Sports Forum (shortened to SF by all users) was a popular sub-forum on the ROBLOX Forums page which got removed in 2017. The sub-forum used to be located under the Entertainment category on the ROBLOX Forums page. The main topic of discussion in this forum was sports, both in the real world and ROBLOX sports. 

The material that was discussed in Sports Forum includes sporting events that occur in real life. Players often debate the happenings of sports that are happening in real life, as well as make predictions on upcoming competitions. Players also debate the happenings of sports on ROBLOX. These are known as "Ro-Sports." Some players on Sports Forum create different sports leagues on ROBLOX, and host tournaments or other competitions with each other. These competitions are then debated on the sports forum. The outcomes of the tournaments are also debated on Sports Forum before they take place.

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