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Stranger Things 3 was a sponsored promotion with Netflix that began on July 1, 2019, and ended on July 18, 2019. There were two avatar shop items that could have been purchased for free until they went off-sale and four promotional code items. The codes were found by following hints and clues on Roblox's social media accounts.

Avatar shop items

Name Image Price
Demogorgon Mask Demogorgon Mask.png Free
Scoops Ahoy Hat Scoops Ahoy Hat New.png Free

Promotional code items

Name Image Objective
Flayed Rats Rats.png


Eleven's Mall Outfit Eleven’s Mall Outfit.png Use code "STARCOURTMALLSTYLE"
Mike's Bike
Dustin's Camp Know Where Cap


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  • Members of the Roblox Video Stars Program were given the Demogorgon Mask and the Scoops Ahoy Hat two days earlier.
  • All of the prizes' descriptions in this event had spelling mistakes, which were done on purpose (see below).
  • Players under the age of 13 did not get this event on the Events tab but can still get the items.
    • This is probably because Stranger Things is directed towards older audiences. 
    • This could also be because the clues are on Social Media and due to COPPA laws, children under 13 are not allowed to have social media accounts unless they are ran by parents.
  • This is the only event to give out gears and bundles by promotional codes.
  • The promotional code for Mike's Bike on Day 3 is "RETROCRUISER". The code comes from missing letters within the current four prizes' descriptions.
    • The Demogorgon's Mask description has missing letters which spell out "RETRO".
    • The Scoops Ahoy Hat description has missing letters that spell out "CRUI".
    • The Eleven's Mall Outfit description has the missing letter "S" in "stylin'".
    • The Flayed Rats' description has missing letters which spell out "ER".