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The Stamper tool was a tool that was introduced in late 2010. It was primarily used in ROBLOX Studio, Welcome to ROBLOX Building, and Personal Servers. The tool inserted models and decals from either the user's items or predefined sets by ROBLOX. The Stamper tool was first tested in ROBLOX Studio and Welcome to ROBLOX Building, and was later released in Build Mode and Personal Servers. ROBLOX deprecated this tool & building method along with the deprecation of ExplorerImageIndex 0InsertService, which had the ability to insert models via the client in October of 2017. Later on, Legacy Terrain, also known as Voxel Terrain, was removed entirely. The word "stamper" was also blacklisted which may or may not be related.

Known glitches

  • Oddly, if a player keeps jumping on a set of spikes built with the stamper tool, it would not kill them. This strategy is common.
  • It was possible to delete a player holding a stamper tool when an object in their character was not locked.
  • It was possible to create bricks that attached to a player, and could be abused to make structures out of spikes for KOing other players.
    Toilet Killing Machine - pokl1 2018
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