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Spider-Man: Homecoming is a sponsored event that began on September 26, 2017. This event sponsors the movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming.


Spider-Man has arrived at Roblox to help defeat the nefarious Vulture! Aid Spidey by preventing the Vulture from stealing the alien Chitauri Weapon tech and defeating him once and for all! If you are successful you will be awarded a special prize for your efforts! And be sure to see Spider-Man: Homecoming - watch it at home now!


Name Image Creator/Group
Heroes of Robloxia
Spider-Man vs Vulture.png
Team Super



Heroes of Robloxia Spider-Man Homecoming

The teaser trailer about the new update in Heroes of Robloxia.


Name Game Image Objective
Spider-Man's Mask Heroes of Robloxia
Spider-Man's Mask.png

-EVENT- How to get SPIDER-MAN'S MASK - Roblox Heroes of Robloxia

Credits to Conor3D for this video.

Vulture's Mask Promotional code
Vulture's Mask.png

It could have been obtained by redeeming the promocode


Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Spider-Man Hat
Spider-Man Hat.png



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  • It is extremely difficult to defeat the Vulture on mobile due to the player not being able to shoot webs properly.
  • This event was supposed to end on October 10, 2017, but was extended to October 23 due to unknown reasons.
  • Once Heroes of Robloxia was changed to "[Content Deleted]", causing people on the forums to panic about this. The name got re-changed back to Heroes of Robloxia afterwards.
  • This is the third event of having an promocode.