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Anime Fighters Simulator (previously known as Anime Fighters) is an experience by Sulley where you travel through various anime inspired worlds, defeating enemies with fighters that you can unlock by opening stars in every map.

General gameplay

Obtaining Yen

You can obtain yen by defeating enemies or participating in the time trials. You have more yen if you attack bosses and minions, and you can put rich and solid gold fighter to gain extra yen. It's recommended to attack bosses of previous maps to farm yen. The best way to get yen is to farm mini bosses or secret bosses, but secret bosses are better.

Time trial

The time trial is in Super Island/DBZ/Dragon ball Z and you can farm more yen, doing challenges to have upgrades and buy in the time trial shop! You can obtain Time Trial Shard defeating enemies and is the money to buy in the shop, they are boosts, permanent boosts, tickets, etc. There are three modes: Lesser Trial, Medium Trial and Greater trial. In Medium and Greater trial they spawn chests that contains more Time Trial Shard and shards of different maps.

Fighter rarities

There are 8 rarities of fighters in the game currently, ranging from Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical, Crafted Secret, Secret, and Divine fighters which are the rarest in the game currently.


When you open every star, all fighter have a Rating, It is recommended to up level fighters and put good passives if they are above the rating B.

Shiny fighters, fruits, and meteors

All fighters have a chance to be a "shiny", these fighters deal more damage than a non-shiny, sell for more yen, and have visual changes. You can get these fighters either from a low % drop from opening stars, or using the machine on Chimera Island to transform them into shinies using fruits that you can either buy from the Fruit Merchant, located near the machine, or from destroying metoers that periodically spawn in any island. Shiny Crafted Secrets can only be gained by having 5 of the corresponding shiny mythicals and 20 shards from that map. You could also obtain fruits from gifts that spawn in any of the many islands.

Leveling fighters

You can fuse fighters to level up ones that you currently have. The higher the level, the more damage the fighter does, but more exp is required to level up the fighter. The max level is currently 285. You can increase the xp gain from fusing by either using XP boosts, or from events. Putting a fighter into the incubator is the most efficient way to try to reach the level cap, as every day the fighter is in the incubator, it gains 1 level. there are 3 in game incubators (Slayer Army, XYZ Metropolis, Flame City)

Crafting fighters

You can craft fighters by combining three mythical fighters of a world and five shards. Each world has its own unique craftable fighter and the shards are different in every world. You can also craft a shiny craftable fighter using five shiny mythical fighters and twenty shards. You can obtain shards from raids.

Raids, Massives, and Defense Mode

Every hour, there is a random map raid, they put a boss and enemies to defeat and there is a countdown with 10 minutes to complete it. if you complete the raid, you obtain shards for the map that the raid took place in, but if the time expires you get nothing. The massive raids are the same as the raids but are WAY MORE DIFFICULT and they give you many more shards (I recommend to do them with pay to wins). The shards are what you need to make crafted fighters.

Defense Mode is similar to raids but you can get special item called "Max Open Tokens" which are used to open faster and get mythical, secret or divine fighters easier. If you defeat an enemy in Defense Mode, they give you Max Open Tokens (bosses grant more Max Open Tokens). There are different waves going from wave 1 to wave 10, but every wave is more difficult than the previous. I recommend to do this Defense Mode with a group of people or have a very high stat fighters. The locations that a player can activate Defense Mode are: Crazy Town, Walled City, Cursed High, Lucky Kingdom and Divine Colosseum. You can activate Defense Mode with a Defense Token that you can obtain in Time Trial Shop for 500 time trial shards, or from the daily spin (1.7%).

Accessing worlds

When you're playing the game, there isn't only 1 world, there are multiple of them. You can access them from the door for an amount of Yen. Remember, the higher the world is, the stronger the enemies are.


