fact that it allows certain types of Gear.

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