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Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall was a Roblox event sponsored by the show, Stranger Things. The event began on April 16, 2021, after being soft-launched. The event was closed on May 5, 2021, because the game was in beta and are making an updated event for the show's upcoming Season 4, which would be delayed until early 2022 shortly after the game's soft launch due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[1] This led to speculation that the game's release date would also be pushed back to adjust for the show's production delay; however, it is likely that this delay did not affect the game's development timeline whatsoever. QA testing finalized on June 16, 2021, and the game launched on the following day for final tests. The game relaunched with noticeable upgrades, including a price drop on many of the game's accessories and various bug fixes and gameplay improvements towards the Ice Cream, Slingshot, and Demogorgon minigames. The game was officially launched on June 22, 2021, with some bug fixes, 6 new bundles and a new accessory. This event was pulled off from the Events tab on July 22, 2021. The event is a permanent addition

An individual game was created for this event which resembles many locations from the Stranger Things' Starcourt Mall. The objective for the game is to explore the Starcourt Mall world in-game and complete quests the character gives to the player for Star Coins. They can also be purchased with Robux. Star Coins can then be used to purchase four avatar shop items from the in-game Accessories Shop and 6 bundles from the in-game Costume Store.


Name Image Creator/Group
Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall
Stranger Things Thumbnail 1.jpg

Avatar Shop items


Note: Star Coins are an in-game currency.

Name Image Price
Starcourt Badge (Stranger Things)
Starcourt Badge (Stranger Things).png
50 Star Coins
WalkieTalkie (Stranger Things)
WalkieTalkie (Stranger Things).png
1600 Star Coins or 240 Robux (previously 3000 Star Coins and 240 Robux)
Eleven's Headgear (Stranger Things)
Eleven's Headgear (Stranger Things).png
1600 Star Coins or 240 Robux (previously 3500 Star Coins and 350 Robux)
Granted for free upon joining the game for the first time
Hawkins High Backpack (Stranger Things)
1100 Star Coins or

320 Robux

Steve's Scoops Ahoy Costume
Steve's Scoops Ahoy Costume.png
2750 Star Coins or

800 Robux

Robin's Scoops Ahoy Costume
Robin's Scoops Ahoy Costume.png
2750 Star Coins or

800 Robux

Eleven's Starcourt Splatter Costume
Eleven's Starcourt Splatter Costume.png
2750 Star Coins or

800 Robux

Will the Wise Costume
Will the Wise Costume.png
3350 Star Coins or

1000 Robux

Demogorgon Costume
Demogorgon Costume.png
3800 Star Coins or

1150 Robux

Hazmat Suit
Hazmat Suit.png
2400 Star Coins

or 720 Robux


Name Objective Good Rank Reward Great Rank Reward Amazing Rank Reward
Delivery Dash Get the ranks Good, Great or Amazing 10 Star Coins (+ coins collected) 25 Star Coins (+ coins collected) 35 Star Coins (+ coins collected)
Name Objective Good Rank Reward Great Rank Reward Amazing Rank Reward
Hi-Score Slingshot Get the ranks Good, Great or Amazing 10 Star Coins 25 Star Coins 35 Star Coins
Name Objective Reward
Escape Hawkins Lab Escape as a survivor or capture everyone as the Demogorgon 20 Star Coins
Name Objective Winning Reward Losing Reward
Dueling Dice Win or Lose the round 35 Star Coins 10 Star Coins

Daily Quests

Name Reward
Cast Ambush 5 times in Dueling Dice. 100 Star Coins
Cast Fireball 5 times in Dueling Dice. 100 Star Coins
Play the Hawkins Lab Escape twice. 100 Star Coins
Teleport 3 times as the Demogorgon across all games of Hawkins Lab Escape. 100 Star Coins
Play Hi-Score Slingshot 3 times. 100 Star Coins
Play Delivery Dash 3 times. 100 Star Coins
Roll 3 Critical Hits across all games of Dueling Dice. 200 Star Coins
Cast Ice Storm 12 times in Dueling Dice. 200 Star Coins
Cast Ensnaring Strike 12 times in Dueling Dice. 200 Star Coins
Cast Lightning Arrow 12 times in Dueling Dice. 200 Star Coins
Defeat 5 opponents in Dueling Dice. 200 Star Coins
Hit 20 Demorgoron and Demodog targets without missing in a single game of Hi-Score Slingshot. 200 Star Coins
Eliminate 7 Survivors as the Demogorgon across all sessions of Hawkins Lab Escape. 200 Star Coins