1: Super Island

2: Ninja Village

3: Crazy Town

4: Fruits Island

5: Hero University

6: Walled City

7: Hero University

8: Ghoul Town

9: Chimera Jungle

10: Virtual Castle

11: Empty Dimension

12: Cursed High

13: XYZ Metropolis

14: 9 Crimes Island

15: Destiny Island

16: Lucky Kingdom

17: Land of Alchemy

18: Slimey Island

19: Flame City

20: Divine Colosseum

21: Kingdom of Four

22: Icy Wastes

23: The Underworld

24: Psychic City

25: The Hole

26: Ninja City

27: Time Travel Tokyo


You can unlock mounts by completing all the quests in a world, better worlds give you better mounts. You can also buy some of the mounts with robux

Here is a list of mounts:

World 1: Noomek Mount:


All fighters that have passives are have an icon on the top left of their portrait. You can also reroll the passives if you get one you do not like, and this can be done using shards (1 shard for common to legendary units, 2 shards for shiny units, 3 shards for shiny mythical/craft, 5 shards for shiny craft/secret, 10 shards for shiny secret/divine and 20 shards for shiny divine) or 149 robux. Most passives grant only buffs, but some passives grant nerfs and buffs simultaneously, and some passives only grant nerfs. You need to equip the fighter if you want to have the effect of passive.

The order of passives are the best to the worst:

Category: Event

-Generous 1.20x damage, 0.4x Drops, 0.4x yen

-Yeti 2.00x damage, 0.8x movement speed, 0.7x attack speed

-Blizzard 1.50x damage, 3.00x movement speed, 2.00x attack Speed

Category: Secret

-Monster (Secret) - 1.5x speed 3x damage 1.5x size 1.25x attack speed (the chance is 0.013%)

-God (Secret) - 3x speed 1.85x dmg 1.5x attack speed 1.2x size -3 hits for ult. (the chance is 0.013%)

Category: Mythical

-Ace - Unit has 100% critical chance. (the chance is 0.082%) (this means that the fighter attack twice. one of it is the normal dmg and the second hit is 2x the normal dmg.)

- Draconic - 75% more damage, 20% more yen and 40% more drops (the chance is 0,13%)

-Leader III - 25% more damage for all equipped fighters. (the chance is 0.13%)

- Blessing – 75% more damage, 2.5x faster movement speed. (the chance is 0.2%)

- Ghostly - 50% more damage, 10x faster movement speed, 50% faster attack speed. (the chance is 0.14%)

- Solid Gold – 75% more damage, 25% slower movement speed, 20% slower attack speed, 0.4x yen added while equipped. (the chance is 0.014%) PD: It's great to farm yen

- Lucky III - It gives +0,5 luck. (the chance is 0.13%) - this passive is unhatchable from stars.

Category: Legendary

- Tank – 65% more damage, 50% slower movement speed. (the chance is 1,1%) PD: You can unequip and equip the fighter to counteract the slowness/Worse version of giant.

- Giant – 1,5x bigger, 65% more damage, 20% slower movement speed. (the chance is 0.82%)

- Tactical III – 100% more damage to bosses. (the chance is 0.48%)

- Genius III – level up 50% faster. (the chance is 1%) PD: I recommend level up the fighter if it is very good and change the passive later.

- Collector III – 0.3 drop chance boost in time trial. (the chance is 0.55%) PD: Good way to collect time trial shards and higher chance of better fruits from meteor

- Sorcerer III - 4 less hits to activate its ability, 20% more damage. (the chance is 0.34%)

- Tiny – smaller, 20% more damage, 5x faster movement speed, 50% faster attack speed. (the chance is 0.82%)

- Luck II - It gives +0,25 luck (the chance is 1%) - this passive is unhatchable from stars.

- Sorcerer II - 2 less hits to activate its ability, 10% more damage. (the chance is 1.1%)

Category: Epic

-Leader II - 12% more damage for all equipped fighters. (the chance is 1.3%)

- Strong III – 50% more damage. (the chance is 1.3%).

- Tactical II - 50% more damage to bosses. (the chance is 2.7%)

- Rich III – 0.3x yen added while equipped. (the chance is 1.3%) PD: It's great to farm yen

- Collector II – 20% drop chance boost in time trial. (the chance is 1.3%)

- Speedy – 3x movement speed, 30% faster attack speed. (the chance is 2.7%)

Category: Rare

-Leader I - 5% more damage for all equipped fighters (the chance is 4.1%)

- Strong II – 25% more damage. (the chance is 5.5%)

- Rich II – 0.2x yen added while equipped. (the chance is 5.5%)

- Genius II – level up 30% faster (the chance is 4.1%)

- Collector I – 10% drop chance boost in time trial. (the chance is 6.8%)

- Sorcerer I - 1 less hit to activate its ability. (the chance is 3.4%)

- Luck I - It gives you +0,1 luck (the chance is 4.1%) - this passive is unhatchable from stars.

