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== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==
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Not to be confused with the Teen Titans Go Sponsorship that started the same time.

Roblox Summer Camp (2015) was a developer-made event. The event started on the 15th of June and ended the 30th of June. It was held in Ripull Minigames, ROBLOX High School, and Paintball!. This event was criticized by many players as a bad sponsored scavenger hunt.


The logo for the Roblox Summer Camp 2015. Decal image released by Cindering (the creator of ROBLOX Highschool).


These are the items you were able to win in the event.

Image Name Game How To Get
Star Butterfly Ripull Minigames

This hat spawns in the lobby of the map. It is recommended to turn on AFK Mode on when hunting for it.

Future Worm ROBLOX Highschool Future Worm is found randomly in the map. Step on him to earn the hat!
Chopper Paintball! This hat spawns randomly in the map.


Image Name Gear Type Price
Face of the Future Hat 1 tickets
Dipper's Hat Hat 1 tickets
Star Butterfly's Magic Wand Gear 1 tickets
Gamers Guide Controller Gear 1 tickets


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