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Red Light, Green Light is a horror survival experience created by slugfo. It is based off the show Squid Game.


Players spawn in a room with a queue which holds up to 100 players. After the countdown, the players will be teleported to the main game. The goal of the game is to win the 6 minigames to survive. If a player fails a minigame, the player will die.

The first minigame is Red Light, Green Light. There is a robot which will say either red light or green light. When green light is said, the robot will look away from the players at a tree, which gives the players a chance to run closer to the robot. If the robot says red light, the players must stop. If a player moves during this time, they will be eliminated. A player wins the minigame after passing the red line.

The second minigame is Honey Comb. Every player needs to stand in front of one of the four doors, and will be given a honey comb with a randomized shape (triangle, circle, star, umbrella, pentagon, moon, arrow, and parallelogram) according to the slot they have picked. They must cut out the shape without messing up too many times. When messing up, the honey comb will begin to crack. If a player messes up too much or runs out of time, they will be eliminated. A player wins by successfully cutting out the honey comb.

The third minigame is Tug of War. All of the players will go into two teams. The goal is to get the other team to lose all of the power. To reduce the other team's power, click on the green section of the meter on the screen. The team with no more power will all be eliminated, while the other team will win.

The fourth minigame is Marbles. Every player will be sorted into players. If there is an odd number of players, a random player will sit out. The goal is to get rid of the other player's marbles. If a player does not take a turn or runs out, they will be eliminated and their partner will win.

The fifth minigame is Glass Bridge. There are two bridges made of glass. Each row, either one of the glass are real while the other one will easily break. Falling off the bridge will cause the player to be eliminated. A player wins the minigame if they pass the bridge.

The sixth minigame is Squid Game. There is a circle, a triangle and a square on the ground, all connected with each other. Players can choose to kill other players while staying inside the barriers, or stay in the circle at the tip of the triangle for 10 seconds alone. Players who have their health reaches 0 or get outside the barriers will be eliminated. The game ends with only one player on the field, or when one of the players has stayed in the circle for 10 seconds without having other players entering it.

There is a bonus minigame that can be bought for Robux called Lights Out. This can be bought during intermission between minigames. Every player will be able to fight for 2 minutes. Attacking another player will cause that player's health to decrease. When any player's health is 0, they will be eliminated.