Category: Common

- Tactical I - 25% more damage to bosses. (the chance is 8.2%)

- Strong I – 10% more damage. (the chance is 13%)

- Rich I – 10% more yen wuhen you e (the chance is 13%)

- Genius I – level up 15% faster . (the chance is 11%)

Category: Bad Passives (NOT RECOMMENDED)

- Slow – 50% slower movement speed. (the chance is 4.2%) YOU CAN'T GET THIS PASSIVE FROM THE REROLL MACHINE

- Dumb – 20% more exp per level. (the chance is 4.2%) YOU CAN'T GET THIS PASSIVE FROM THE REROLL MACHINE

- Weak – 20% less damage. (the chance is 4.2%) YOU CAN'T GET THIS PASSIVE FROM THE REROLL MACHINE

Mythical yen cost pity

1- Piccolo/Penny The One: 320k

2- Itachi/Musashi: 1,5M

3- Jotaro/Dr Dolphin: 8M

4- Mihawk/Mike: 60M

5- All Might/Shining Hero: 350M

6- Levi/Spinner: 1,75B

7- Rengoku/Flame Knight: 7,2B

8- Arima/White Reaper: 27B

9- Netero/Buddha: 90B

10- Heathcliff/Landmine: 400B

11- Coyote/Falcon: 1,75T

12- Gojo/Blindfold: 6,5T

13- Saitama/Bald Man: 18T

14- Meliodas/Meliodas: 65T

15- Gilgamesh/Gilded King: 265T

16- Yuno/Spirit Warrior: 1.04Q

17- Roy Mustang/Flaming Hot: 3.25Q

18- Rimuru Tempest/Friendly Slime : 9.36Q

19- Hibana/Sakura Captain : 19.440Q

20- Adam/Father: 75,8Q

21- Natsu/Salamander : 188,8Q

22- Frost-hime/Emilia: 588,8Q

23- Denji/Sawyer: 1.82E

24- Mob/Crowd: 5,656E

Secret Fighters:

  1. Majin Buu (damage at lv 1 is 99)
  2. Uzumaki Nagato (damage at lv 1 is 110)
  3. DIO (damage at lv 1 is 120)
  4. Don Quixote Doflamingo (damage at lv 1 is 130)
  5. Keigo Takami (damage at lv 1 is 140)
  6. Bertholdt Hoover ((damage at lv 1 is 150)
  7. Yoriichi Tsugikuni (damage at lv 1 is 160)
  8. Eto (damage at lv 1 is 170)
  9. Adult Gon/Gon Freecss (damage at lv 1 is 170)
  10. Alice Schuberg (damage at lv 1 is 180)
  11. Sōsuke Aizen (damage at lv 1 is 190)
  12. Ryomen Sukuna (damage at lv 1 is 200)
  13. Boros (damage at lv 1 is 210)
  14. Estarossa (damage at lv 1 is 225)
  15. Jeanne D'arc (damage at lv 1 is 240)
  16. Julius Novachrono (damage at lv 1 is 250)
  17. God/or know as The Truth (damage at lv 1 is 260)
  18. Demon Lord/Maou Milim Nava (damage at lv 1 is 280)
  19. Shō Kusakabe (damage at lv 1 is 290)
  20. God Zeus (damage at lv 1 is 310)
  21. Zeref (damage at lv 1 is 320)
  22. Reinhard van Astrea (damage at lv 1 is 340)
  23. Power
  24. Esper king

Divine Fighters

  1. Vegito
  2. Madara
  3. Pucci
  4. MewTwo
  5. Red Bat
  6. Endeavor
  7. Gilgamesh

Passive tier list (Damaging boss with auto click)

  1. God
  2. Blessing
  3. Solid Gold
  4. Tactical III
  5. Ghostly
  6. Draconic
  7. Giant
  8. Tank
  9. Strong III
  10. Sorcerer III
  11. Tactical Il
  12. Strong II
  13. Sorcerer II
  14. Strong I
  15. Sorcerer


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