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Rolling Thunder is a first-person shooter made by Splitting Point Studios. This game features big scale battles of 25 vs 25 players, which takes the roles of American troopers or Viet Cong guerrilla fighters during the Vietnam War. The game is heavily inspired by games such as Battlefield 5 and Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War.

As of July 2023, the game has had 21.5 million visits and 291,000 favourites.


All gamemodes consist of taking an objective on the map to win, varying the purpose depending of the round. In any case, take a sector will help to gain points for team score. Match overs when a team gets the max score or time runs out. Main mechanics include to refuel ammo and grenades from crates with cooldown near to objectives with key F, mark enemies for you and your teammates with key E, healing yourself with bandages with key B, respawn quickly pressing F (or just waiting few seconds to back to the menu) and run with Shift to go faster, being able to activate the tactical sprint if the key is pressed again (this sprint doesn't let you mark enemies or reload).

There are 4 classes to choose each time you respawn, each one with their own weapons to equip and a deployable that can help to give advantage to your squadron.

  • Assault: Very versatile and good for newcomers. They can equip assault rifles, carbines, shotguns and launchers. Their deployable is a portable ammo crate that refuel the third part of total ammo.
  • Support: They have access to heavy fire power. This includes HMGs (lower ammo capacity, but higher damage), LMGs (High capacity, medium-low damage), assault rifles and carbines. They also function as combat medics, deploying first aid kit boxes.
  • Marksman: Another good choice for newbies, they have access to DMRs and sniper rifles for long distance (all with standard scopes). Should the player desire to, they can become a Scout using SMGs and carbines. They carry a portable radio signal that works as a spawnpoint.
  • Specialist: The games equivalent to a "Run and Gun" playstyle. They have access to carbines, SMGs, shotguns and a flamethrower. Their class ability is an AP mine, capable of one-shotting any enemy that walks by it.


  • King of the Hill: The objective is simple, just take the only sector in the map as long as you and your mates can while defend it from enemies. Team only gain points if they have more players in than the other side. Must be at least one player securing the zone for the score to keep increasing. Wins the team that reach 20,000 points or whoever gets the most until time runs out.
  • Invasion: One team must take 2 objectives to complete a phase in the map. After that, the offensive team could advance to take other 2 objectives and repeat the same process until the control all the map. Meanwhile, the defenders must protect their zones to stop the enemy team from advancing. If attackers take the entire map or get more points than enemies, they win. If defenders stop the enemy advance and get more points, they win.
  • Conquest: TBD
  • Domination: Take more sectors than the enemy team by more time. It doesn't exist an order like in Conquest, so your squad can go to any objective. There are 5 zone to capture/defend and the first side in reach 15,000 points before time runs out wins.

Rolling Thunder PvE[]

Originally, Rolling Thunder was released in October 2021 as a demo with only PvE mode, where a group of 5 players as American soldiers with unlimited lives have to eliminate waves of bots from Vietcong side. Each time a wave is over, players must move around the map to the next position. At same time, the spawnpoint moves closer to combat zone and every often time appears a chopper with ammo crates. It has less weapons than main game, which are gained getting kills and these can't be customized. After official releasing, the demo changed its name to Rolling Thunder PvE, which is now its own standalone game.


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