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Sly Bloxxers [1] was a large war group led by Tomert1 and his many other accounts. It was created o December 17, 2009. The group had over 15k members while active in 2010 and 2011.

Basic Information

The motto was originally 'For the blox!', but was changed to 'I shall be sly to the day that I die' when the group changed owners. It was then changed to 'A tout pourvoir' (To provide for all) when Kimbob09 owned the group. masterBlock changed the motto to 'All it takes is the slash of a sword'. When Tomert became owner again, he changed the motto back to the classic, and most well known 'For the blox!'

Allies: Roblox Assault Team (RAT), United Clan of ROBLOX (UCR), Sleet Clan (SC), Noble Blade (NB), Fire Claw (FC), John's Cobras (JC), Nightfall Clan (NFC), Roblox Special Forces (RSF), Cobalt Nation (CN), First Encounter Assault Recon (F.E.A.R)

Group, it is part of BTMpire Imperial Union.

Sly Bloxxer's owners/leaders in order

Tomert1, Tomert3, SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX, ThePhantomHourGlass, thepit44, BobaTheMan, Greatswordpwner, Bosoe, Tomert, Kimbob09, masterBlock, Catlord5, Bosoe, Bomatic.

Second in Commands

  • TonabThren - (2009/2010) under Tomert1
  • Sanwich123 - (2010) under Tomert1, Tomert3
  • Alkia - (2011) under Greatswordpwner
  • Bobatheman - (2011) under Greatswordpwner
  • Commanderghost77 - (2011/2012) under Bosoe
  • 00Heather00 - (2012) under Bosoe

BTMpire Imperial Union

The BTMpire Union was a group of authoritative confederate groups under the protection and authority of a small group of chosen leaders.  They strived to use their individual strengths to improve their clans' strength and size. Ran by both Bobatheman and Reaven from 2010 to 2014, it saw tens of thousands of members and many groups come and go from it. It eventually was retired, but not before proving the possibility and success of many groups under one leader.

The groups that were a part of the BTMpire Union were: 

  • Sly Bloxxers (SB),
  • The Robloxian Army (TRA),
  • Alversian People's Navy,
  • Supreme Alliance,
  • The Salvation Army (TSA),
  • Sleet Clan (SC),
  • Cobalt Nation (CN),
  • Sand Clan of Roblox (SCR),
  • F.E.A.R.

Notable high ranks

There were many high ranks throughout Sly Bloxxers time, but these are some of the most notable high ranks.

Username Year of activity
TonabThren [2] 2009-2010
Sanwich123 2009-2010
Jkoscar02 [3] 2009-2011
Zars15 [4] 2009-2012
Combrad 2009-2010
MrRoblox987 [5] 2010-2011
Commanderghost77 [6] 2010-2014
1234josephhe [7] 2010-2011
Tomkopx [8] 2010-2014
Mackbmx321 2010-2011
Dadmumdad [9] 2010-2012
Goldman51 [10] 2010-2013
Riskore  [11] 2010-2012
Zigza19 [12] 2011-2012
Alkia [13] 2011-2011
Bobatheman 2011-2012
Duncineater [14] 2011-2013
00Heather00 [15] 2011-2014


  • John's Cobras (2010)
  • Friendly war with UCR (2011)
  • VAK (2011) - Sly Bloxxers won due to VAK cheating and breaking rules by using in-game admin and teleporting.
  • The Raven Empire (2011) - Sly Bloxxers won 4 raids. The Raven Empire won 2 raids.
  • Validus Legion (2013) - Sly Bloxxers defeated


In 2011, the group was obtained by ThePhantomHourGlass, who owned it for a month before giving it to thepit44 in April of that year. Thepit44 faced a number of problems when he became leader including a lack of high ranks and a large base of alt-accounts which were used by previous leaders to inflate the number of accounts in the group.Thepit44 was also accused of scamming tomert, the founder of Sly Bloxxers, who claimed that thepit44 offered to sell him the group, and when he purchased a shirt with the correct Robux amount, he did not receive it. This caused many of thepit44's friends to turn on him. Frustrated with these challenges, thepit44 attempted to sell the group to the BTMpire, but he was scammed by BobaTheMan. Ostracized by the clan world, thepit44 ultimately ended his involvement in clans after this incident.

In 2012, Tomert became the owner of Sly Bloxxer's again, but rumors spread that he was scammed by CheeseTheory. The rumors then spiraled out of control and left Tomert in the blame. It was said that he scammed hats from CheeseTheory when getting Sly Bloxxers back. This left a lot of spam on the group wall and caused members to leave the group. 

While defending Fort Lancias in 2012 during the reform of the group, a trusted High Rank exploited in the middle of a raid. The exploiter, Itemized, banned from the raid. As a consequence for the exploiting, Sly Bloxxers automatically lost the raid. This made a lot of the group mad at Itemized and he began to abuse his rank by deleting posts off the group wall and demoting members that he did not like. Itemized was later exiled from Sly Bloxxers and banned from all Sly Bloxxer places.

Commanderghost77 exiled a popular Sly Bloxxer's member who continually spread rumors about Bosoe and attempted to betray him. This all happened while Bosoe was on a 1-week leave, and Commanderghost77 was in charge of Sly Bloxxers. The member apologized and asked to return to the group, but Commanderghost77 declined. They then had a public argument and the member called Commanderghost77 'heartless', he replied with "You messed with Bosoe. You messed with me. You messed with Short. You messed with Sly Bloxxers. I am not heartless, I am just doing what is right". Most of the group agreed with Commanderghost77, but he was later exiled by Bosoe once he had returned. Commanderghost77 then uploaded a video to YouTube showing Bosoe's 'bad side'. It included their arguments and a scene from a Sly Bloxxer's training, where Bosoe was being very inappropriate. This reflected badly on Bosoe, but he allowed Commanderghost77 back into Sly Bloxxers, and to continue as a High Rank.

In 2011, there was a large AA conducted by one High Rank. Hundreds of members were kicked out and most members were demoted. A lot of posts were deleted from the group wall, and fake accounts were created to spam the group wall. This was very damaging for Sly Bloxxers and was one of the reasons for the fall of Sly Bloxxers in 2012. The high rank was never figured out, but there was a lot of tension between the members and high ranks. Because there was no audit log, members had to work their way back up the ranks.

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