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This article is about a discontinued feature.

S&I located between LMaD and Game Design.

Suggestions & Ideas (S&I)[1] was a sub-forum within the Roblox forums. Users were encouraged to post suggestions and ideas within this forum and to discuss other user's suggestions. Due to a lack of patrol by the Administrators, S&I was typically filled with troll bait, ideas listed in WNTS (see below), and NBC rights rants.

Rules of S&I

Users are encouraged to post suggestions within certain parameters. These parameters are commonly known as the What Not to Suggest (WNTS) rules[2]. Most of the parameters listed within the What Not to Suggest rules include suggestions that either will not be implemented into future features, such as getting rid of Builder's Club or adding an AFK system within all games, or suggestions that are frequently posted and have been acknowledged by the administrators, such as adding voice chat and pets to the game. Sadly, very few posters have actually read WNTS, which results in the posting of several redundant threads.

In addition, all users are expected to follow ROBLOX's general forum rules and to be respectful to all users within the forum[3].

Making a suggestion

A thread has been posted on S&I discussing how to make a good suggestion thread[4]. Though users are not reprimanded for not following this thread, users are encouraged to read and follow some of the suggestions posted within the thread. It is also encouraged that users are open to feedback and criticism when suggesting an idea.

Commonly posted suggestions not on WNTS

  • Unfriend banned players
  • Bring back tickets
  • Make ROBLOX pay to play
  • Anti-NBC rants
  • Ban OD'ers
  • Delete inactive accounts
  • Studio on mobile
  • Ban violent games


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  • Some believe that the time when the load of trolls came on to Suggestions and Ideas was in the beginning of 2015. This is also around the time when the 13+ limit was lifted on the forums.
  • The Sub-forum is commonly abbreviated as S&I.
  • As of July 27, 2017, S&I has been merged with other sub-forums to created a brand new sub-forum called "ROBLOX News & Discussion".