  • On April 16, 2021, the event game went public and the event officially began after a soft-launch.
  • On April 17, 2021, the event game had a lot of major bug fixes, such like as "Escape Hawkins Lab" not being able to teleport to the minigame, it is fixed.
    • As of April 19, 2021, the minigame will not start or take a very long time to begin, even when there are six players waiting in the game lobby. Over six players are also able to join, so on occasion there can be up to ten different players waiting in the six player minigame lobby for a round that will take a while to start, or never even start.
  • On May 10, 2021, the game was closed.
  • On June 17, 2021, the game was reopened with improvements and a free hat upon joining.
  • On June 22, 2021, the event was officially launched and the game was updated with 6 new bundles and a new accessory.
  • On October 10, 2021, the event game had a lot of major bugs, such as not being able to buy the starcourt badge, was fixed.
  • On November 3, 2021, the accessories shop items were replaced with Will the Wise Cloak, Steve's Baseball Bat, and Demogorgon Legs, although they are not purchasable currently


Many users have criticized this event due to it having several glitches that resulted in players not being able to earn the Starcourt Badge (Stranger Things) accessory. On release, players were unable to teleport to the "Escape Hawkins Lab" minigame, causing the "Play all minigames in the mall!" quest to be incompletable. This event was also criticized for offering prizes that required Robux, or a lot of grinding for in-game currency to purchase them.

There is also a bug in which the daily quests and leaderboard buttons may not load upon joining the game, making them fully inaccessible. This causes the daily quests and leaderboards to not work properly, and can cause quests to not count. The only way for the player to regain access to these buttons is to leave and rejoin the game, though that sometimes doesn't work.

The missing daily quests/leaderboard bug.

There are also bugs in which the leaderboard doesn't show correct marks. The game will only update your score once, for example if you scored 100 the first time and 150 in the second time, your score will show as 150 in the leaderboard. But even when you score more than that in the next time, your score will still be 150.

The score the minigame shows.

The high score does not appear.

Additionally, there is a visual bug which may be encountered by purchasing an item with star coins. It is possible for the coin counter to show a negative amount of coins, which can be fixed by leaving and rejoining the game.

The coin counter shows a total of -79 coins.

There is also a high chance certain challenges will not count when you first do them, and you will be forced to complete them once more. There was also a bug while playing Delivery Dash you get spawned in to random places


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  • This is the second Stranger Things event, the first being Stranger Things 3.
  • The event game currently has PC, Mobile, and Console support.
  • This event shares similarities with the Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience event.
  • Due to the extremely high effort-fixes to the game, its like ratio has improved dramatically, going to 48% to 62% in just 4 days.
  • It currently costs 17,800 Star Coins to obtain all six bundles in the shop.
    • It also costs 5,270 Robux for the six bundles that are obtainable for Robux.
  • Burger King and Taco Bell are named Burger Things and Taco Man, respectively, in-game to avoid copyright issues.
  • This event, Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience, Ready Player Two, Ava Max Heaven & Hell Launch Party and Metaverse Champions are the only events in Roblox that the player are granted prizes in which is published by an account other than Roblox.
  • Like the Metaverse Champions event, the Rthro prizes are not awarded as bundles, but instead part by part.
  • Many people grind money by taking turns surrendering in the Dueling Dice minigame. Every time one person surrenders, the other person receives 35 coins for winning. This, however, only works if at least one spell has been cast in the match.
  • It is also possible to grind money by repeatedly entering and exiting the Hi-Score Slingshot minigame. After about 30 seconds of repeatedly doing this, it will start giving you 10 coins for each time you exit. This works because the game normally makes you wait to the 30-second mark before it will let you receive coins from exiting. However, the game does not properly end when you exit it. If, during the current game, you reach the 30-second mark from any of the previous games, you will still be able to receive coins from exiting. This allows you to rapidly claim 10 coins over and over. This also creates lag, however, and you may need to rejoin to fix it.
    • This way might cause some bugs to appear such as the idle screen and game screen becoming merged and not being able to move while being able to aim with the sling shot.
  • It is possible to take the slingshot out of the Hi-Score Slingshot room. If you press the Escape or menu button, a dialog will pop up asking if you wish to quit the minigame. If you click Cancel, you will be forced to walk towards a certain spot in the room, then be given the slingshot again. If you are in this walking state at the moment the minigame's time runs out, you will be given the slingshot after the game ends, and you can take it anywhere and keep it forever until you rejoin or restart the Hi-Score Slingshot minigame.
  • The game's leaderboard change when you change servers. While playing Escape Hawkin's lab, you become teleported in to another space and when the game ends, there is a fair chance you may not return to the same server therefor not being able to claim the reward.
  • The upcoming items, Dustin's Camp Know Where Cap and Eleven's Starcourt Jumper (AKA Eleven's Mall Outfit) was achievable by using promo codes during the Stranger Things 3 event.
  • As of an unknown date, players can no longer obtain the event items except for the Dustin Cap.
  • As of an unknown date, all body parts obtained through the event no longer render onto the playermodel when equipped in the avatar editor.



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