Soul Wars (Now known as Ex) is a rarely played game made by SazErenos (formerly known as turdulator). The game has thus far racked up over 375,000 place visits and over 13,000 favorites. This game was very popular a few years ago.

Even though it has been closed down, there are few people who have recreated/remaked the game. Such examples are Soul Wars Rebirth by devAndree and Soul Wars: Classic Remake (with a Boss place) by Brutez.


The goal of the game for the players is to defeat the soul invaders and destoy the gates, while avoiding getting the castle destroyed by the Soul army.

If the team's castle gauge reaches 0%, the team members will lose and will have to start the round all over again, though if the team manages to reach round 6 and successfully beat it, they will be able to fight the mini-boss, WEEGEE. Once WEEGEE is defeated, the players will have to fight Turdulator, who is the creator of the game, in order to progress through the game. Once he is defeated, the team will be able to fight the final boss, which is the evil versions of the players in the game.


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Soul Sword

The Soul Sword is one of the starting melee weapons of Soul Wars. It is, however, one of the weakest weapons in the game.

The Knife is one of the most powerful weapon's in soul wars. The weapon is based on the Knife, a weapon that is used by the character from the popular 2007 first person shooter video game Team Fortress 2 the Spy. The knife functions similarly to said weapon in the aforementioned game in that the knife has the ability to deal increased damage to, or instantly kill, an enemy from behind. It also allows the player to cloak, which makes the player invisible for a certain amount of time.

The Soul Edge is also the other most powerful weapon in soul wars. It can deal a very powerful amount of damage. However, in order to acquire this sword, the player will need to earn 80 points in one round. Unfortunately, there are some glitches that are present in the weapon, such as the soul meter not showing up or the sword working properly, yet no damage is dealt towards enemies.

The Medigun is a utility tool that is similar in function and appearance to the Medic's Medigun from Team Fortress 2 in that it can heal the player from damage taken, can overheal the player, and can deploy an ÜberCharge, which makes the player temporarily invulnerable while being healed, when the Übercharge meter is full, although there are still some bugs present in the tool, like preventing the player from buying it, or showing turdulator as the name of the healer instead of the player healing the patient.

Dark Blade,It's has double the damage as the soul edge, and can do a lot of damage,a card is required in order to buy this weapon

Soul Axe,it is able to be thrown along to help deal with enemy's from a distance,a card is also required in order to buy this weapon

Soul Gun,It can also be dealt with enemies from a far distance,but there are still some glitches in it,like shooting the gun but but unequiping it to fast that lead's to an arm glitch

The Flamethrower,similar to the pyro's flamethrower in team fortress 2 the player's has the ability to set enemies on fire an put there flame's out with a button

The Bat,similar to the scout's bat in team fortress 2,the player has the ability to hit people with it to

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maybe punish them,

Pown and Arrow,Like the sniper's bow in team fortress 2 it is also similar to the soul gun and axe

Magic Staff,it's mostly a mage's staff

Construction Tool,It's not really a weapon, mostly it's based off the engineer from team fortress 2 Minigun,Like the heavy's minigun in team fortress 2 it can shoot very good like the real one but has limited ammo of 50

Soul Classes

Soul Guest,One of the easiest soul classes ever it has a two hit kill(for player's)

Soul Noob,One of the classes like the soul guest it has more of a health

Soul Warrior,The medium classes in soul wars it has the ability to block player's attack's

Soul Bezerker,One of the hardest classes in soul wars it carries an axe like soul axe

Soul Ravenger,One of the most intimidating classes ever in soul wars you will need at least 2 or 3 people to beat it

Soul Tank,Also it is one of the most intimadating classes ever in soul wars it will take at least 5 to 6 people to kill it


After you beat the first six rounds you will fight a mini-boss WEEGEE, after he is defeated turdalator will show up as the leader of the soul army, once he's defeated everyone must defeat their clone's and avoid getting them in the castle(which lead's to a game glitch). Also you cannot attack anyone else's clone's because it will do around 1 damage unless you can get everyone to team attack.


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