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The ROBLOX Summer Camp 2016 is an event that started on June 20th, 2016. It is a developer-made event, and it contains 3 games. The games are Epic Minigames, Blox Hunt, and finally,the game ROBLOX Summer Camp. ROBLOX Summer Camp and Epic Minigames are minigame places, while Blox Hunt is a prop-hunt.


Name Image Creator/Group
Epic Minigames
Epic Minigames.png
Blox Hunt
Blox Hunt.png
Summer Camp
Summer Camp.jpg
ROBLOX Summer Camp


Name Image Objective
BFG Backpack
Climb to the top of the mountain when the game, "High peak climb," plays on Epic Minigames.
Summer Camp Ranger Hat
Summer Camp Ranger Hat.png
Be the first to climb to the top of the mountain when the game, "High peak climb," plays on Epic Minigames.
BFG Fishing Hat
BFG Fishing Hat.png
Win as hiding as a dream jar or find a friend hidden in a dream jar.
Summer Camp Swim Goggles
Summer Camp Swim Goggles.png
Play a round on the map Summer Camp in Bloxhunt (you can lose)
BFG Butterfly Net
BFG Butterfly Net.png
Find it in a cave in the main Summer Camp 2016 place.
Summer Camp Arm Floaties
Summer Camp Arm Floaties.png
Find the prize by going into the minigames in the main Summer Camp place. They will spawn randomly during minigames.

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Some users have criticized the event's game for having several bugs and repeatedly shutting down (similar to the 2014 Egg Hunt), which led to game having more dislikes than likes. Despite this, the event received mixed to somewhat positive reviews.